Magical Properties and Uses of Peppermint

Peppermint: Purify, Heal & Sleep

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Peppermint has been historically used in healing blends and spells by shamans and other types of healers. Such is the power attributed to this plant that it was typically worn on the wrist to protect its wearer against common diseases. 🌿

Properties of Peppermint in Witchcraft

According to Scott Cunningham, peppermint increases the vibrations of a place and expels negative energy. You can add it to sachets, oils, baths or teas. If the plant is kept in the home it clears and purifies. Its aroma can induce sleep, and if it is placed under the pillow or as a dream tea, it promotes visions of the future in dreams.

Peppermint is also considered to incite love and can be used for this type of mix. It is also often carried in purses or wallets, to attract money and prosperity.

Spells with Peppermint / Mint

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Peppermint Magical Properties

🖨️ Peppermint Spiritual Properties

Transcription of the video

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) is an aromatic herb that is part of the mint family. As a hybrid of spearmint and water mint, this plant is extremely versatile. Its effects can be felt through using the essential oil, leaves, or supplements. Inside peppermint leaves are essential oils such as menthol, menthone, and limonene. Its menthol that gives peppermint its well known cooling sensations and minty scent. For thousands of years, this native European and Asian plant has been used for its medicinal properties. The uses have been documented in hieroglyphs in several Egyptian pyramids as well as in ancient Japanese and Chinese folk medicine. In Greek mythology, Pluto fell in love with the nymph Mentha and wanted people to remember her forever. He transformed her into this sweet-smelling and potent herb.

Magickal Properties

Expels Negative Energy

Peppermint increases the vibrations of a space which is perfect for releasing negative energy. This property makes peppermint excellent for healing and purifying an areas. Stuffed in sachets or carried in a wallet, it is sure to ward off disease. It can protect the home, create positive changes, and protect the practitioner in all their magickal workings.


Burned, peppermint leaves help to induce sleep with its aroma. If placed under the pillow, peppermint can bring about visions of the future through dream work. Not only can it provide visions but tucked under the pillow it can protect sleepers against malicious spells, nightmares, and evil entities.

Medicinal Properties

Relieve Digestive Symptoms

Bloating, gas, and indigestion can all be relieved with the use of pepperx This minty herb helps to relax the digestive system and ease pain. It does this by preventing the smooth muscles from contracting thus eliminating gut spasms. Studies show that people with IBS find better relief with peppermint oil than a placebo. Peppermint is a great way to reduce abdominal pain.

Reduce Tension Headaches

Peppermint is a gut muscle relaxer, but this property works all on parts of the body including the head! Because of this peppermint works to diminish certain types of headaches. Menthol is found in peppermint and it increases blood flow and provides a cooling sensation. With migraines, applying the oil to the forehead and temples will reduce headache pain. Plus as an added bonus, when applied to the forehead, peppermint oil also increased cognitive performance.


Dilute peppermint oil with a carrier oil for those with sensitive skin. Test a small patch of skin for any reactions before applying larger amounts. Keep peppermint oil away from the face or chest of infants and young children. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid peppermint oil. Consuming peppermint internally should be done in small doses as excessive oral amounts can be toxic. Side effects of internally ingesting peppermint oil include heartburn, flushing, mouth sores and headache.

Some medications can adversely interact with peppermint oil. Consult your doctor before taking peppermint oil.

Correspondences of Peppermint

Correspondences of Peppermint
Correspondences of Peppermint

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