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Drawing Down the Moon: An Evocation Ritual

Drawing down the Moon is a ritual practiced by many contemporary Wiccan traditions. During this ritual, we ask the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother and Crone), symbolized by the Moon, to come down and speak to us. Watch this video to learn how to draw down the moon with an easy evocation chant.

This #CastAlong ritual can be performed as a coven or in solitary. Some Witches prefer to do it under the light of the full moon, but it can be done at any time whether the moon is visible or not. This version was written by Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart.

Transcription of the evocation

“By the flowers of the field, O Lady of delight By the crops thy blessing yield, O Maiden clear and bright.

We evoke thy presence in kernels and sheaves We see thy face in the moonlit leaves Come now to us, extend thy grace Come into our circle within this holy space

Daughter of the Earth, drinking sunlight Queen of plants, sister of night, By leaf and twig, by root and bough By water and earth, come to us now!

Bring us your grain, the staff of our lives. Bring us your fruit wherever it thrives. Mistress of herbs, unlock your power And lead us into your leafy bower.

In love and joy we call your name With comforting hope, you ease our pain. We see thee in the swelling bud We feel thy stirring in our blood.

O Lady clear, we feel thee near In spring a maiden with flowers crowned, In summer and harvest, the Mother renewed. In fall and winter, the Hag holds sway, Yet, the Maiden remains but months away.

Great Triple Goddess, the seasons flow And ebb to thy will, as you come and go. I call upon thee!”

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