Jasmine Spiritual Properties

Jasmine Magical Properties: Deep Love & Prophetic Dreams

Jasmine is a favorite plant in the home due to its pleasant aroma. It is used in fragrances, soaps and in a large number of cosmetic products. Jasmine’s powerful scent directly affects our emotional centers, making it an excellent choice for use in love rituals.

Video Lesson: Jasmine Magical Properties

It is an attractive shrub with yellow flowers and evergreen foliage, which can reach up to 13 feet in height. It grows many branches and it is covered by a smooth, brown-yellowish bark.

Uses of Jasmine in Witchcraft

Jasmine means “gift from God” and “scented flower”, and it directly influences dreams, money and sexuality.

This plant is ideal for promoting good understanding between couples. It enhances any relationship in a positive way. Wait for its flowers to dry completely and store them in red or pink cloth bags. Carry them with you as an amulet or place them under pillows to keep the spark of passion alive.

It is said that the magical power of jasmine is so strong that it helps to create spaces for relaxation and heightened awareness. It is useful to have jasmine flowers around when there are problems in a house or place of work. Its sweet smell allows energies and vibrations to flow in a positive way.


A very simple way to keep our home or office protected is to keep a jasmine plant. Burning some dried jasmine leaves or simply applying anointing jasmine oil can help lift our mood and puts our environment in perfect balance.

Rituals, spells or baths with jasmine are quite common, since its high level of effectiveness makes them conducive to achieving the desired goals.

Cleansing Bath with Jasmine 🛀

For this ritual you’ll need:

  • A handful of jasmine flowers and leaves
  • 1 quart (or 1 liter) of water
  • 2 tablespoons coarse sea salt
  • 1 white candle
  • 1 lemon
  • Star anise
  1. Put the water to boil together with the jasmine and star anise, letting it boil for 5 minutes
  2. Add the sea salt to the mix and the juice from the lemon.
  3. Light a white candle in your bathroom asking the beings of light to join your ritual.
  4. Fill the tub and add the preparation to the hot water.
  5. Set an intention and during the bath repeat it with conviction. This is the time to give yourself a relaxation and detox to start a new cycle in your life.

Spells with Jasmine


  • When taking jasmine tea medicinally, it is usually best not to blend it with green or black teas if you are sensitive to caffeine.
  • Do not drink more than one cup per day if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Printable: Magical Uses of Jasmine

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Jasmine Spiritual Properties

🖨️ Jasmine Spiritual Properties

Transcription of the video

Jasmine is a member of the olive family. It is native to the Middle East. Jasmine blossoms and oil are a popular ingredient in perfumes and fragrant cosmetics.

The flowers are often used to add a heady aroma and flavor to green and black teas, which contain powerful antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. Essential oil of jasmine is also sometimes used to make medicinal tea.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, jasmine tea enhances yang qualities. It has warm, bright, and dry properties that can lift mood and enhance mental concentration, especially for people who live in cold climates or often feel that their energy is depleted. In The Universal Herbal, Thomas Green describes a syrup made from jasmine blossom to treat cough and laryngitis.

The heady yet delicate fragrance of jasmine is both soothing and uplifting. It evokes the height of sensuousness combined with deep spiritual yearning, opening the mind heart and soul to celestial delights as well as earthly pleasures.

Magickal Properties

Deep, Spiritual Love

To be seen, known, and loved on the deepest level, scent your hair with a few drops of jasmine essential oil as the sun is rising. Your authentic divine nature will radiate from you in everything you do, and people whose souls are filled with light will be drawn to your beauty.

Prophetic Dreams

Petition your spirit guides for wisdom in your dreams while placing a sprig of jasmine blossoms under your pillow before going to sleep at night. Be ready to record your dreams immediately upon waking. This will be more effective if you remove all electronic devices and artificial lights from your bedroom.

A perfume made of marjoram essential oil dropped into sweet almond oil will also help prepare you to connect with your heart’s companion.

Attracts Money

Burn dried flowers and leaves in a cauldron or fire-safe bowl. As the flowers burn, say three times, “Money is coming to me.”

Induces a Good Night’s Sleep

To guarantee that you will sleep soundly through the night, place a bouquet of jasmine flowers on your nightstand and deeply inhale their scent as you relax into slumber.

Medicinal Properties

Boosts Energy and Supports a Focused Mind

Jasmine tea contains l-theanine, an amino acid that promotes cognitive abilities. It can increase alertness and improve motivation.

Reduces Muscle Tension

Jasmine tea has a soothing aroma and flavor that can help both the body and mind unwind and activate the parasympathetic nervous system which puts the body into a relaxed state for healing, rest, and healthy digestion.

Enhances Mood and Helps Alleviate Stress

Jasmine contains L-theanine, a protein that supports a healthy response to stress-inducing events and aids in returning to a calm and relaxed state after stressful situations have passed. Jasmine also stimulates the release of GABA, a powerful “feel good” neurotransmitter that boosts optimism and confidence.


When taking jasmine tea medicinally, it is usually best not to blend it with green or black teas if you are sensitive to caffeine. Do not drink more than one cup per day if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Drinking jasmine tea on an empty stomach may cause stomach upset.

Jasmine Correspondences

Jasmine Correspondences
Jasmine Magickal Uses and Correspondences

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