Dandelion Magickal Properties

Dandelion Magical Properties and Spiritual Benefits

Video Lesson: Dandelion Magical Properties

The dandelion is a flowering plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. It is renowned for its leaves commonly used in food. However, its true significance lies in its medicinal and, as far as our beliefs go, magical properties. In the language of flowers, this enchanting plant symbolizes love, happiness, fidelity, and desires.

The dandelion, with its connection to the element of Air, is considered a magical plant. Governed by Jupiter, it is classified as a plant of masculine energy. Its distinctive color is attributed to the Sun’s influence over it.

Dandelion Spiritual Uses

Dandelion is highly effective for making wishes. It often grants the wishes of individuals or at least paves the way for them to come true. It is also a powerful lucky charm.

Dandelions display remarkable natural resilience, flourishing even in the toughest conditions. This tenacity is thought to grant the plant protective attributes. Whether in the form of leaves or seeds, dandelions can be employed in warding spells, establishing a shield against adverse energies or influences.

Dandelion is used to stimulate psychic insight. For it to be effective, the person must have a certain proficiency in this ability. It plays with the mind and its faculties, even reaching states unattainable by other means.

Spells with Dandelion

The dandelion is like a strong friend for your liver and digestion in herbal medicine. Fiber-rich dandelion leaves are documented as a spring detoxification agent for the blood and an effective tonifier for the kidneys.

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Transcription of the video

Have you ever held a dandelion gone to seed, exuding joy as you dispersed its seeds into the wind? Observing them ascend into the atmosphere represents a fascinating delight that, unbeknownst to many, has an extensive history rooted in ancient forms of sophisticated magic.

The dandelion, predominantly recognized today as an intrusive species, has had profound roles as a herbal remedy throughout the course of history in regions where it flourishes naturally. Current scientific studies have corroborated its frequent application in traditional medicinal practices. Dandelion has shown to be effective in treating various issues related to the liver, kidney, and digestive system. It could potentially act as an affordable, natural alternative to costly dietary supplements for improving digestion.

Magickal Properties


Conventionally practiced around the Autumn Equinox at the end of September, the enchanting act of blowing dandelion seeds into the breeze helps release the old and invites new beginnings.

Before dispersing the seeds, one needs to visualize their intention strongly and fill their minds with the vision of what they hope to achieve. As you exhale, watch the seeds lift into the air, tasking each one with carrying your wishes into the world. The goal is for these seed-borne wishes to land somewhere, taking root, and eventually, growing into your desired reality.

Protection and Warding

Dandelions possess a natural resilience, thriving in even the harshest environments. This strength is believed to imbue the plant with protective qualities. Dandelion leaves or seeds can be used in warding spells, creating a barrier against negative energies or influences.

Ancestral Work and Remembrance

The dandelion’s enduring presence in various landscapes evokes a sense of timelessness. It is a powerful symbol for connecting with ancestral energies and honoring those who came before us. Dandelion can be used in rituals designed to remember and pay homage to one’s lineage.

Medicinal Properties

This versatile plant has an impressive therapeutic legacy, with its leaves and roots playing noteworthy roles in traditional herbal remedies.

In the field of herbal medicine, the use of dandelion leaves is documented as a spring detoxification agent for the blood and an effective tonifier for the kidneys. Routinely ingested in salads or as a tea infusion, these leaves foster overall health and are particularly recommended for those recovering from illnesses, suffering from chronic pain, or battling immune system issues. Moreover, they are known to cleanse the digestive system.

They have been shown to be antioxidants and have anti-cancerous properties. Recent research has even suggested that they can stop the growth of cancerous tumors in some cases.1

One of the most common uses of dandelion root is to heal or protect the liver.2 Dandelion leaves possess diuretic properties, a feature that lends credence to their nomenclature ‘Piss-en-lit’ or ‘Pee-in-the-bed’ in French. This characteristic aids in reducing water retention in the body, thereby potentially assisting in weight loss.

Other common uses of the root are to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, support the immune system and strengthen bones because of its high Vitamin K contents.


Since dandelions cater to several health areas like liver, kidneys, blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes, they could potentially interact with medications that target these same concerns.

Particular medical treatments, such as lithium, diuretics, anticoagulants, ciprofloxacin, antacids, and diabetes medications, could also be impacted by dandelion. This means, if you are on any of these treatments, you should consult your healthcare provider before starting on any dandelion regimen.

Further still, given the diuretic effect of dandelion, it is advisable to avoid its intake just before bedtime, or during times when regular access to a restroom may not be available.

Dandelion Correspondences

Dandelion Magickal Properties
Dandelion Correspondences

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