Magical properties of Almonds

Almond Magical Properties: Love, Prosperity & Wisdom

Due to its white and early flowers, the almond tree is considered a symbol of the rebirth of nature, as well as of fragility and sweetness.

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In the flowering season it is often cultivated as an ornamental tree. Its wood, reddish and very hard, is used for the manufacture of fine sheets. The seeds also provide milk and oil, the latter being used in perfumery, medicine and for the manufacture of soaps.

Uses of Almond in Witchcraft

The almond seeds, just as the leaves and the wood of the tree, are used in spells to obtain prosperity and money. Additionally, climbing an almond tree is said to ensure success in business and investments.

Magic wands are made from almond wood, as it is a plant rules by Air, which is the elemental ruler of the wand in some traditions.

Almond oil is used by rubbing it on the skin or as an ingredient in incenses and balms.

  • To attract money, almond incenses are placed in businesses or houses or almonds are cooked so that their smell invades the house or business.
  • As an aphrodisiac, almond oil is mixed with honey and smeared before bed.
  • To attract a potential lover, almond oil is mixed with nutmeg and three drops of rose oil are smeared all over the body at night before taking a bath, always thinking about the person you want to attract.
  • To enhance beauty: Mix almond oil with rosemary, lavender, mint and pennyroyal or spread this oil every night before sleeping this potion will keep the freshness and freshness of the skin

One of the main benefits that this magical oil brings to the skin is first to provide hydration to the area where it is used, For example, if you want to keep one hundred percent legs moisturized and beautiful, you can use this oil permanently, making it part of your daily routine.

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Transcription of the video

The ancient Greek name for almond was amygdala, and this word has also been applied to the almond-shaped part of the brain that is responsible for recognizing and responding to danger.

Almonds have been used for centuries in cuisines across the world, and they are a delicious snack in themselves. Oil extracted from almonds makes a luxurious base for beauty products that promote healthy skin. The ornamental trees that produce almonds have wondrous magickal properties.

Almond is a member of the plum family, and the fresh fruit is edible as well as the nut-like seed inside. When used as a garnish, almond oil can help regulate cholesterol, promote colon health, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Almond trees originated in the Levant, homeland of the ancient Assyrians and Babylonian cities, where they were featured in the stunning hanging gardens of Babylon. Ground and mixed with pistachios and dates, almonds were indispensable food source for nomadic tribes throughout the Middle East. Today, almond trees are grown for their showy pink and white blossoms as well as their seeds, which are a great source of protein, fiber, vitamin E, calcium, iron, and several B vitamins.

Almond trees grow well in places with mild winters and hot dry summers. They are known to bring prosperity, wisdom, and most importantly unconditional love. Leaves, seeds, and twigs can be used in spells. Almond wood is often used to make magickal wands.

Magickal Properties

Unconditional Love

Any part of the tree can be used in your magickal working to help bring friends and family together, strengthen new relationships, and resolve conflicts.


Drizzle a bit of food-grade almond oil on your food, and you will never lack for anything you truly need. You can also charm leaves and cast them to the southeast to bring more money into your life.


Hold a few almonds to your third eye for three deep breaths, then eat them. This will be more potent during a waning moon.

Medicinal Properties

Treats Earaches

The oil of sweet almonds is a homeopathic remedy that quickly relieves the pain of earaches by softening the ear wax and allowing for the removal of blockage in the ear’s ventilation tubes. Unlike other earwax softeners, sweet almond oil will not cause infections if exposed to tiny abrasions inside the ear. It only takes two or three warm drops.

Skin Care

Warm almond oil can be used to gently cleanse pores and soften skin. Rich in Vitamin A, it absorbs easily and is safe for sensitive skin. It can be mixed with sugar to make a natural facial scrub. Almond oil also makes a great carrier oil that can be used to dilute essential oils and make them safer for direct application to the skin.


Avoid consuming any almond products if you have pancreatitis.

Almond oil can interact negatively with cholesterol-lowering medications and diabetes treatments.

Although almonds are not true tree nuts, they can cause severe reactions in people who have tree nut allergies.

Almond Correspondences

Almond magical correspondences
Almond Magickal Uses and Correspondences

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