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The New Moon means that no matter where you’ve been, today you get to start again!

The New Moon is a lunar phase that happens when the Moon is located exactly between the Earth and the Sun. Because its bright side cannot be seen from our planet, some people also call it a “Dark Moon“.

Why does the New Moon happen
Why does the New Moon happen?

Looking for rituals? Visit Tonight’s Moon Spell Generator for a simple ritual AND a guided meditation based on today’s lunar phase, moon transit, and day of the week!

Or keep scrolling down and you’ll find a collection of spells for the new moon, including an easy spell that you can cast right now.

In this article, youโ€™ll find:

New Moon Magic! โœจ

Before we begin, make sure you know everything about Lunar Magic and what each moon phase represents.

  • There are 8 lunar phases and we can group them into 4 stages: New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon.

Spiritually, the New Moon is associated with rebirth and new beginnings so it’s an ideal time to plant the seeds of what you would like to see grow in your life.

Instead of casting a manifestation spell, set an intention for the cycle that begins: Cleanse yourself and your sacred space, meditate, and renew your commitment to any resolutions you have made in the past.

Quick New Moon Candle Spell

  1. Invoke peace by lighting some incense. Fresh aromas are associated with the New Moon. Choose eucalyptus, lavender, lemon balm or pine.
  2. Make sure you have privacy and a space where you feel relaxed.
  3. Turn off your cell phone or anything that can interrupt you.
  4. Light a white candle and follow this White Candle Guided Meditation.

If you’re new to meditation, follow any of the Guided Meditations on this site. Scroll down to find a selection of meditations and rituals for the New Moon.

Printable Lunar Calendar 2020 Moon Phases

Energy of a New Moon ยท . * โœฆ ๐ŸŒ‘

What does a new moon symbolize? This is a time of introspection, self-analysis and reflection. An opportunity for a fresh start and a New You.

What to do in the New Moon?

  • Take the time to clear your mind and organize your altar.
  • Light a single white candle to invoke peace and restoration.
  • Cleanse yourself with a spiritual bath.
  • Practice gratitude and relaxation.
  • Add pages to your Book of Shadows.

Meditate or cast a spell to harness the energies of a New Moon with the following spiritual exercises and new moon ritual ideas:

New Moon Rituals

Easy New Moon Ritual Bath

Celebrate the new lunar cycle with a quick ritual bath, including a recipe and cleansing chant.

New Moon Wiccan Chant

Follow this easy prayer with a video and get a printable page to add to your personal grimoire.

Shadow Worksheet

This is a practice that enables us to work with the darker, hidden aspects of ourselves, which could be negative or positive. This worksheet is ideal for a Lunar eclipse ritual, but can be used during a “Dark Moon” also, which is another name for the New Moon.

Circle of Protection

Casting a circle of protection is one the easiests and oldest ways of removing stagnant or intrusive energies. An easy and fun guided meditation!

Make New Moon Water

Charge your water under the New Moon with this recipe. Then use this blessed water as a booster for spells of new beginnings!

New Moon Ritual Bath

Take one of these baths especially if you are feeling disconnected from your spiritual self. A renewing bath is a great New Moon ritual.

New Moon Spells

Road Opener Spell

This spell was inspired by a Mexican abrecaminos ritual. It’s been modified to invoke the Four Quarters and Elementals to help unlock blockages and find solutions.

Wiccan Spell for Peace

Invoke peace of mind, strength, and gratitude with a very easy ritual. The only ingredients are tealight candles and some music.

Spiritual Protection Spell

Kitchen Magic to harness the New Moon’s energy by activating the protective powers of a few ingredients like salt and onion.

Other great spells to try during the New Moon are:

New Moon Rituals (Wiccan)

Wicca Self-Initiation

Learn the history of Modern Witchcraft and the values that are observed and followed by a majority of Wiccans.

Artemis Gratitude Prayer

Honor the first sliver of the Crescent Moon by devoting a few minutes of prayer to Artemis, Greek Goddess of the Hunt and Wilderness.

Other things to do on a New Moon:

  • Start a project today: Plan a business idea or a home redesign.
  • Start a new exercise routine or a diet.
  • Buy the things you’ve been thinking about getting.
  • Look for new experiences, new music, learn something new.
  • Change your look, clean up your closet.

Meditations for the New Moon

The Cleansing Breath

Session 2 of the Meditation Roots online course will teach you how to use your breath to reach spiritual freedom from inside.

Chamomile Cleansing Tea

Chamomile is a calming and tranquilizing agent. Accompany a cup of thea with this meditation, beneficial in relieving anxiety and stress.

Elemental Meditations

Relax and meditate to the sounds of Nature: Air, Earth, Fire and Water noises to channel simple and fresh energies.

Daily Devotionals

Visit Today’s Daily Devotional and tune in to the energy of each day. Add some Magic to your routine!

Daily video devotional

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New Moon Wicca Ritual
New Moon Wicca Rituals

More Lunar Spells

Just like we’ve learned the spiritual meaning of the New Moon, read about the other lunar phases with spells and ritual ideas.

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