Money Spells that Work

REAL Money Magic: Easy Spells for Money

Did you know that you can use your own Powers to achieve incredible and very positive changes in your life? Yes, even when it comes to money!

Good things in life don’t happen just randomly. We attract them like a magnet using our thoughts and actions. For example, it has proven that optimistic people are more likely to succeed and get things done than average people. In fact, the way we think shapes everything in our life, including our relationships with others and also with our finances, in other words, your ability to attract money into your life. If you feel that you have tried everything to get some extra cash but nothing worked, you might be experiencing mental or spiritual blockages that need to be addressed 🔓.

Emotional factors such as envy, guilt, indecisiveness, procrastination, or even selfishness can be the root cause of your money problems. These emotions could be awfully influential and that’s why it’s important to learn how to create mental spaces that allow us to be spiritually and financially rich.

White Magic Money Spells
White Magic Money Spells

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Working with Money Spells

Money spells are nothing new. These practices go back to ancient times, when kings and queens would get advice from oracles and clairvoyants to make decisions that would impact their economies. Magical traditions evolved in many different ways and are still used by many people around the world. These are not Magic spells to win the lottery, but rather to bring good luck, fortune and abundance, and eliminate negative influences and spiritual blockages.

If you’ve never cast a spell before, make sure to read our lesson for Beginner Witches here:

Click here to read: How to Cast Spells When You’re New and Unsure

How to Cast a Spell for Money

Before starting to cast any spells, you need to make sure to be in the right atmosphere and mindset. Most of these rituals will be performed on your altar, which can be both your ritual work area and a personal sacred space the rest of the time.

Find a table that you won’t be using for anything else. (Alternatively, you could make your altar “portable” so that you can cast your spells and put it away when you are done). You might want to get a tablecloth to protect its surface and place some elements according to your religious beliefs. To start your practice with the right foot, read this lesson on how to properly set up an altar:

Click here to read: Your First Altar: Setup and Ideas

The Best Spells to Attract Money

Click the images to read the full recipe for each spell.

New Moon Check Ritual

On the New Moon, create a sacred space, your prosperity altar. Craft a check of abundance and keep it with you until the Full Moon.

7-Day Money Green Candle Visualization

This is a simple but powerful money spell that requires your power of visualization. If you can focus on what you want to attract through the duration of this ritual, wealth and abundance will come to your life no matter what your situation is.

Simple Money Spell

A very easy candle burning ritual for money that can open the roads to wealth and abundance through a simple yet effective spiritual practice.

Fresh Funds: Herbal Spell to Attract Money

A fun and powerful Kitchen Magic Money Spell to make money last longer. To get the most out of our income, let’s cast a spell using a bit of Green Magic.

Ocean’s Charm: Money-Drawing Spell

Elemental Magic to attract abundance and prosperity using 4 Wiccan Elements and your intent. This easy money spell with salt and a candle will serve as a remedy for money problems.

Money Bags: Powerful Money Spell

This is a very easy green candle spell for money that can be cast by anyone to bring prosperity into the home. Try it and grow your savings, or bring in a little extra cash with Magic!

Silver Moon: Money Manifestation Ritual

A Wiccan spell for money and prosperity that is enhanced by the glowing influence of the full moon. Use this ritual and chant to attract good luck to your life and improve your finances.

Moon Boon: Full Moon Money Chant

Money manifestations can be enhanced by the powers of the full moon, so take advantage of this mighty lunar phase with a Wiccan money spell chant.

Wealth Sachet

Do this on a Thursday after the Sun has set and while the Moon is in Waxing phase. Consecrate this sachet and carry it with you to increase your riches.

Money Rain Prayer: Prosperity Candle Spell

Simple Catholic Money Prayer with a white candle offering to Saint Expedite. His power can help you attract money and abundance whether you’re a Christian, Wiccan or other.

Money Magnet: Catholic Amulet Ritual

This is a Magnetic Money-drawing spell that uses an old prayer to St. Michael, which is used by people all around the world to assist when they have money problems. Follow the steps in this ritual to manifest money to come into your life.

9-Day Money-Drawing Spell

“Money Come to Me” traditional Novena spell. Do this candle ritual for 9 days in a row while chanting this prayer to attract abundance and good fortune.

Prosperity Oil Recipe

This Prosperity Oil can be used to anoint candles, tools, talismans and yourself! Use it to write sigils or add it to bath water to attract money and good luck.

Extra Tips

Extra tips casting spells

Your spells to attract money will work best if you follow these tips. In fact, for a money-drawing spell to be effective, always keep in mind the following details:

Stay Confident

Carry out your rituals with extreme confidence in their Power. In other words, you must have faith! ✨

All negative thoughts should be put aside because they will only get in the way of actual transformation. The same applies to “patterns of scarcity”. Stop thinking about what you don’t have or what you are lacking. Instead, give thanks for what you have, even if you don’t have it quite yet.

Work on your Visualizations

Always practice positive visualization exercises. Imagine yourself surrounded by wealth and prosperity, and work on feeling worthy of that new flow of cash. 💰

If you feel any negative energies, counter them with positive thoughts. For example, you can keep a money-drawing amulet close to you to remind you everyday of your abundance and prosperity both at a mental and spiritual level.

Set up your Altar

If you are trying Wiccan spells for the first time, set up a Wiccan altar by keeping in mind its earth-based origins. Use the symbols of the four Elements and the four directions (cardinal elements) in your favor.

  • To do this, you could for example place a bowl of sand to represent Element Earth on your altar, facing North.
  • Place a stick of incense facing East for the Element Air.
  • A candle or charcoal facing South will symbolize the Element Fire.
  • And a glass of water facing West will represent the Element Water.

You can also place any other decorations or sacred figures, such as those of Wiccan God and Goddess, or other idols that are part of your Witchcraft tradition; and arrange them on your altar in any way you want.

The purpose of the altar is to create a space and atmosphere that mentally puts you in a ready position to cast spells. It’s important that the altar can be a part of you as a person and a true reflection of your beliefs, so make it personal.


Frequently asked questions easy spells

What should I do after casting a spell?

Once you have completed a ritual or spell, relax and work on developing patience. Avoid all anxiety or doubts about it. If you don’t feel confident or think that you have cast it incorrectly, then you are right: it probably won’t work. Have faith in that you’ve done your part correctly and let the Universe do the rest.

My spell didn’t work. What now?

This is totally normal, especially if you are a beginner. The truth is that there aren’t any money spells that “work immediately” for everybody. Every spellcaster is different and everyone will see different results. Don’t expect any money-drawing spells to work instantly or at the first attempt. It will take a lot of work, patience, and experimenting through trial and error to find out what truly works for you.

I suggest you to wait at least one lunar cycle (about 28 days) before re-casting the spell. Also, depending on your goals and intentions, it can even take longer than that, for example when working with long-term goals.

What is the best moon phase for money spells?

The Waxing Crescent Moon 🌙 (three days after the New Moon) is the ideal time for casting money spells. It symbolizes growth, rebirth, manifestation and abundance. You could also cast money spells during the Full Moon phase, which provides strength and abundance to all kinds of prosperity rituals.

Tonight’s Moon Spell: Click here to Get the Perfect Spell for Tonight’s Moon Automatically


In general, money spells work, but not just by gathering some materials and celebrating a little ritual. It has a lot to do with your own thoughts, attitudes, and feelings. It’s how much you are prepared to believe that your life will change and that you will be able to fulfill your desires. If you are not ready for this, then don’t even start!

Don’t just try to “see what happens” because that won’t have any real visible effects, it will only waste your time and leave you with the wrong impression. Spells are confirmations of our faith, so it’s key to believe that it is possible to influence our reality by changing our focus and mindset.

The more you practice casting money spells, the more effective they will be for you. It’s normal to feel a bit out of your comfort zone with some of these rituals, especially in the beginning, but don’t be disappointed.

Over time, these chants, prayers, ritual acts and visualizations will come to you naturally, allowing you to channel all your Power towards a richer life.

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Wiccan Money Spells that Work
Money Spells that Work


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