Online Witchcraft Courses: The Easiest Way to Learn Magic

This is an index of all the lessons (and video lessons!) included in our Online Witchcraft Courses. While many of them are free, others are exclusive for members of Spells8. Create an account today to save notes, bookmark spells, and support Spells8! 🙌

Types of Witches and Wizards

Wicca Self-Initiation Video Course

This Free Online Course is perfect for Beginner Wiccans or anyone who is curious and wants to learn more about the Wiccan Craft. Not all Witches are Wiccan, but Wicca is the fastest growing Neopagan practice today.

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The Green Witch Video Course

This Free Online Course will teach you the Magickal and Medicinal properties of the most common herbs and plants used in Herbal Witchcraft.

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Lessons in the Green Witchcraft Online Course 🌿

Spellcasting 101: Everything You Need to Know

A Witchcraft Crash Course for Beginner Witches. Discover how Magic works and start casting easy and practical spells safely and with confidence!

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Lessons in the Online Spellcasting Course 🔮

‘Meditation Roots’ Online Course

Meditation is one of the most important tools of the Modern Witch. There is scientific evidence that mindfulness meditation can influence personality in positive ways.

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Wicca Level 2: Theory & Solitary Practice Course

This Online Video course is for those who have successfully completed the Wicca Self-Initiation. These are topics an intermediate or advanced Witch should know.

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Eclectic Wiccan Guide: The Holistic Witch

Becoming a Witch is a very personal decision and a path of self-knowledge and self-discovery. This Video Course helps Beginner Witches develop an Eclectic Practice.

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Magic in the Moon: 12 Zodiac Meditations

Synchronizing your Magic to the transits of the Moon can add a powerful symbolic value to your practice. Discover the energies of each zodiac sign as you enter their realms.

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‘Whole Tarot’ Video Course

Tarot is not just a divination tool, but a medium of discovery in the path of finding one’s true will. The easiest way to learn Tarot is through video lessons!

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Lessons in the Tarot Video Training Course 🃏

Book of Mirrors: The Witch’s Development Journal

Keeping a journal opens the door to otherwise unseen opportunities and gives way to powerful manifestations. In this course you will learn how to start a Book of Mirrors, a powerful tool in the Witch’s journey.

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Lessons in the Witch Journaling Course 📓

Journaling Basics

Book of Mirrors: Getting Started

The Witch’s Journal

Reflecting Mirrors

DIY Witch’s Apothecary: Magic Cabinet Recipes

An apothecary is an ancient term for a person who prepares and sells medicines. Like an early type of pharmacist, the apothecary combined studies in herbalism and alchemy, in order to prepare healing compounds. Discover 50+ recipes with printable pages for your Book of Shadows.

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Lessons in the Witch’s Apothecary Course 🧪

Casting Runes: The Sacred Alphabet of Wisdom & Magic

The runic alphabet, which is truly ancient, has an implicit perfect order that allows us to dive into its sacred symbolism to obtain wisdom, advice, confirmation or indicators of change.

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Lessons in the Casting Runes Course ᚠ

The Goddess’ Temple: Myths & Symbols of the Divine Feminine

Each Goddess featured in this course possesses a captivating mythology and holds unique associations that can be utilized in spiritual practices.

Regardless of gender, the Goddess can offer valuable teachings, guidance, and empowerment, leading to transformation, initiation, and inspiration.

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Lessons in the Goddess Temple Course ☽🔾☾

Shadow Work: Embracing Your Inner Darkness

In this extensive video course, you will delve into the world of shadow work, gaining insight into its significance for both spiritual and emotional healing.

You will gain the skills needed to transform the shadows within you into sources of inner illumination, ultimately reclaiming your sense of wholeness.

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Diving Deeper


The God’s Temple: Divine Masculine in Myth & Symbols

The Divine Masculine represents an energy associated with creation and exists alongside the Divine Feminine, symbolizing qualities such as protection, stability, and provision, among others.

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Lessons in the God’s Temple Course 🔱

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