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Vervain Magical Properties: Purification, Protection & Love

Video Lesson: Vervain Magical Properties

Vervain or verbena is most popular for its Magical use in the realm of love and romance. However its many properties go well beyond that: wear a twig around the neck for pain relief; place a handful of leaves on the head and headaches will disappear; or put it around the children’s neck to make them more attentive.

Uses of Vervain in Witchcraft

Vervain has so many healing properties that some authors have considered it the universal remedy. The root was said to be tonic, emetic, expectorant, and sudorific. Vervain was used for intermittent fever, colds, obstructed menstruation, anorexia, and convalescence from acute diseases.

Its hemostatic property (to stop bleeding) led to the belief that vervain was used to seal the wounds of Jesus when he was crucified. Spiritually, vervain is a powerful herb that is widely used for purification, exorcisms, and protection. In addition, it is often used in rituals or spells meant to foster love, creativity, energy, power, strength and happiness.

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Transcription of the video

Vervain or Verbena is an herbaceous, perennial with blue to purplish flowers that appear in spikes during late spring. It grows wild throughout the United States and Europe. While the flowers are quite beautiful, they have no fragrance. The word vervain derives from a Celtic term which translates to ‘drive away stones’ as it was believed to help in treating kidney stones. In Christian mythology, it is said that vervain was used to staunch the wounds of Jesus Christ and this is where his healing powers originate from. King’s American Dispensatory listed vervain as a tonic, emetic (causing vomiting), expectorant, and sudorific (causing sweating) which shows just how versatile and useful this plant can be.

Vervain Magickal Uses


Vervain harnesses the power of the planet Venus and captures the energy of Gemini. Its power comes from its ability to enhance the action of other herbs.


Vervain is often burned as an offering or infused into water and sprinkled on the altar for purification. It can be bundled and used to sweep the alter or ritual area, or dipped into sacred water to asperge a sacred space. In order to rid yourself or an area of negative energies, use a wash of vervain combined with dill.

Protection & Help

Vervain is said to bring you help when you need it, regardless of how dire the situation may be. Carry a fresh sprig in your purse or wallet, or place one in your pocket to help protect you from any malevolent spells or spirits. Plant it around your house to protect it from bad weather damage. And to protect yourself from snakebites or headaches, bruise the plant and wear it around your neck.

Rekindle Love

Use vervain to rekindle a fading or dying love. Add it to any love spell or weave it into a wreath. It can be carried by a bride in a bouquet to ensure everlasting love for the newly married couple.

Medical Uses of Vervain

Nerve Tonic

While the tea is quite bitter, vervain itself is relaxing. It is an excellent nerve tonic that can help those suffering from insomnia find some relief. It also helps to reduce stress especially in workaholics or those suffering from workplace conflict. Vervain helps in all stressful situations, even those where women suffer menstruation problems brought on by stress.

Infectious Diseases

Treating both common and severe infectious diseases has become increasingly difficult as many people become more resistant to antibiotics. Vervain has antimicrobial properties which make it perfect for treating upper respiratory and urinary tract infections.

Kidney Stones

Vervain increases urine output which helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones. However, it does not help kidney stones by increasing the amount of water and sodium in the urinary tract, but instead it irritates the kidneys. Unfortunately, over the long term this can actually harm the kidneys more than help.

Contra-indications: Excessive use of vervain tea may lead to nausea.

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Vervain Herbalist Witch Uses
Vervain Correspondences & Witch Uses

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