Atheist and Theistic Witches Lesson

3. Theistic & Non-Theistic Witches

Growing as a Witch means putting in the necessary work to find out who you are. This process has to do with personal identity, symbols, and connection.

These video lessons cover:

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  1. Love this

  2. I actually have a question that’s been nagging at me for a while…
    how will I know what’s right for me? I always believed in more than one God before, but never really worshipped them, calling myself an atheist. But now that I’m diving farther and working with deities, I don’t know, is it the same as worshipping them if you’re just working with them?

    • A lot of Pagans don’t like the idea of “worshipping” anyone or anything because of the negative connotation of the word “worship”, for example, as being a blind follower.

      That’s where the term “to work with” comes from. It may be exactly the same as worshipping, for example doing prayers, meditations, offerings, etc. But in the end, it’s building a sacred relationship. Others choose the terms “to honor” or “to venerate” to talk about their relationship with a deity.

      “Working with” can simply mean to show gratitude and include them in your prayers or thoughts. There’s no right or wrong here, just what works for each practitioner. A good place to start can be building a relationship with your ancestors. Learn about the culture and deities of the people you come from. That can help develop a strong connection.

      About working with more than one deity: Hellenic polytheists tend to worship more than one god at the same time. Dionysos and Aphrodite, for example, tend to be worshipped together because they are compatible in many levels. Historically, sometimes different gods shared sanctuaries or festivals.