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Types of Spells

If you’ve completed the first 5 days of your Wicca Self-Initiation, you are ready to slowly start working out your Magic. A good way to start is by taking the free Spellcasting 101 Online Course.

Lesson 2 in the course explains everything about How to Cast Spells of Magic. That will get you started with Witchcraft and ready to cast spells at home. This page will also help you understand what you’ll be doing during each type of spell. The most important part is to have a clear goal and a well-defined intention before starting any rituals.

Types of Witches Spells

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Inner and Outer Magic

Before you start working your Magic, it’s important to ask yourself: “What do I believe?” Do you believe in God? Or would you rather worship the Goddess? Maybe both! Or neither! Atheist Witches exist too, and those who combine whatever works or makes sense for them. There are many ways to start a spiritual path and it can be a bit overwhelming. Start by asking yourself: “What do I want to believe?”

In general, Pagan rituals and spells can be separated into two categories: Inner Magic and Outer Magic.

Inner Magic are those rituals where you turn your attention to yourself. By finding a personal, sacred space of intimacy and revelation, you can access information that is stored in your subconscious. Think of it as meditation but with a goal. The ritual surrounding it can include affirmations and mantras that with help establish an intention for the introspective work. The intention can be as simple as finding a lost object, or as complex as fixing a relationship.

Outer Magic is a way to reach out and open up to an external force. By letting a Higher Energy be in control for a while, you can work on creating an attitude of humility, devotion and compliance. Think of it as a prayer. By developing a consistent practice, you will start to feel supported by a greater power in which you will be able to trust and speak with honesty. A great way to start is through Daily Wiccan Devotionals.

You’ll find both types of rituals and spells on this website. While sometimes there will be overlapping between the two, you can always modify the spell recipes to fit your current path and set of beliefs.

White and Black Magic?

What is White Magic and what is it that makes it white? In the end, all Magic is the same and does not have any color. In this context, “white” and “black” have been used to categorize the ethical aspect of the magic being worked. We prefer to avoid these terms as they can easily be misconstrued as a form of colorism in occult spaces.

The concept of color in magic (white magic, black magic, etc.) has become commonplace due to its use in film, television and other works of fiction, but they are just labels. There are other types of magic as well:

In very broad terms, red represents love, green can be related to wealth or growth, black relates to protection and white is clear or neutral. You can learn more about the meaning of colors in our lesson on Candle Magic. But the important thing to remember is that all Magic is part of the same energy and these divisions are not real, but a human concept, just like good and bad.

Free will is considered by some to be the most powerful force in nature and care must be taken when seeking to manipulate it through any means. Always remember the Law of Three: “Everything you send to the Universe, will come back to you Three-fold.”

Remember the Law of Three
Remember the Law of Three

What are Spells?

A spell is a spiritual exercise which directs energy towards a specific goal or intent.

The intent is the seed that is planted. Then you will need sun and water, i.e words and actions that lead to growth and eventually to the fruit of your work… Manifestation.

The first thing in order to cast an effective spell is to have a clear, well-defined goal, and never take your eyes off it while you work your Magic.

Types of Spells

We can categorize spells according to the intent or goal behind them. These are some examples of the many types of spells:

Banishing Spells 💨

A banishing spell is a ritual intended to cast something or someone out of your life. This type of spell prevents it from coming back. If it’s a person, the spell will stop them from seeing you and in some cases even thinking about you. Some practitioners also choose banishing spells for spirits, demons and to get rid of negative entities in general. Banishing spells are popular among folk magic circles such as Hoodoo.

Find some Easy Banishing and Self-Defense Spells

Binding Spells 🔗

A binding spell will stop somebody from behaving a certain way, limiting their actions. To bind means to control or limit someone’s or something’s power. The idea behind this type of ritual is to symbolically tie up the target in order to restrict his or her actions and prevent them from harming themselves or others. While they can have a negative connotation, you could cast a binding spell on yourself to break a bad habit, for example.

Freezer Spells ❄

While some traditions consider them to be a part of binding spells, a freezer spell is typically used when we want to silence somebody. We call this to freeze someone’s words or activities and the most common type of ritual is to write down the name of the target and put it in the freezer.

What does freezing someone’s name do? In Hoodoo, they are used to stop someone by freezing them in their tracks, freezing them out of a situation, freezing their tongue and freezing their sexuality¹.

Sweetening Spells 🍯

Also known as “honey jar”, a sweetening spell tries to sweeten or mellow someone’s attitude toward you. It can be cast on a specific person or a situation (such as a legal case, a career problem or a relationship). A jar or other similar container is used for this type of spell. We place a representation of the target inside (a name, personal object, sigil, etc) and honey is added on top of it. Sometimes a candle is burned on top of the lid to seal the intention with wax.

Related topics:

Love Spells 💘

Love spells that work most effectively are those that empower you as a person to increase your ability to give and receive love. Whatever you do that makes you feel more worthy of love or more open to love will naturally bring more love to your life. The good news is that realistic wishes usually bring realistic results.

When you are casting love spells, whether you are seeking a new love or wanting to improve your current relationship, it is also important to be precise and detailed on defining clearly what you want.

Love Spells for the Moon Phases
Love Spells

The Love spells you’ll find on this website are mostly designed to work on yourself. You shouldn’t try to manipulates others by force, but you can always change yourself. Spells and meditations will give you insights on what is the best course of action for you right now. Maybe you think you want to go back to your ex-partner, but with a bit of introspection and time, you end up discovering that it might be easier and more fun to place your energy in going after a new romance. The important thing is that you communicate and listen to yourself and your intuition, that is, your Higher Self, who knows exactly what’s right for you, without exception.

Opening your heart to receiving love is one of the best things you can do. A love spell will always help you put your feet on the ground and align your body, mind, and spirit so you can get exactly what you deserve, no more, and no less.

Browse our Library of Spells and Try some of the Best Love Spells

Wealth and Money Spells 💰

Money has played a fundamental role in our society since the birth of civilization. After all, money provides comfort and – using it wisely – it has some power to make us happy. Let’s not forget that money also has an impact on a wide range of decisions we make in our lives: To accept or decline a job offer, to buy a house or wait for another chance, to go on an adventure or save it for later.

While it’s not likely that you’ll become a millionaire just by casting a spell or win the lottery by wishing upon a star, it is possible to use Witchcraft to change your views, goals, and expectations regarding money. By changing the way you think about it, you can open the doors to wealth and subconsciously begin to attract money into your life.

Casting a money spell can also be a helpful way to bring us down to earth and assess what our current situation is, what the road map looks like, and how we are going to achieve our financial goals.

Browse our Library of Spells or Click here to find some Valuable Money Spells

Career Spells 💼

Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” – Rumi

Most people would hate to work at a job where they’re not satisfied. And sometimes, it seems like there’s nothing we can do about it. Maybe you have a boss that you don’t get along with, or perhaps problems arise when interacting with your coworkers. All these issues, without a doubt, can make your day-to-day much less enjoyable. Instead of quitting your job, there are a number of work-related spells that can help you.

Career spells and the Moon
Career Spells

What can Magic do to help your career? A job spell will not only help you restore the harmony among the people in your office, it can also help you stay focused and motivated as you work your way to a promotion or a more satisfying job.

Browse our Library of Spells or Click here to find Job and Career Spells

Spiritual Protection Spells 🙏

Feeling safe and protected is the most valuable gift that we have. In ancient times, shamans and healers helped people to cure diseases, remove ailments and feel stronger. These rituals were complemented in many cases with the use of remedies such as food, beverages, oils and more.

While this website is not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis or treatment, we have included spells and rituals that can help you empower yourself to spiritually aid and bless the body.

Health and Protection Spells for every Moon
Health and Protection Spells

This is how we protect ourselves and our loved ones, by directing our energy and creating an energetic shield that will safeguard us from different types of evils.

Note: If you believe you have a serious health problem, or if you have any questions regarding your health or a medical condition, you should promptly consult your physician or other healthcare provider.

Read more on how these spells work here: Protection Spells

Good Luck Spells 🍀

Everything you do will be returned to you three fold. That is the most basic principle of Wicca. Your goal when working with Witchcraft should never be to harm others, but instead to guarantee good luck for yourself and the ones you care about. Many Magic practitioners are very respectful with the environment and with all living beings.

You can attract good luck to you by consecrating your own lucky amulet, by performing daily rituals, and by casting spells for good luck at work, in your studies or love life.

Increase your fortune by casting Good Luck Spells

Other Witchcraft Practices 🔮

There are many other areas related to living a Magical Life, which could be considered Witchcraft or not. Learn about them with an open mind, and you might find you have a hidden talent that you didn’t even know about. Some of them are:

Magic and Divination
Magic and Divination

When to Cast Each Type of Spell?

Looking for the Perfect Spell for Tonight? Visit our Spell of the Day Generator

By working with the current Moon Phase, you cast the right spell for today’s energies. Click below to learn more about Moon Magic and Spells.

Moon Magic: Phases, spells and rituals
Moon Magic: Phases, spells and rituals

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Types of Witches Spells

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