Wiccan Devotional for Wednesday 18th

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Wednesday's Magick Candle

purple candle

Light a purple candle to promote spiritual development and an enhanced consciousness. Meditating with a purple candle stimulates instrospection, change and manifestations.

Ruling Deities 🙏

Wiccan Goddess Athena Wiccan God Hermes Wiccan God Mercury Wiccan Goddess Minerva

Athena, Hermes, Mercury and Minerva are rulers of Wednesdays.

Crystals for Wednesdays 💎

Agate, Amber, Aventurine, Clear Quartz, Emerald, Moldavite.

Carrying these gemstones today can bring success and fulfillment of your goals. Wear them as a talisman or simply keep them close to you to harness their energy.

A Wednesday Potion 🍵

Lavender tea daily ritual

Drink a cup of Lavender Tea today and harness the calming effects of its soothing aroma. This herbal potion can bring total relaxation of the mind and body, neutralizing any bad moods. Lavender helps reduce stress levels and sleep disorders, granting an undisturbed night of sleep and a refreshed feeling in the morning¹.

Daily Tarot Card 🃏

Tap the card to reveal a Major Arcana for a Tarot meditation.

Keywords: Beginnings, Freedom, Innocence, Originality, Adventure, Idealism, Spontaneity.

This card indicates that important, challenging decisions lie ahead — decisions which usually involve an element of risk.

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Guided Meditations for this Wednesday

Daily Tarot Draw Ritual
 Daily Crystal Meditation
Purple Candle Meditation
 Lavender Tea Spell Meditation
Morning Wiccan Prayer
Athena Daily Wiccan Devotional Prayer
Hermes Daily Wiccan Prayer
Mercury Daily Wiccan Prayer
Minerva Daily Wiccan Prayer
Spells for Wednesday

Latest Spells

A Spell for Tonight

Cast the perfect spell for Tonight’s Moon Phase. This spell generator is updated by tracking the lunar transits and phases. Click below!

Tonight’s Lunar Spell Generator

Spell for Tonight's Moon

How to Incorporate Wicca into Everyday Life

A Daily Wiccan routine doesn’t have to be much different from that of anyone else. Magic is simply working with the energies for channeling an intention, and the fact is that we can all practice Magic, and in fact we do it without realizing it. For example, while health experts agree that we shouldn’t take a shower every day¹ , many of us still do it as a ritual act of self-love. By setting a few minutes to consciously take care of our body, we let the water wash away any physical or emotional damage from the day, re-energizing our heart and soul 🛀

If you have ever been surprised by your own thoughts and realizations under a warm shower, then you have already experimented a ritual of Magic. Incorporating Magic into our daily lives feels just the same: A cleansing exercise for the spirit.

Flower ornament

Daily Wiccan Practices

You probably already have some daily rituals or personal superstitions, so try combining these ideas with your usual routine in different ways until you find your preferred way to be a Wiccan:

  • When you wake up, greet the day by doing a Sun Salutation or a simple Wiccan Meditation like a Circle Casting visualization. You can burn some incense along with it. On this same page, you will find daily recommendations for incenses, crystals and teas. ⭐ Save it to your Bookmarks!
  • When drinking your morning tea or coffee, you can use a spoon to stir it in a clockwise direction to attract something, or counterclockwise to repel something. Focus on your intention and then clear your mind. If you need ideas, try these Tea Meditations.
  • You can also draw a symbol or sigil at the bottom of your cup with some honey and then pour your drink over it.
  • Explore and build up your inner temple so you can always conjure it quickly. Having a sacred space in your mind allows you to cast tools without spells and to easily ground yourself.
  • Set up an altar for your ancestors, deities, or spirit guides and say a Wiccan prayer every day upon waking up or when going to bed. You can also place your offerings there.
  • Carry crystals or personal amulets in your pocket or around your neck, so they remind you of your Magical powers. See How to charge an amulet here and find Crystal Attunements here.
  • Consecrate or charge things like jewelry, makeup brushes, cooking utensils, musical instruments, etc. These are all part of your path and your identity as a Wiccan or a Witch.
  • Write in your journal, also known as your Book of Mirrors every day.
  • Find pages and spells for your Book of Shadows and print them out on printer-friendly parchment paper (link to Amazon).
  • Track the moon phases and tune in to its changing energies. Decide what’s the best time to cast spells, rituals and meditations.
  • Grow a garden full of many different plants, aromatic herbs and shrubs. Learn about Herbal Witchcraft. Every day go out and spend some time to clear your mind and become more intimate with your spirituality and intuition.

Being an Eclectic Wiccan

Eclecticism is a philosophical current that tries to reconcile the doctrines that seem better or more credible, although they come from diverse systems. Eclectic Wicca mixes ideas from various traditions of Wicca, and elements from other sources. This opens up the faith so that it can adapt to your background and your current identity as a Witch, Pagan, Non-Pagan, or other.

You can embrace spirituality and live a more Wiccan life without renouncing to your daily life or even your current beliefs. All it takes is study and commitment. Creating a devotional routine (even if you start with as little as 5 minutes a day) can help you become more centered and spiritual.

A Daily Wiccan Practice can be beneficial for:

  • Grounding your thoughts when your head is going a thousand miles per hour.
  • Improving your confidence and self-esteem by changing attitudes and patterns.
  • Focusing and empowering yourself.
  • Achieving mental peace like you haven’t in years.

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