Sage Green Witchcraft Uses

Sage Magickal Properties: Protection & Healing

Sage is associated with Jupiter and was thought by the Romans to facilitate memory and to quicken the senses. Known throughout the Mediterranean and associated with immortality, chewing sage has been credited in mythology with increasing mental capacity.

Salvia officinalis (its scientific name) is used in the kitchen as an aromatic plant and its oil in creams and lotions. It is also used to fix hair or skin damage as it favors the healing of wounds and ulcers preventing them from becoming infected.

Properties of Sage

Sage is a plant widely used by American shamans. It is used as incense for cleaning and energy purification because its smoke has disinfectant properties.

To use it as an incense, dry sage is added to a cauldron and set on fire. When the smoke starts to come out, the flame drowns and is left to burn as if it were tobacco. The smoke is where the purifying power comes from, so it is convenient to do it in the house or workplace in cases of negativity.

You can cleanse your crystals, gemstones, and other tools using sage. Especially when dealing with crystals that can’t be cleaned with water, simply smoke them with sage, palo santo, or rue.

To make a sage bundle for incense, harvest it fresh and tie it also while it’s fresh so that it won’t break with the cotton or hemp thread. Hang it to dry.

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Spells with Sage

Other names for Sage: Garden sage, Common sage, Culinary sage.

Origin of Sage: Native to the Mediterranean and naturalized throughout Europe and North America.

Element: Air

Planets: Jupiter

Gender: Masculine

Zodiac: Gemini

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Sage Magickal Properties

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Uses of Sage in Herbal Witchcraft

Sage (Salvia officinalis) is a gorgeous, and you’ll find, very beneficial herb both in your spiritual practice and health care routine.  In the summer, purple spiky flowers bloom on this hardy member of the mint family. But it isn’t the flowers that you will find most helpful for your magical purposes, it’s the leaves. The English word “sage” drives from the Latin “salveo” meaning “to heal”.

In North America, Sage is the most popularly used incense during traditional Native American ceremonies. But the history of sage is long and goes back for centuries.

Magical Properties of Sage

Burning Sage for Protection

Smudging with sage protects the practitioner from any lurking negative energies. But it also creates a space within magickal working for focus and clarity. As one of the staple herbs in most witches’ repertoire, sage is an essential herb for spell casting. Associated with the paternal planet of Jupiter, sage has a strong reputation for wisdom and protection especially as it guards over the home. Purifying and cleansing the body or the ritual area with sage can be accomplished by using a smudging stick, boiling sage leaves on the stove, or diffusing the essential oil.

Healing Grief

Many believe that sage can help alleviate sorrow from the death of a loved one as it is associated with mourning and the passage of life. Sage helps to heal emotions, most especially grief. It does this by preserving the memories we have of the person who has passed on to the other side. Sage helps overcome grief by building up our emotional strength. At funerals, sage is often burned at the grave site or in the home to help with healing from the passing of a loved one.

Medicinal Properties of Sage

Oral Health

The Ancient Romans believed sage stimulated the brain and memory, and they even used it to clean their teeth. And they weren’t far off in their understanding of the properties of sage. The antimicrobial effects of sage neutralize microbes that help produce dental plaque. Oral bacteria known for causing cavities, predominantly Streptococcus metansbacteria, can be eliminated from the mouth by using a sage based mouthwash1. And research shows that sage essential oil has the ability to kill a cavity-causing fungus2!

Lowering Cholesterol

A recent study shows that people who took sage leaf extract had lower levels of bad cholesterol and higher levels of good cholesterol after three months of use3. Others experienced positive results in their cholesterol levels after taking sage pills three times a day for two months while still others saw results in only two weeks by drinking sage tea4.


Avoid sage if taking medications for seizures (anticonvulsants). Do not take sage if you have diabetes as it can lower blood sugar levels. Avoid if taking any type of sedative. Do not take sage for long periods of time or in high doses. Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding. Avoid use if you suffer from a hormone sensitive condition. Consult a professional before taking sage if you suffer from high or low blood pressure.

Sage is masculine in nature and associated with the planet Jupiter and the element of air.  May this powerful, earthy scented herb be a longstanding and vibrant part of your magical toolbox. You will soon find sage one of your favorite herbs when seeking to enhance your magickal practice and increase your health.

Sage Correspondences

Astrological Correspondences Of Sage
Astrological Correspondences Of Sage

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