Real Love Spells that Work

Real LOVE Spells for Modern Witches

Love spells can be a really powerful source of self-empowerment. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, and loving someone deeply gives you courage. These words were true when Chinese philosopher Lao-Tze coined them – over two thousand years ago – and still ring true today.

Some of us would do anything to recover a lost love or to attract someone new, but it can be hard to know where to start [psssst! Start here!]. Past and present can get in the way, certain experiences make it hard just to try and move on. But spiritual healing is easier than you think. Love spells are a free DIY option that you can use at home to promote love in all aspects of your life. 💏

On this page, you’ll find:

"The Most Powerful Love Spell"
“The Most Powerful Love Spell”

Do Love Spells Work?

Love spells have existed since the beginning of civilization, when Witchcraft was used to increase fertility or to favor marriages and relationships. This type of Magic was usually performed by shamans and healers. It was an early form of religion and science. This experimental skill has been passed down for hundreds of generations.

If you have never worked with spells of Witchcraft before, here’s a quick guide that will get you started:

The most effective love spells that work usually involve chants, prayer, mantras, or affirmations that reinforce our confidence. Before manifesting anything in our reality, we must first believe and feel that this is possible, that we deserve it. To cast a love spell, you have to be ready and open to receive that kind of love. ❤

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The ritual aspects of the spell are less important, but they will help you to get into the right mindset. So prepare an atmosphere with dim lights or candles, and a silent place to work without interruptions. Let the energy flow through you and concentrate on your desire. If you haven’t already, read this lesson on the First 5 Steps to Becoming a Real-Life Witch.

Bookmark this site and especially the free love spell recipes. Come back later and print them out or copy them to your Book of Shadows. All spells on this page can easily be cast at home, even if you are a Beginner Witch. You can use Magic for:

  • Channeling self-love and confidence
  • Improving a romantic relationship
  • Recovering a lost love
  • Attracting someone closer to you

Free Love Spells

Spells to Attract Love

Spells to Attract Love

1. Amber Love Magnet: Bring Love to your Life

Love Spell Charm And Crystal
Love Spell Charm And Crystal

2. Fire Flowers: A Wiccan Love Spell

Fire Flowers Wiccan Love Spell with Candle

▶️ Fire Flowers Wiccan Love Spell with Candle

3. Rose+Lavender Love Bath

Rose+Lavender Bath for Finding a New Love: Cleansing Ritual
Rose+Lavender Bath for Finding a New Love: Cleansing Ritual

4. Renewal Bath Spell for Self-Love

Renewal Bath Spell: Self-Love & Spiritual Acceptance
Renewal Bath Spell: Self-Love & Spiritual Acceptance

Spells to Forget an Ex

Spells to Forget an Ex

5. Emotional Unbinding: A Simple Wiccan Spell

Easy Spell to Forget an Ex - Spells8
Easy Spell to Forget an Ex – Spells8

6. ‘I Release You’: Let Go of Your Ex

Spell To Forget Someone
▶️ I Release You: Spell To Forget Someone

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Love Spells for Couples

Love Spells For Couples

7. Honey Touch: A Sweetening Love Spell

Honey Touch: An Easy Sweetening Love Spell
Honey Touch: An Easy Sweetening Love Spell

8. Endless Desire: Spell to Strengthen a Relationship

Endless Desire Bottle Spell to Strengthen a Relationship
Endless Desire Bottle Spell to Strengthen a Relationship

9. ‘Rekindle Me’: Red Candle Spell for Lust & Passion

Rekindle Me Red Candle Passion Spell
Rekindle Me: Red Candle Passion Spell

Reconciliation Spells

Reconciliation Spells: Bring Back a Lover

10. Now & Forever: Simple Reconciliation Spell

Reconciliation Spell with Pink Candle and Photo
Reconciliation Spell with Pink Candle and Photo

11. Magical Reconciliation: Bring Your Ex Back

'Magical Reconciliation': A Spell to Bring a Lover Back
‘Magical Reconciliation’: A Spell to Bring a Lover Back

Love Spells for A Specific Person

Love Spells for a Specific Person

Note: Casting spells on other people can be harmful for your relationships. Read: 8 Rules Every Witch Should Know

12. Mother Moonlight: Wiccan Spell to Attract your Crush

Full Moon Wiccan Love Spell
Mother Moonlight: Full Moon Wiccan Love Spell

13. Sticky Kiss: Love Spell with Honey

Candle Spell to Attract Someone Specific
Candle Spell to Attract Someone Specific

14. Sugar Binding: Make a Man Fall in Love

How to Cast a Love Spell on a Man
Sugar Binding: How to Cast a Love Spell on a Man

15. A Fierce Voodoo Love Spell with Hair

Voodoo Love binding Spell with Hair
Voodoo Love binding Spell with Hair

16. ‘Unholy Bind’: Candle Hoodoo Ritual

Hoodoo Love Binding Spell
Unholy Bind: Hoodoo Love Binding Spell
Have Questions? Read our FAQs to learn more about spellcasting or visit the Candle Spells lesson

Tips for Casting Better Love Spells

Extra tips casting spells

Here are some keys to the proper casting of spells, so if you are a beginner and would like to practice Witchcraft at home, you can maximize the effectiveness of your rituals without having to pay for a professional spellcaster.

1. Clearly define an intention

One of the basic rules for doing any type of Magic work is to understand exactly what your desires are. The clearer your goals and intentions are, the easier it will be for you to materialize those goals and get good results in your spiritual work.

When casting any spell, your thoughts must be directed towards your goal like a laser beam, without any interference. 🎯

2. Choose the right spell

If there are several spells that could fit your need, then choose the one that immediately draws your attention or that you liked at first sight.

Don’t overthink, rely on your intuition and keep your confidence levels high. If you like candles, cast a spell that uses candles. If you like to work with herbs, crystals, or any ingredient in particular, use that ingredient as much as you can. Witches tend have affinities to certain elements because they symbolize a connection to an aspect of Nature or the Universe. With the help of these symbols, a true Witch can manifest anything they want. Find the ingredients and spells that speak to you personally, experiment and have fun! 🍀

If you’ve never cast a spell before, start with easy spells, or look for one that seems simple enough for you. Don’t have big expectations for your first rituals. It’s a slow learning progress and little by little you will get more confident.

3. Practice through trial and error

If a spell does not work for you, wait for a month and re-cast it. Use your intuition to try and find the reason why it didn’t work. If you felt good while casting the spell but you didn’t get any results, it’s preferable that you try casting the same spell again instead of moving to a new one. It takes practice. 💪

Do not combine a love spell with another trying to enhance it. Unless you are experienced, your attention will be dispersed and the spellwork will become useless. It is much more effective to focus all your energy and attention in one goal. Wait until one full moon cycle has passed (about 28 days) before casting another spell. You can still perform, for example, baths and cleanses for unblocking and opening paths. There are plenty of other daily rituals and meditations you can still perform.

If you are a beginner, it’s best to following a written spell step by step, without changing anything. More advanced practitioners should adapt and create their own spells.

4. Give thanks every day

Give thanks because the people and circumstances that you have asked for are already on their way. Allow yourself to daydream and remember what your goal is every morning. Use the Daily Ritual Page to practice devotionals, positive affirmations and mantras that will keep you in the right mood. 🙏 Thought creates reality: Watch your thoughts!

5. Work with the Universe

The Full Moon and all other lunar phases have energies that can enhance your Magic.


Remember: There are 8 lunar phases and we can group them into 4 stages: New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon. If you’re new to Moon Magic, read this post now:

Printable Lunar Calendar 2019

When you make a petition or a request to any entities or to your Higher Self, pretend that you already have what you are asking for and that you are just giving thanks for it. Never say “Help me because I’m tired and lonely” or anything like that. Focus on positive thinking, which naturally attracts positive energies. For example, say: “Thanks for filling my life with love and joy”.

The Universe will always interpret your call as a reaffirmation. Whatever you have now, you will get more. Try giving thanks because the man or woman of your dreams is already in your life. Try to feel like you are already surrounded by love and happiness, because you deserve it. Visualize yourself being embraced, loved and let those emotions surface. ❤

Faith it till you Make it
“Faith it till you Make it”

6. Be patient

Don’t let doubts and fears take away your Power. Don’t talk with others about the spells you are casting or about your petitions to the Universe. They will see for themselves when it happens. For now, be patient. Let the energies do their job and trust them. Work every day towards your goal and do not hurry.

7. Support your desires with action

Besides what’s in your head and in your heart, you should be doing things that tell the Universe what you want. Use your new boost of confidence to go out and become more active. Make friends. Establish contacts and open up to new opportunities.

The manifestation of what you want comes much more quickly when your words are supported by your deeds. Do what you say you will do. Show the Universe that you are a powerful creator by being what you say you want to be. ☀

Never get carried away by envy, jealousy or negative emotions when it comes to casting spells. I wish you luck in all of your love spells, and remember that you deserve the best, right now.


Frequently asked questions easy spells

1. Are these spells of Black Magic?

Answer: They can be, depending on your intentions.

If your wishes entail tampering with another person’s freedom, then that can be considered Black Magic. In other words, spells or rituals of Magic that aim to change someone’s free will or that might affect it as a side effect are undoubtedly rituals of Black Magic.

If your intentions and methods aren’t evil, then you shouldn’t worry. Spells are not “bad” or “evil” by themselves. Evil can exist only in a person’s heart and intentions. When you chant a spell, invoke a certain deity, or contact any spirits, you and your Higher Self know exactly what you are doing. If you have the wrong intentions, or if you are seeking to cause harm or manipulate something that you should not be fiddling with, then it is your own subconscious that will make your spell backfire. Develop your intuition so you can read your own intentions better. Practice your Magic safely, click here to learn about Safety when Casting Spells.

2. How long should I wait to see results?

Answer: Love spells act on people, behaviors, and emotions, which can be very erratic. This is why there is no exact number or mathematical formulas you can use to know this. In general, you can wait to see results within one full moon cycle. If after 28 days ⌛ you haven’t seen any signs of manifestation, you can cast the spell again. Remember to keep realistic goals, and that the harder the goal, usually the longer it will take.

3. How do these love spells work?

Answer: The simplest love spells work by the Law of Attraction. That’s essentially you, your faith and your thoughts. In a more advanced stage of your path, you will learn how to work with deities, spirits and other entities.

These love spells work by creating and raising scpecific energies that sometimes can’t flourish naturally due to blockages, fear, sadness or insecurity. Spells of Magic can make it easier for a person to open their heart and receive, but also give, positive and lovesome emotions.

4. I don’t have any experience casting spells, can I still try them?

Answer: Of course you can. Click here to learn How to Cast Spells When you’re New

5. I am LGBTQ, can I do these rituals?

Answer: Yes. All of these spells should work whether you are a man, woman, straight, LGBTQ, or however you identify. You also don’t need to go searching for “gay love spells”, use them and know that wherever there can be love, Magic will help. Work on your rituals until you feel confident enough and you will be able to modify the spells to fit your needs and all your personal circumstances.

Still have questions? Read our FAQs to learn more.

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Simple Love Spells that Work! For Modern Witches

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