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Tonight's spell is automatically generated using the current Moon sign, phase, and day of the week.

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Waxing Crescent Moon
Monday September 21st
Moon in Scorpio ♏
Current phase

A Gorgeous Ritual for Tonight's Magic ✨

  1. Light or spray any of the following scents to reinforce the attributes of the Moon in Scorpio: Aloe, Benzoin, Geranium, Labdanum, Myrrh.
  2. Say the following chant:

    "Like the sting of a Scorpion, new strength and power flow all inside me.
    I now have the strength and decision to achieve my dreams".
  3. Light a green candle on your altar. Take a piece of paper and draw a rectangle the size of a check. Write down: "Pay to the order of" and add your full name. Just below, write the amount of money that you want to manifest.
  4. Imagine how this money is going to come to you. It could be thanks to a new project, a performance bonus, a raise, prize, gift or something else. Visualize how it's starting to happen and meditate on this single idea.
  5. If you have any Monday-keen crystals, place them on your altar to charge them with the heightened energy of the Moon (ruler of Mondays). Great stones for tonight are: Aquamarine, Fluorite, Geodes, Selenite, Mother-of-Pearl, Pearl, Clear Quartz.
  6. Let the candle burn completely. Hice this check in a place where you keep your money, or in a secret place where no one will find it.

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The Power of the Moon Phases

The Moon can be a very powerful enabler in our lives. By knowing how to harness the energies of each lunar phase and understanding how they affect us, we channel our intention as we bathe in its light.

If there’s a Full Moon Tonight, a spell or ritual can be a a great excuse to spend some time outdoors, listening to Nature, meditating or watching the stars.

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How the ‘Spell of the Day Generator’ Works

A Moon cycle or lunar month lasts 29.5 days. During this time, the Moon displays her 8 Beautiful Phases and moves through 12 Zodiac Signs. Each of these stages has its unique qualities and energies. Combining them is an art that has helped Witches and Sorcerers for centuries to enhance their spiritual practices.

The spell of the day generator takes into account the current moon phase, which can last up to 3 or 4 days, and the current moon sign, which remains the same for two and a half days. Each day of the week (Monday through Sunday) also has its own energy and makes up a variable in the spell too.

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A Spell for Tonight's Moon
A Spell for Tonight’s Moon

This real spells generator works by combining the three main parts of a spellcasting ritual – evocation, intention, release – along with the handy Moon Phases plugin by Joe, to get the current Moon everyday:

  1. Depending on the current moon sign, an empowering or protective affirmation will display. Use it as an evocation to open your ritual while you light an aroma that matches the current sign. You can light incense sticks, dried herbs, or diffuse essential oils to draw down the moon.
  2. Defining an intention for the ritual will depend on the current moon phase and its energies. Because each moon phase is suitable for a specific type of spell, you will see a set of directions for the duration of each phase. Learn more about how you can work with the Moon Phases here.
  3. The last part is releasing that intention. This typically depends on your entire ritual, but this generator will let you know what kind of crystal you can use to charge it with those intentions. Each day of the week has a ruling deity and associated crystals and gemstones. Charge your crystal today and keep the energies of this ritual with you all week long.

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About the Moon Signs

In ancient times, Sumerian sages and astrologers used the Moon Signs, also called lunar mansions, to make predictions and cultivate their Magic. They argued that each of these signs held a specific influence on crops, animals, and people.

This is also called sympathetic Magic: a type of ritual that depending on current Moon phase, employs a specific symbolism that connects with Her and accesses an infinite potential.

Various cultures have used sets of lunar mansions astrologically; for example, the astrological Nakshatras of Hindu culture, the Arabic manzils, the 28 mansions of Chinese astronomy, and the 36 decans of Egyptian astronomy. Western astrology does not use mansions, but instead zodiac signs which cover 2 or 3 mansions each.

“In these Houses of the Moon lie hidden many secrets of ancient wisdom, through which the wonders of all things under the lunar circle were worked. To these Houses are attributed the similarities, the images, the talismans and the intelligences that worked for the virtues in all of them in different ways.” – The Magus, Francis Barrett (1801)

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