Magic in the Moon Video Training

Magic in the Moon: 12 Zodiac-Synced Meditations

Follow the course of the Moon during its monthly cycle. Easily track the transit through 12 Lunar Mansions with beautiful video Meditations.

Current Moon Phase

Current Moon Phase

First Quarter Moon
First Quarter Moon
Moon in Libra

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The moon moves quickly around the zodiac completing an entire cycle in 28 days. Each transit can be used to evoke specific energies. Some Witches agree that it’s important to consider the current moon transit when making big decisions.

Working with the Phases of the Moon

The phases of the moon are eight and we can group them into 4 basic stages: New (Dark) Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon. Let’s see what the rest are and how they can affect your Magic, by learning the best spells to cast during each lunar phase.

Working with the Transits of the Moon

The moon influences many of our natural processes, such as sleep, emotions, planting and harvesting. The symbolism of each transit can be used to decide on rituals and other activities.

📄 Printable Page: Lunar Transits

Each video meditation includes a printable page with a simple ritual for working with Lunar Magic under its current transit.

This 2-page PDF comes with a transparent background so you can print it on printer-friendly parchment paper (Amazon) and add it to your own Book of Shadows. Find more printable grimoire pages here.

Printable Lunar Transits
Printable Lunar Transits

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