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Rose Magical Properties: Love & Lust Potions

Video Lesson: Uses of Rose in Witchcraft

The rose is undoubtedly one of the most popular flowers 🌹 and since ancient times it has been considered a symbol of love, passion and lust.

The symbolism of roses is also linked to the chalice of life, and the soul. Its spiritual meaning is blood and rebirth, and therefore, resurrection and immortality.

Use of Roses in Witchcraft

Rose oil or essence of roses can also be a practical ingredient when working with love rituals, e.g. attraction and Love spells. It is usually added to other kinds of spells to enhance their power.

Bathing with rose water or wearing it as cologne favors the development of positive qualities such as unconditional love, health, and intuition.

Rose water and oil have many benefits for the skin as they promote cleansing, softening, lightening skin blemishes, wrinkles, stretch marks and varying degrees of acne.

Spells with Roses

Potions with Roses

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Magical uses of Roses

🖨️ Rose Spiritual Properties

Transcription of the video

Cultivated for over 5,000 years, the rose is one of the most symbolic flowers of all time. With five petals, thorns, and oval shaped leaves, roses range in color from white to red as they grow in their bushy formation. The Chinese were the first people to cultivate roses and they also began hybridizing them to create different varieties. Today there are over 150 different types of roses!

The ancient Roman nobility grew roses in large public gardens. Brides and grooms were adorned with roses and the petals were thrown at the feet of those victorious in battle. Roses were also used to decorate doors and images of the gods.

But the ancient Romans weren’t the only ones to venerate the rose. Christian folklore uses the rose to symbolize the blood and suffering of Christ. The Muslim’s believe that the first rose came from a drop of sweat off of Muhammed’s brow. And in Jewish folklore, white roses grew at the feet of a woman wrongly accused of a crime thus symbolizing her innocence.

Magickal Properties


As the foam dripped from Aphrodite’s body, the sea turned to white roses of purity and innocence. Later, as she mourned the loss of Adonis, her tears turned the white roses red. Roses are associated with both gods of love, Aphrodite and Eros so it is no surprise that it is used in all sorts of magickal love spells. Traditionally used in love spells, roses enhance the beauty and passion of the spell. It has even been said that removing the thorns from the rose will enhance the power of the spell and fulfill the wishes of the practitioner. When dealing with any matter of the heart, be sure to include rose in your magickal work!

Positive Energies

Roses bring powerful energy to any spell. They can infuse your space with loving vibration and beauty to promote domestic tranquility. Rose used as an offering can bring positive, friendly spirits into your home. Roses are good luck and bring good fortune, so they can be added to any charm to ward off evil or negative energy.

Medicinal Properties


Inhaling the scent of rose has been proven to increase sexual desire and satisfaction. It is thought that the scent of rose releases dopamine in the brain thus leading to an increase in sexual desire. Its ability to reduce stress helps men with sexual disfunction to overcome their anxiety. Rose oil also helps to balance sex hormones which often leads to a stronger sex drive.

Depression and Anxiety

But the release of dopamine does more than increase sexual desire, it can also help to alleviate depression and anxiety. These mood boosting abilities may be why our ancient forebearers associated it with the gods of love. Smelling a rose uplifts the spirits and this might be why the oil has been used to treat people with general anxiety disorder.


Do not ingest rose essential oil. Never use any essential oil close to mucus membranes and dilute with a carrier oil for those with sensitive skin. Always keep rose essential oil out of the reach of children and pets.

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