Protection and Safety Rules for Witches before Spellcasting

8 Protection Rules Every Witch Should Know

Real life Witchcraft can be incredibly powerful. Depending on how you cast your spells, it can provide you with many positive things such as good health, emotional stability and spiritual protection.

How to cast a protection spell on yourself? The best way is to know the rules to stay protected while you work with Magic. Surround yourself with good energy, good people, and good thoughts.

This is a quick Safety Guide for Witches. Make sure you have read Lesson 2 of this course: How to Cast Spells when you’re New and Unsure.

In this lesson, you will learn:

8 Safety Rules for Casting Spells Smoothly

1. Remember the Wiccan Rede

Wiccan Rede
Wiccan Rede

This statement, though, can have as many interpretations as there are practitioners. What exactly is to “harm”? And who is “anyone”? The bottom line is to encourage the spellcaster to take personal responsibility for his or her actions. If you are not sure, keep your intentions clean and simple.

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2. Do not cast spells that try to manipulate others

This emerges from Rule 1, and it tells us that even though sometimes we don’t realize it, by wanting to change someone’s behavior we might actually be causing them harm. Your spells should not be used to try to change people’s minds, behaviors, or influence their decisions.

If you are dealing with a toxic person, someone that harasses or abuses you in any way, you can always wish for them to fully understand the consequences of their actions, or to find success and realization far away from you. It’s better to seek for justice instead of revenge, and let the Universe provide their due punishment.

For example, use a Return to Sender spell for justice, or click here to explore a collection of safe spells.

A good way to make sure your spell won’t have any negative effects is to say “For the greater good of everyone involved” to finish your spell. Another variation is: “And harm no one!”

3. Do not cast spells on behalf of others without their consent

It’s very noble that you want to use your Witchcraft to help others, but in order to do it responsibly, you must let them know exactly what you are going to do before starting and get their permission to do so. Do not try to impose your beliefs and practices on other people. It’s always better to let the interested party come to you and ask you for help before attempting any spiritual work on someone.


4. Keep your spellwork private

If you tell a wish, it won’t come true”. This ancient superstition has some real meaning behind it. For many centuries, Witches couldn’t openly talk about their spirituality for fear of being persecuted and punished. Today, we are free to talk openly about our beliefs, but we still must be respectful towards others and try not to boast about our peculiar spiritual practices, especially when they haven’t asked about it.

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More importantly, if you tell someone about a spell you’re doing, their own feelings and thoughts might interfere directly or indirectly on the outcome of your work. Always perform your Magic in a private and safe place.

Within a coven or circle of trust, one or more practitioners could be aligned towards the same goal and intentions, effectively sharing their energy for a spell. Share your spells with Witches you love and trust! ❤️

Looking for a Coven? Find witchy-minded people at the Spells8 Forum: The Infinite Roots Coven!

5. Protect Nature and the Environment

Protect Nature and the Earth
Protect Nature and respect the Earth

Try to use biodegradable materials and tools for your spellcasting works. In this way, you help minimize your footprint on the planet. Always be conscious about how you dispose of your ritual remains and clean after yourself whenever you practice Magic outdoors or in Nature.

A good practice is to check labels for “Fair trade” or “Ethically sourced” ingredients. Try to buy from a local supplier whenever you can, grow your own herbs and create your own tinctures at home.

6. Practice fire safety

If you are going to cast candle spells, always place candles in a sturdy candle holder. Avoid placing them in windows with blinds or curtains that may catch fire. Do not leave candles burning unattended. If a candle must burn continuously, be sure it is enclosed in a glass container and placed in a sink, on a metal tray, or in a deep basin filled with water.

Read more about Candle Safety here

7. Perform cleanses and stay protected

Cleanse and Protect
Cleanse and Protect

Anytime you feel disturbances or energy blockages in or around you, it’s a good idea to regain your balance by performing a spiritual cleanse, a home blessing or a bath spell. By regularly clearing your personal spaces (home, workplace) and also your body, you will stay protected from psychic attacks and avoid picking up negative energies from everyday interactions.

Looking for Daily Rituals? Go to the Daily Wiccan Devotional Page

8. Take care of your body

A healthy mind will thrive in a healthy body. Always be careful if you’re experimenting with potions, infusions, essential oils or other products. Keep in mind that no amount of magical practice is a substitute for proper medical care. If you believe you have a serious health problem, or if you have any questions regarding your health or a medical condition, you should promptly consult your physician or other healthcare provider. Use the WebMD Symptom Checker for a quick online diagnosis.

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Cast a Protection Spell

Find a collection of Witch protection spells at Protection Spells: Rituals & White Magic Recipes

Witch Protection Herbs

When doing a spiritual cleanse, certain herbs are burned like incense. The smoke is used in order to purify oneself, feel protected and blessed. It can also be used to offer and give thanks, to protect places or people.

Live plants can also be hanged or placed in the home to attract good fortune.

Witch Protection Symbols

While these symbols have various origins and meanings, Wiccans attach their own personal significance to them and all can be used as symbols of power and protection in your Craft. Keep watching to learn how to bless an amulet or pendant with a Wiccan consecration ritual.

How to Protect Yourself Before a Ritual

A good way to clear any pre-existing energies is with a simple ritual bath like the one we described in lesson 2 of this course. Another common way to protect yourself when working with real spells of Magic is by casting a circle of protection.

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A circle creates a high energy space where spells and Magic can be performed without interruptions. This prevents the interference of disruptive energies and concentrates your intentions in one place.

Usually, circles of protection are created before invoking spirits or external forces. If you are a beginner, don’t worry about casting a circle of protection every time you cast a spell. Do it when you need extra focus or protection. If you know you will be working with elemental energies, forces that are beyond your control, the circle will channel and ground.

Circles of Protection

Follow this video meditation to cast a circle without any tools:

Find more #CastAlong videos browsing

Circles of Protection come in different shapes and sizes. Some Witches visualize their circle as flat, others as a big sphere. Some of them cast a square inside of it, and others a five-pointed star. Casting a circle of protection is a great way to start a ritual and to induce the perfect mindset before casting a spell.

The way you cast your circle has a lot to do with your personal beliefs, experience, and your personal preferences. For the majority of practitioners though, it’s just about visualizing a circle.

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How to Cast a Wiccan Circle of Protection

You don’t need a circle for every ritual, but it’s a way to create a sacred space (like a temple) blessed by the Elements in which to work your Magic. Calling the quarters is a way to purify the space and invite protection into our ritual.

1. Establish the amount of space you will need

The most convenient thing is to cast a Circle big enough so you can move comfortably. If you only need space for yourself, a good rule of thumb is to make a circle large enough so that you can extend both arms. If you are going to stand or move, or if the ritual includes something like an altar or more people, you will need a bigger circle.

You can help visualize the area you will be using by placing stones, or using chalk, a rope, sand or candles to indicate the limits of your ritual circle.

2. Clean your ritual area

Your circle must be clean to symbolize its spiritual purity and integrity, and so that it can keep you safe. It’s important that it is physically clean. Do this by tidying and vacuuming, or sweeping with a regular broom if necessary. Now you will clean and purify the space of any negative energies. Some methods to do this include lightly brushing the ground with a ritual broom, lighting some incense, spreading salt or salt water, and playing a musical instrument such as a drum or a bell.

3. Prepare your tools and altar

When you have your area ready, set your altar. Remember that you can use any table or surface, you don’t need to buy anything special. You could even just place a piece of cloth on the ground and that will do just fine. Your altar and tools will usually be located in the center of the circle, but you can put them wherever you think will be more comfortable.

Setting your altar
Setting your altar

After placing the altar, you can place some candles and other materials to represent the Elements. The idea is to be clear about where each cardinal point is to avoid confusion when making an evocation.

4. Draw the circle

You can do this using one of the Magical tools you will see in Lesson 6. For instance, you can draw the circle of protection in the air using your athame. If you have a wand, you can use it instead. If you don’t have any of these tools, simply use your finger 👉. Keep in mind that the tool you use does not have to touch the ground.

Breathe in and relax. Visualize your protective energy building up from within you with every breath. Direct all this energy towards your dominant arm and hand. Now focus on your casting tool and visualize the stream of energy coming out of it and settling on the ground.

Some like to draw a circle several times (for example, once for protection, once for concentration, and once for energy), but this is not necessary. Visualize how the circle closes around you. No matter what method you use, it is fundamental that you visualize the dispersion and total elimination of negative energies.

5. Invoke the Elements (Optional)

4 Elements of Alchemy
The Four Classical Elements

Sometimes Witches require the presence of the four Elements and Directions (East, South, West, North), especially when a ritual involves evoking spirits or the presence of the Divine. You can cast your circle by setting your elements facing towards each direction. You can do this as follows:

▶️ Watch a Step-by-Step Calling of the Quarters

  • To the North, the Element Earth 🌱: A bowl of salt will represent this element.
  • To the South, the Element Fire 🔥: A white candle will symbolize Fire and will bring you extra protection.
  • To the West, the Element Water 💧: A glass of water will symbolize it.
  • To the East, the Element Air 💨: Light some incense and place it facing East.

Finally, you can raise both arms above your head and say the following:

I ask God and the Goddess to bless this circle.
Within it, I am free and protected. So be it.”

An alternative consecration for your circle:

I conceive this Circle as a place of contemplation and protection. A space between worlds and a time outside time. Bless you”

Now you are ready to proceed with any spell or ritual.

6. Open the Circle to Finish your Ritual

Once you are done with your spellcasting work, a simple way to cast your circle open is to use your wand or athame again. Hold it in your hand as you turn the opposite way you did it before, neutralizing the trace of the previous circle. You could say:

The circle is open but never broken.”

Or instead, you could declare:

I undo this Circle and leave this place as it was before. Bless you.”

Be respectful with those Deities or spirits of Nature that you have summoned. Do not forget to thank them for their presence and honor the help they have given you.

Now it’s time to blow out or snuff off the candles. After this, you can leave the circle of protection.

Finishing your Spell
Finishing your Spell

Questions About Circle Casting

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Amulet for Protection

Another way to protect yourself when casting spells is to have a sacred symbol or object. Click below to learn how to cast a protection spell on an item:

Amulet Consecration

▶️ This video will guide you through the steps to bless and consecrate an amulet for protection with a Wiccan ritual.

Extra tips casting spells

Extra Tips

  • Usually, the circle is visualized as a sphere or dome of energy. Keep in mind that the stronger your visualizations become, the better the protective power of the circle will be. Use the Guided Visualizations in this Meditation Roots Course for Beginners.
  • Make sure you have everything you need for the ritual before you cast the circle. There is nothing more annoying than realizing that you have forgotten elements and have to go looking for them.
  • Once the circle is closed, nothing should enter or exit. If you need to interrupt the ritual for some reason, many find it useful to visualize a “door” in the circle, which you can close again until you return. If you are going to do this, try to keep the door always facing the same direction, for example, to the West. In this way, the circle is not interrupted.

Understanding the circle

When we cast our Magic circle, we are creating a barrier that protects us and isolates us from external energetic influences that can hinder our concentration. That’s why some people choose to meditate within a circle.

If you are casting a spell in your room and someone opens the door, a circle around you will prevent the energy that you have created from dispersing and floating away. It will also prevent the energy of that person to interfere in what you are doing.

Also, if you are feeling nervous or anxious about your first spells, the circle will act as your personal bubble where you can experiment without worrying about anything bad happening. Whenever you want to break this barrier, for example upon finishing your spell, you should carefully dismiss your circle and walk out of it. This is a ritual act and counts as much as any other part of your spell.

In Summary

Generally, people resort to magic and witchcraft for physical and spiritual protection for themselves and their loved ones. They may also turn to the craft to improve their finances, find a better job, or attract good luck.

These kinds of spells are positive and make up what we usually call “Beneficial Magic”. They intend to improve our lives without interfering with anyone else’s path. As long as you follow the 8 rules for a safe spellcasting experience, you should not be afraid of trying any new spells. Keep your intentions clean and do the same with your body and your environment.

The protective circle is very useful when performing certain works of Witchcraft, meditations or rituals. The important thing is that you familiarize yourself with it and have your own words to close it and open it.

Don’t forget that this Magic circle of protection has two functions. The first is to protect yourself from the external energies evoked. The second is to channel your own Magical energies and keep them within the circle. They should remain contained until the end of the ritual, which will culminate with the opening of the circle and release of all energies.

"With great power comes great responsibility"

Not all Witches trace the circle in the same way, and many of them don’t even use one. So it’s best to experiment a bit and find what feels and works best for you.

Now what?

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