First Wiccan Devotional

Great work! You’ve reached a defining stage in your development as a Wiccan. It’s time for your first devotional. Find a candle and a quiet place where you can practice your spirituality in profound peace:

Follow this link to Get Today’s Wiccan Devotional

Save that page in your bookmarks and access it every time you need a quick meditation or daily ritual. It updates automatically every day of the week and it’s great for beginners!

Wiccan Deities

Wicca is a religion of nature and most deities are associated with an aspect of nature or a quality in the spiritual realm. Throughout a person’s ritual practice, often a single Goddess or God will begin to stand out or feel familiar, but it is common to work with various deities according to the purpose of the ritual and the traits associated with each deity. Take your time to research various pantheons and see which ones call to you over time as your patron deity. Find Wiccan Prayers and chants here.

If you don’t feel a connection with any particular deity, you can simply connect with any aspects of nature or the Universe that speak to you, such as the Elements.

This is a non-comprehensive list of deities in Wicca and their attributes:

Greek Deities

Aphrodite – goddess of love and beauty

Apollo – god of light, music, and poetry

Athena – goddess of wisdom and intellect

Eros – god of love and sex

Gaia – primordial mother goddess who birthed the titans

Hades – God of the dead and the King of the underworld

Hecate – Queen of the night and crossroads

Helios – personification of the Sun

Hermes – messenger of the gods

Hestia – goddess of the home and family

Pan – god of shepherds and flocks

Persephone – goddess of Spring and nature’s renewal

Poseidon – god of the sea and ocean

Selene – personification of the Moon

Zeus – god of the skies and justice; king of the gods

Roman Deities

Ceres – goddess of agriculture and fertility

Diana – goddess of the Moon and hunting

Mercury – god of commerce and messenger of the gods

Minerva – goddess of wisdom, arts and military strategy

Saturn – god of crops and time

Venus – goddess of love and beauty

Egyptian Deities

Bast – goddess of pregnant women, children, and celebrations

Horus – god of war and the sky

Hathor – goddess of love

Isis – goddess of marriage, healing, and protection

Ra – god of the sun and creation

Thoth – god of knowledge, wisdom, and the moon


Arianrhod – goddess of magic and the starry night.

Brighid – goddess of the hearth, family, and fire.

Cernunnos – god of fertility, animals, and the underworld

Cerridwen – goddess of corn and grain

Danu – goddess of the earth

Lugh – god of healing and prophecy

Morrigan – goddess of death, war, and fertility


Freyja – goddess of fertility, abundance, and war

Frigg – goddess of marriage and the household

Hel – goddess of the dead

Odin – god of wisdom, death, and divination

Sif – goddess of grain and fertility

Tyr – god of justice and war

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