The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana

Whether this is your first approach to the Tarot deck or you are rekindling an old flame, this video course will give you the tools to start performing readings and divinations with confidence. 🃏

Learning the symbolism of each card is a unique experience of connection with the Divine and with your intuition. ✨

Lessons are added on a weekly basis. These video lessons will cover:

The wonderful thing about this journey is that once you begin, you will realize that you have the power to answer all and any questions.

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  1. Avatar
    Marissa Kucharek

    Love this! Do you have the archetype information for the other cards as well? Ex (Empress = Nurturing, Emperor = authoritative, Hierophant = Mystical)

    • Francisco Huanaco
      Francisco Huanaco

      This is open to interpretation as many archetypes can work for different cards, but here’s a quick list:

      • The Empress: Benefactor: gentle power.
      • The Emperor: Supreme ruler: irresistible power.
      • The Lovers: Love: intense affection.
      • The Chariot: Conqueror: success in spite of resistance.
      • Strength: Hero: a great feat.
      • The Hermit: Solitude: isolation.
      • Wheel of Fortune: Chance: the unpredictable.
      • Justice: Judge: the rule of law.
      • The Hanged Man: Martyr: sacrifice.
      • Death: Grim reaper: coming to an end.
      • Temperance: Patience: time passes.
      • The Devil: Archfiend: nemesis.
      • The Tower: Destruction: failure.
      • The Star: Distance: the unreachable.
      • The Moon: Soul: longing.
      • The Sun: Ability: triumph.
      • Judgement: Result: final outcome.
      • The World: Opportunity: success at hand.