Book of Mirrors Conclusions

Conclusions: A Magickal Journey Begins

Book of Mirrors is the name given to a Witch’s development journal. It’s a personal space to reflect on the path we’re walking. This private log is where we pour Magick and receive insight about our place in the Craft. It is a tool for learning and growing along with our practice.

Book of Mirrors vs Book of Shadows
Book of Mirrors vs Book of Shadows

A Book of Mirrors is different from a Book of Shadows where we keep useful information such as recipes, rituals, correspondences, and learning materials.

📜 Recipes, lore, and wisdom are great for sharing with others, but the Book of Mirrors is unique to each practitioner of the Craft. It can become a major component in your spiritual growth. 🔮

In this video course, we will go through the step-by-step process of starting a first Witch’s journal. No matter where you are in your spiritual path or your life, it’s not too late to start one! And if you already have a journal, use these ideas, prompts and planners to add Magick to your journaling endeavor!

The video lessons are exclusive for members of Spells8. This online course covers:

Journaling Basics

Getting Started

The Witch’s Journal

Reflecting Mirrors

Any consistent spiritual practice requires mindfulness. Journaling is not just a log of daily events, it’s a way to tell your own story. Keeping a journal opens the door to otherwise unseen opportunities and gives way to powerful manifestations. ✨

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