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Book of Mirrors is the name given to a Witch’s development journal. It’s a personal space to reflect on the path we’re walking. This private log is where we pour Magic and receive insight about our place in the Craft. A tool for learning and growing along with our practice.

Book of Mirrors vs Book of Shadows
Book of Mirrors vs Book of Shadows

A Book of Mirrors is different from a Book of Shadows where we keep useful information such as recipes, rituals, correspondences, and learning materials.

📜 Recipes, lore, and wisdom are great for sharing with others, but the Book of Mirrors is unique to each practitioner of the Craft, and it can become a major component in your spiritual growth. 🔮

In this video course, we will go through the step-by-step of starting a first Witch’s journal. No matter where you are in your spiritual path or your life, it’s not too late to start one! And if you already have a journal, use these ideas, prompts and planners to add Magic to your journaling endeavor!

The video lessons are exclusive for members of Spells8 and will continue to be added through Samhain 2020. This online course will cover:

Journaling Basics

Getting Started

The Witch’s Journal

Reflecting Mirrors

Any consistent spiritual practice requires mindfulness. Journaling is not just a log of daily events, it’s a way to tell your own story. Keeping a journal opens the door to otherwise unseen opportunities and gives way to powerful manifestations. ✨

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