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Valerian Magical Properties: Protection & Communication

Valerian is native to both Europe and Asia but can be grown in any region and climate on the planet. It gives small but very fragrant flowers, with a sweet aroma, in white, pink or purple colors.

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Valerian stands out especially for its numerous uses in natural and traditional medicine. The root of this plant has always been used for therapeutic purposes and for many conditions. Discover the uses of valerian in witchcraft here:

Uses of Valerian in Witchcraft

The roots go through a process of maceration, crushing and dehydration in order to be prepared in infusions and magickal teas but also to be converted into capsules that are already commonly found in health food stores and pharmacies.

It is one of the most effective medicinal herbs for treating nervous problems such as anxiety or severe stress, as it has calming effects. During World War II, it was drank it in large quantities to calm the nervousness caused by the bombings.

Valerian magickal properties

To prepare valerian tea, heat the desired amount of water, when it is very hot, it is removed from the heat and 2 tablespoons root are added for each quart of water, the pot is covered and left to rest for two to three minutes before drinking it.

In ritual practice, sprinkle ground valerian root or add to an incense blend to burn during ceremonies and rituals when consecrating tools that you intend to use during spells.

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Valerian Magical Properties

🖨️ Valerian Spiritual Properties

Transcription of the video

Valerian is also known as vandal root, all-heal, and St. George’s herb. In European traditions it has long been associated with Samhain and Yule.

Regal and earthy, this herb is associated with paternal protection from external dangers as well as for quelling inner turmoil to achieve deep peace.

The part of valerian that is usually used, both in magickal workings and in herbal medicine, is the root. Its scent is an acquired taste that can add a grounding earthiness to incense blends. In teas, it’s known to be deeply relaxing. Cats are particularly attracted to this herb.

Valerian root has been trusted through the ages as a treatment for insomnia, tension in the body, and nervousness. Its medicinal use goes back as far as the second century, when Galen the Physician prescribed it for the Roman emperor’s insomnia. There are numerous varieties, many of which grow well on the British Isles. As a general rule, the more pungent the dried root smells, the stronger the medicinal and magickal properties.

Magickal Properties

Protects Against Stormy Weather

Hang sachets containing chopped or ground valerian root to protect your home against wind, lightning, and floods during stormy seasons.

Eases Communication

Hang a sprig of valerian in your home or place a few blossoms in a vase to ease tensions during difficult conversations.

Consecration of Magickal Objects

Sprinkle ground valerian root or add to an incense blend to burn during ceremonies and rituals when consecrating tools that you intend to use during rites and ceremonies.

Enhances Communications with the Dead

Combine valerian root powder with sulfur powder to create graveyard dust that you can use for magickal workings. Sprinkle on your altar and in sacred places to invoke the spirits of those who have passed.

Invokes the Sacred Masculine

Burn valerian root when petitioning for paternal protection or when communing with celestial beings that have a masculine, protective presence.

Supports Self-Acceptance

Plant valerian in your garden or carry a piece of root on your person to strengthen your self-acceptance. This will silence any internal voices of self-condemnation.

Medicinal Properties

Enhances Sleep

Drinking tea made from valerian root can help you fall asleep more quickly and improve the quality of your sleep all through the night. It is less likely to contribute to morning drowsiness or other adverse side effects when compared to other sleep aids.

Calms Anxiety

Valerian root contains compounds that have similar effects to drugs that are frequently prescribed for anxiety, such as alprazolam and diazepam.

Reduces Blood Pressure

When taken in medicinal quantities, valerian root can reduce blood pressure. This helps protect the heart and decrease the risk of stroke and cardiac arrest.

Relaxes muscles

As a natural sedative, valerian root has antispasmodic properties that can calm particularly severe uterine muscle contractions.


Do not take valerian supplements or drink tea made with valerian root if you are taking antidepressants or any other prescription-strength calming medications.

Higher than recommended dosages can cause headaches, agitation, and giddiness.

Do not consume during pregnancy.

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Valerian Correspondences

Valerian Magickal Uses and Correspondences
Valerian Magickal Uses and Correspondences

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