Waning Moon Ritual Ideas

Easy Spells for the Waning Moon: Magick and Ritual Ideas

There’s a Waning Moon tonight! What ritual should I do? Cast a spell? Meditate? Is it a gibbous moon? Or a crescent moon?! So many questions!

For a quick way out of this mess, visit Tonight’s Moon Spell Generator, it will show you a simple ritual AND a guided meditation based on today’s lunar phase, moon transit, and day of the week!

Or keep scrolling down and you’ll find a collection of spells for the waning moon, including an easy spell that you can cast right now.

In this article, you’ll find:

Waning Moon Magic! ✨

First of all, you need to learn everything about Lunar Magic and what each moon phase represents. The basics are:

  • There are 8 lunar phases and we can group them into 4 stages: New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon.
  • Waning is the stage when the moon is going from Full to New, so it is decreasing in visibility. It starts as Gibbous 🌖 (mostly full) and ends when it’s Crescent 🌘 (almost invisible).
  • The in-between stage when you can see a half moon is called Last Quarter 🌗
Waning Moon Energy and Meaning
Waning Moon Energy and Meaning

Quick Banishing Ritual in the Waning Moon

To grasp the energy of the Waning Moon, we can do this very simple ritual and let go of any negative situation. This spell can be cast under a Waning Gibbous, Crescent or Last Quarter Moon because these three lunar phases share one common quality: Removal.

You will need:

  • Pen and paper
  • 1 white tealight candle
  1. Write on the paper what is currently bothering or what you want to remove from your life. It could be a bad habit, a symptom, a person, a situation, or an emotion.
  2. Light a white candle in a safe place (always practice candle safety) and read aloud what you have written.
  3. Leave the paper next to the candle. Meditate and once the candle has extinguished, break the paper into pieces and toss it in the trash with the remains of your candle.

If you’re new to meditation, follow any of the Guided Meditations on this site. Scroll down to find a selection of meditations and rituals for the Waning Moon.

Lunar Calendar 2023
Lunar Calendar 2023

Energy of a Waning Moon · . * ✦🌖

What does a waning moon symbolize? This lunar phase is ideal for works of removal and banishing spells. It symbolizes the closing of a cycle which will eventually give start to a new one. It’s a perfect moment to get rid of everything harmful and all that hurts.

What to do in the Waning Moon?

  • Get rid of toxic behaviors and substances, such as parasites and other poisons from the body. Start any cleansing diets or detox processes today.
  • Getting a haircut during this time will make it grow more slowly but with thicker and stronger roots.
  • Yard work! It’s an excellent time to plant and trim fruit trees, sow vegetables, remove weeds, and fight parasites and pests.
  • When it comes to emotional affairs, the waning moon can help ending an intense or long-term relationship as well as a business partnership or toxic friendships.

Meditate or cast a spell to harness the energies of a Waning Moon with the following spiritual exercises:

Banishing Spells

The best waning moon spells are banishing rituals of any kind. To banish means to ward off or send away. This lunar phase works well with works of closure and cutting cords. These spells will match that intention:

Banish Someone

▶️ This Wiccan spell is great to get rid of someone without causing them harm. We will prepare a Witch bottle using a glass jar and some Kitchen Magic.

Spell to Banish Someone

Cord-Cutting Spell

▶️ An Essential Video Spell to Banish and get rid of energies that can tie us down. Usually for a relationship’s end but can be modified to fit other needs.

Cord Cutting Spell Ritual

Return to Sender

▶️ This Wiccan spell is not for revenge but for Karmic retribution: Return the harm to its original sender safely with a bit of Kitchen Magic.

Return to Sender Spell Spell Chant

Reversing a Hex with Mirror

Did you know that you can use a mirror to reverse a spell cast against you? Learn to create a spiritual barrier to protect you against psychic attacks. This post includes three ways to send a curse back to its originator:

Protection Spells in the Waning Moon

Every time we banish something, it’s important to fill that void with a positive thing. Use these rituals to invoke protective energies and substitute bad luck or negativity with love, prosperity, and light.

Cast a Circle of Protection

▶️ A simple way to cast a sacred circle and invite the protective power of the Four Elemental Energies (Calling the Quarters).

Pet Protection Spell

▶️ This simple candle ritual will protect a pet from theft or so that they don’t get lost or sick, giving them a long life, positive energy and joy.

Pet Protection Spell

‘Bad Luck Go Away!’

▶️ A double-intention good luck spell: First, remove all bad luck and then focus on drawing positive energies that will bring new opportunities.

Bad Luck Go Away Candle Spell for Curse Removal

Invoke Goddess Bast

▶️ Gentle as a cat, wild as a Lion. We are protected by the powers of our Cat Goddess. Follow this guided Egyptian invocation.

Bast Devotional Wiccan Prayer

Cleansing Rituals

The waning moon in its entire duration is the best time for cleansing rituals, both personal and for the home. Declutter your altar, clean your sacred space, or bless your workplace with one of these easy spells:

Herbal Bath Aura Cleanse

▶️ A renewal spell to remove all unwanted energies while getting physically clean too! Watch this video spell.

Spiritual Bath to Remove Negativity

Home Blessing Chant

Chant a prayer to protect family and home with this easy Wiccan spell. Bless a new home or invite protection and blessings to your house with green Magic.

House Spiritual Detox

Lingering energies can feel heavy, especially after the recent Full Moon. Renew the vibrations with a spiritual detox.

House Spirit and Karma Cleanse Spell

Hestia Devotional

▶️ The help of Hestia is invoked when in need of her blessing to cleanse the home and banish negative energies.

Hestia Wiccan Devotional Prayer

Remove a Curse with Salt

Breaking a curse is one of the many skills of a seasoned Witch. This post and printable grimoire page includes four ways to create a protective barrier, cleanse and break hexes using salt.

Let Go and Forget Spells

Tonight’s waning moon can be a good time to cast a spell to forget an ex or give end to a relationship that isn’t working. Look at the moon, meditate, and see how these spells resonate with you.

‘I Release You’ Spell

▶️ If you feel that it’s time to move on, casting a spell can be the first step to a fresh start. A Wiccan ritual for letting go once and for all.

Spell To Forget Someone

Emotional Unbinding

A simple ritual to get over someone can be what you need right now to find the courage to move on. Very easy spell with a few ingredients.

Easy Spell to Forget an Ex - Spells8

Farewell Ritual

▶️ Honor a loved one who has passed away. Whether it’s a family member, a friend or a pet, say goodbye with a chant or prayer.

Farewell Ritual for a Deceased Loved One

Meditations for the Waning Moon

You probably understand the importance of meditation by now. These Guided Beginner Sessions can help you get started with your daily practice!

Grounding Session

🎧 Grounding is usually the first step to touching base with Nature, releasing energy back into the Eternal Flow. An easy guided meditation.

Grounding Mindfulness Meditation Course Online

Hecate’s Justice Chant

▶️ Bring swift justice to those who treat you unfairly. Chant along to a short video devotional or meditate to an audio guided prayer.

Hecate Devotional Prayer

Zodiac Meditations

▶️ Align your meditation to the current zodiac lunar transit. Updates automatically with every lunar phase.

Guided Zodiac Meditations

Daily Devotionals

▶️ Visit Today’s Daily Devotional and tune in to the energy of each day. Add some Magic to your routine!

Daily video devotional

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Waning Moon Spells
Waning Moon Ritual and Spells

More Lunar Spells

Just like we’ve learned the spiritual meaning of the Waning Moon, read about the other lunar phases with spells and ritual ideas.


  1. What is the best spell for getting rid of someone truly evil. My best friend has an ex that needs to go…She has asked for my help. This is a very serious situation.

    • Francisco Huanaco

      Hi Jolie,

      A banishing spell can send the energy of that person away with no ill to the person. Check out this spell: Far & Away Spell to banish someone.

      Focus on the person and send intentions to will this person and their energy away from you. Cast a circle before. Use a white candle to represent yourself and a black candle to represent the person you’re banishing. Burn some dragon’s blood incense during this spell. And cleanse your space afterwards.

      Best of Luck!

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