Borage Magickal Uses

Borage Magical Properties: Courage, Joy & Communication

Borage brings courage and joy. With its beautiful bluish star-shaped flowers, borage has been used to provide courage, dispel melancholy and eradicate bad moods since ancient Greece.

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These flowers were associated with valor, bravery, courage, strength, and protection. The infusion of borage (both flowers and leaves) was traditionally drunk during an initiation or before battle. It was also widely used as a condiment in salads.

Uses of Borage in Witchcraft

Traditionally widely used as a vegetable. Boiled and served with oil and salt, as you would with spinach. The resulting broth is diuretic and purifying.  

Borage cares for the health of our skin, delaying its aging. It can be used for the tiredness emotional and melancholy and it relieves symptoms of hay fever.


Borage oil is extracted from the pressure of its seeds and is very rich in unsaturated fatty acids, especially in a – linolenic, which has been shown to be an agent anti-inflammatory powerful, highly recommended to calm joint, muscle pain, and especially to relieve rheumatoid arthritis pain.

Borage oil is considered a excellent hormonal regulator, than balances the menstrual cycle and mitigates associated pain, such as back and kidney discomfort, muscle spasms, and swelling of the breasts.

In external use it has uses against skin impurities such as eczema, dermatitis and grains, and it can be applied to bites, swells, wrinkles and dry skin, improving its appearance.


  • Do not use orally during pregnancy.
  • Do not administer for prolonged periods of time or very concentrated infusions.
  • Contraindicated in neoplasms and liver diseases.

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Borage Magical Properties

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Transcription of the video

Borage is native to the Mediterranean region. It spread throughout Europe and Asia during the medieval period, carried by caravans of traders. It is now a frequent volunteer in gardens all over the world.

The star-like five-pointed blue and purple flowers of this wooly plant, which have a mild, sweet cucumber flavor, make a great addition to salads. These flowers have long been valued by beekeepers for the abundance of sweet nectar that they produce. The nectar was also once used in candies and syrups.

Although its popularity has waned over the centuries, tea made from the leaves and the flowers was once a popular beverage in Europe and on the British Isles, and various healing properties were attributed to it. It has long been believed to impart courage, lift spirits, and enhance psychic abilities. The tea is still popular in the Middle East.

Oil made from borage seeds has been a staple in traditional medicine for centuries, mainly because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It contains G.L.A., an important type of omega-6 fatty acid.

Borage has long been associated with good cheer, courage, and affection between new and old friends. It is always a welcome surprise when it appears in the nooks of gardens the world over.

Magickal Properties


Wear a fresh borage blossom in your hair, a buttonhole, or carry one in your pocket to strengthen your courage when you are facing adversity or when you need to bolster your self-confidence.

Communication with Spirit Guides

Before going to bed on the night of a new moon, make a pot of tea using fresh flowers and dried leaves from a borage plant. Pour two cups – one for yourself and one for the celestial being you would like to commune with. Sip your tea slowly and meditatively, in silence. When you are finished, offer the cup you poured for your spirit guide to the four directions.

Be sure to record your dreams when you wake up the following morning.

Medicinal Properties

Treats Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Taking capsules of borage oil daily for at least six weeks has been shown to reduce joint pain, swelling, and tenderness.

Treats Eczema and Atopic Dermatitis

Borage oil capsules can help balance skin pH and restore skin lipids that support the immune system.


Borage oil, tea, and blossoms are generally considered to be safe for consumption and for topical applications. Some people experience digestive issues when they initially start taking borage oil, especially when they begin with larger doses. It’s better to start with small doses and work your way up.

Borage oil has the potential to induce labor, so pregnant people shouldn’t use it. It can also act as a blood thinner, and it could interfere with seizure medications.

Toxicity can result from taking large quantities of borage oil. For this reason, commercially produced borage oil is required to be free of hepatotoxic PA, ensuring that it does not contain any carcinogens.

Borage Correspondences

Borage magical correspondences
Borage Magickal Uses and Correspondences

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