Bad Luck Go Away Candle Spell for Curse Removal

▶️ ‘Bad Luck Go Away!’ Candle Spell to Remove a Curse

If you’ve been wondering how to make bad luck go away, you should know that the answer is very simple: Bring in the energy of good luck! 🍀

How this Spell Works

A great way to do this is by casting a double-intention good luck spell.

  • The first intention is to remove all bad luck from you, so we will use salt and the power of the green candle. You can also take a cleansing bath to wash away any negativity that is clinging to you.
  • The rest of the ritual will focus on visualizing and drawing positive energies that will manifest opportunities for growth and success in you life. Cinnamon has purifying properties that eliminate bad energies and attract good luck.

Follow the steps indicated below and banish bad luck from your life with a simple spell break ritual.

▶️ ‘Bad Luck Go Away!’ Candle Spell to Remove a Curse

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco
Difficulty: Easy

Make Bad Luck go away forever with this spell to banish and break all negative energy. Remove bad luck with salt, a candle, and a simple prayer or Wiccan chant.


  • 1 green candle

  • Cinnamon powder

  • Salt

How to cast the spell

  • Place the green candle on your altar.
  • Spread some salt creating a protective circle around it. Say:good-luck-spell-incantation
  • Light the green candle. Visualize all the bad luck you've been having. Say:go-away-bad-luck
  • Meditate, focus and visualize all the problems in your life going away.
  • After 5 minutes, sprinkle the cinnamon powder on top of the salt as you say:good-luck-attraction-spell
  • Visualize that boost of good luck coming to you as a bright light as you imagine all the positive things you want to manifest in your life. Cancel all negative thoughts and memories and replace them with images of new opportunities.
  • Let the candle burn all the way.

Recipe Video


  • Never leave a burning candle unattended. Never burn a candle on or near anything that might catch fire. Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets.
  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find a printable pdf of this spell recipe.

Frequently asked questions easy spells


What is a hex or curse spell?

A curse is a type of negative energy placed on a person or family through someone’s words, will, or actions. While they are not very common in modern times, hexes still affect people on psychological and physical levels, with many different kinds of symptoms.

Have I been cursed?

Symptoms can vary from person to person but, generally speaking, victims of curses will suffer runs of bad luck, problems at work, lack of motivation, problems falling asleep, and conflicts with loved ones.

How to remove a curse from myself?

Salt is the most powerful ingredient used by good Witches when working to remove a curse. Take a bath with Epsom salt, mop the floors with a mix of water and salt, and pour salt in the corners of your home.

Cast a protection spell like the one on this page to prevent being affected by psychic attacks. If you need to break a curse, try a banishing spell instead.

We’ve seen how to stay protected by filling the empty spaces after banishing negativity, replacing it with positivity and light. 🙌 By attracting good qualities, filling your life with prosperity and protection, you can prevent bad luck coming your way in the future.

Meditations Against Witchcraft

Learn how to remove curses with prayer. These video-devotionals are ideal for Wiccans and other Neopagans who want to ward off evil invoking the protective energies of Higher Beings.

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Bad Luck Go Away Candle Spell for Curse Removal

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Bad Luck Go Away Spell

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