Spiritual Uses of Heather

Heather: Attract Good Luck & Summon Positive Spirits

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Heather has been carried for centuries for good luck. It blossoms beautifully in summer in Europe, Asia and North America. It is the chief vegetation on many wastelands of northern and western Europe.

Spiritual Uses of Heather at Home

Placing small twigs of flowering heather in the bedroom or at the entrance of the house will promote love among its residents, and protect the home from envy and other external influences. In sachets placed under the pillow or near the bed of children or adults, it keeps away night terrors and protects the younger ones from bad dreams.

This plant used in protection spells. Dried heather flowers can be put in small pouches and carried around to protect you from negative influences, jealousy and love betrayals.

It also helps with new beginnings. You can use heather to enhance work at the beginning of projects, businesses, relationships, etc., since it attracts good luck, creating a positive energy. Burned or in spiritual baths, it helps us to cleanse away fears and insecurities, connect with our higher self and heal spiritual problems.

Heather is also used to summon spirits. Sometimes the best way to get rid of a bad spirit is by drawing in the good ones. The protective spirits which inhabit your spaces will surely appreciate a gift of heather.

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Heather Magickal and Medicinal Uses

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Transcription of the video

Its scientific name comes from the Greek word meaning “to sweep”. Heather is found growing in fields, ditches and waste areas in cooler areas around Europe and the British Isles.

Heather is an evergreen shrub with grayish-green leaves and tiny bell-shaped flowers that bloom in late summer and early autumn. Heather is the national flower of Scotland because the farmers blessed their fields by carrying bundles of burning heather to ensure fertility in their crops and cattle.

Deer and other grazing animals love to feed on heather as it is an important food source for them. If you plan on planting heather in your garden, be aware that it releases a chemical that prevents other plants from growing near it.

Magickal Uses of Heather

New Beginnings

Use heather in spells relating to new beginnings. It aids in self-discovery and is often used at initiation rituals for new practitioners.

Summoning Spirits

A sprig of heather kept around the house will attract friendly spirits. These spirits help to bring peace and good luck to everyone in the household. In order to conjure a peaceful spirit you have known, place heather in a place where you often meditate. Gather a sprig of white heather at midnight and place it in a glass of river water. Then put the water and heather in the darkest corner of your home and meditate on the spirit you want to see. Travelers often keep a bit of heather with them for protection against any physical attacks. And, best of all, heather can help summon and attract faeries to your garden!

Good luck

Not only does heather bring about positive entities, but it ensures good luck as well. It is believed that heather was stained with the blood of war in Scotland, so using white heather is the best choice for use in magic. Always add heather to a bridal bouquet or the decorations to ensure good luck to the couple.


Heather is often referred to as the “Flower of Passion”. In magick, the energy of heather is pure, raw, unbridled passion. But often this passion will also come with consequences.

Medical Uses of Heather

Genitourinary system

The genitourinary system is composed of kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra, and genital organs. Heather is useful for ailments relating to the genitourinary system such as stones, kidney and bladder infections, vaginal discharge, enlarged prostate, and menstrual and menopausal symptoms. Heather helps to stimulate the flow of bile and urine. Because of this a heather tea is very useful for cleansing and purifying.

Soothing Properties

Spasms in any area of the body can be relieved using heather, but it is best known for soothing stomach and intestinal cramping as well as spasmodic coughs. Because it is so soothing people also often use it for nervousness and insomnia. Add heather to salves in order to sooth gout and rheumatism.

Contraindications: Heather may raise blood pressure slightly, and should not be used by people with blood pressure issues.

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Heather Correspondences

Heather Magical Correspondences
Heather Magical Correspondences

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