Grimoire Printable Pages Book of Shadows

Printable Pages for your Book of Shadows

Click the images to download a printable PDF file with each page. These spells are designed on a transparent background so you can print them on printer-friendly parchment paper before adding them to your Book of Shadows. If you don’t have one, use a 3-ring binder to get started!

Free Wiccan Pages for Beginners

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Wiccan Printable Pages Book of Shadows

Triple Goddess and Horned God

Wiccans and many other Pagans worship Nature and the cycles of constant change, personified as the most ancient and primal deities: the Triple Goddess and the Horned God.

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Printable Lunar Calendar 2019
Wiccan Rede Printable Page

The Wiccan Rede

“Rede” is a medieval English word meaning “advice”. This poem by an unknown author introduces various aspects of neopaganism and was popularized by Wiccan priestess Doreen Valiente.

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Printable Grimoire Wiccan Values

Sacred Circle Wicca Book of Shadows Page

The Sacred Circle

In Wicca, the circle is a high energy space that allows Magic to flow freely between this world and the world beyond the veil. Add this page to your Book of Shadows and make a simple circle casting part of your daily routine.

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Wheel of the Year Printable Grimoire Page

Wheel of the Year

In Wicca, the beginning of each season is celebrated with holidays called Lesser Sabbats. In between each solstice and equinox there are “Cross Quarter days” or Greater Sabbats, which are also celebrated.

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The Wiccan Altar

The most important rules of your Wiccan Altar: Make it your own, know its meaning and experiment with it.

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Grimoire Pages for Members

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Seekers Bill of Rights Wiccan Printable

Seeker’s Bill of Rights

The Seekers’ Bill of Rights was written by Charles Mars to protect and educate those seeking a pagan path. Keep a copy of this page and be aware when meeting new people in the pagan community.

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Spellcasting Journal Witchcraft
Spellcasting journal page

Spellcasting Journal

Use this page to keep track of your Magic spells and rituals. This printable includes a follow-up section to experiment and explore your Craft with confidence.

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Green Witch Grimoire Resources

Basil Printable Herbal Witchcraft
Basil Properties
Cinnamon Magical Uses
Cinnamon Properties
Mugwort Herbal Witchcraft
Mugwort printable page
Palo Santo Spiritual Benefits
Palo Santo printable page
Sage herb wiccan printable page
Sage printable page
Bay Leaf Magical Uses
Bay Leaf Properties
Lavender Magical Uses
Lavender Properties
Rosemary Grimoire Printable Page
Rosemary printable page
Uses of Rue
Rue printable page
Thyme Magical Uses
Thyme printable page

Printable Spells for your Book of Shadows

Moon Water Recipe Printable Spell

Moon Water Recipe

Moon water is water that has been exposed to the moonlight and charged with a Magical intention. You can use this recipe to prepare it under any lunar phase.

Visit Full Recipe: ‘Moon Water’

Fresh Funds Money Spell with Basil

‘Fresh Funds’ Money Spell with Basil

A fun and powerful Kitchen Magic Money Spell to make money last longer. Sometimes our paycheck seems to disappear just after paying the bills. To get the most out of our income, let’s cast a spell using a bit of Herbal Magic.

Visit Full Spell Recipe: ‘Fresh Funds’

Printable Spell: Wiccan Cord Cutting ritual

‘Cord-Cutting’ Wiccan Ritual

An easy way to perform a cord-cutting exercise with a candle and a simple meditation to cut cords and remove all energetic bonds.

Visit Full Spell Recipe: ‘Cord-Cutting Ritual’

Wiccan Banishing Spell Recipe

‘Banishing Grace’ Spell

This protective spell will banish and ward off intrusive energies that might be hurting you or making you vulnerable to psychic attacks.

Visit Full Spell Recipe: ‘Banishing Grace’

Sweetening Spell with Honey Jar

Sweetening Spell

Strengthen a relationship with a sweetening spell to remove any problems and bring back love.

Visit Full Spell Recipe: ‘Honey Touch’

Return to Sender Printable Spell

‘Return to Sender’ Spell

An easy way to get justice is simply to return all harm to its original sender. This is a protection spell that promotes karmic retribution, a light form of revenge to keep you safe and protected.

Visit Full Spell Recipe: ‘Return to Sender’

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