New Moon New Witch Course

Day 1: New Moon, New Witch

Watch the two video lessons below and take any notes you need. You’ll learn about the history of Modern Witchcraft and the values that are observed and followed by a majority of Wiccans.

🔮 Already a Wiccan? Take the Quiz to see if you can pass a 10-question test!

Once you’ve watched both video lessons and taken the quiz to assess your progress, move on to Day 2: Tuning in.

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1. Day 1: Quiz



  1. Avatar

    I am 14 and a baby witch. Do you have any tips for me?

    • Francisco Huanaco
      Francisco Huanaco

      Absolutely! Research online and try to find books about world religions, philosophy, history, ecology, myths, and folklore. Use your free time you to read Books about Wicca and try to develop a daily meditation and visualization practice, as these tools will become more and more important in your life as an adult.

      If you need ideas to get started right now, visit the Daily Wiccan Devotional or Tonight’s Lunar Spell.

      Blessings and Good Luck! ✨

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