New Moon Magic Spells

New Moon Rituals to Try Tonight: Have an Enchanted Night

With the appearance of a new moon every month, the universe gives us the magnificent gift of a new start. The spiritual meaning of the new moon is a new cycle and an opportunity for new beginnings.

Sometimes also referred to as a Dark Moon, the new moon occurs every 29.5 days when the moon seems to disappear after having completed a full cycle.

If you follow the moon cycles in your spiritual practice, then you know it serves as a checkpoint reminding you of the goals you’ve set for yourself. While some Witches choose to spend the new moon resting and reflecting, others cast spells and do rituals!

New moon rituals can help seekers of the spiritual arts to craft their own personal journeys. By getting prepared for the next new moon, you are channeling the energy of Nature, the moon, and the Triple Goddess.

New Moon Rituals to Try Tonight 🌑

Is there a New Moon tonight? Check Tonight’s Moon Spell ⭐ to find out. If you’re wondering what to do on a new moon, try this:

Scroll down to find more inspiration ↓ When it comes to constructing your new moon ritual, there are no wrong answers; all that matters is that you’re making room for new objectives and ambitions. Allow yourself to be open to your heart’s desire and to feel it in your body.

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New Moon Magic Spells

The new moon is considered a fertile time that is good to sow seeds. Shadow work and cleansing work are encouraged during this time. However, the personal meaning of this lunar phase is up to you. What does the New Moon mean to you?

One simple ritual to bring the new moon energies is to clean your space. You can do this by dusting your altar and clearing up any clutter in your home, cleaning your bed sheets, cleaning out your drawers and closets, or setting up your house. 

New Moon Cleansing Ritual

Go outside to experience the moonless night sky, say a New Moon Chant, and feel the lunar energy. Then prepare a spiritual cleansing bath following the instructions in this printable grimoire page:

There are many spiritual bath recipes you can try tonight. You can also deep clean your home during a new moon if you feel compelled to do so. Sweep the bad luck away and make room for the good.

The Element Water is ruled by the moon and represents emotions. It is a symbol for washing away the old and welcoming the new cycle. Bathing is a wonderful way to pamper oneself while also allowing time for reflection.

You can use whatever you want to infuse in your bath, such as herbs, homemade bath salts, or Himalayan salt. Salt is an excellent spiritual ingredient to rid your body of toxins and negative energy.

Calming Herbal Bath

The herbs in this bath are chosen for their stress-relieving qualities and can be used in a tea. Herbal baths are a lot like immersing yourself in a big tea spell.

You’ll need: Chamomile, Lavender, Rose petals, and Lemongrass.

The New Moon is also a good time to to let go of energy cords, to show your gratitude with a ritual, or even to begin your journey into the Craft.

New Moon Shadow Work

Some witches refer to the New Moon as the Dark Moon and enjoy this time of the month as a period for recharging and reflection.

To get the most from the unique energy of this moon, consider doing some Shadow Work Journaling following these new moon journaling prompts.

New Moon Journaling Prompts

  • What is my intuition telling me right now?
  • How can I best release my limitations?
  • What growth have I accomplished since the last New Moon?
  • What do I need in my life right now?
  • Are my goals in line with my values?

Grounding Ritual

Because this is a time of stability, grounding rituals work especially well. The few days before and after the New Moon are particularly open for making time to reflect.

1. Do a simple Grounding Exercise
2. Sit with any issue that’s troubling you and ask your higher self for guidance. 
3. Light a white candle. 
4. Meditate and pay attention to your gut feelings.
5. You can finish your ritual by raising energy and finally releasing it.

Making New Moon Water

While there are many types of water in our Apothecary’s Cabinet, moon water is exactly what it says it is: water that has been spiritually energized by the moon. Place a bowl or bottle of water outside or on your porch to absorb the energy of the moon. You can also use crystals to boost the moon water’s energy.

From the Coven: Can you make Moon Water on a new moon?

Before placing your bowl or bottle outside to absorb the moon’s energy, set an intention. You can focus on this intention by meditating on it, but the most important thing is to sit for a few minutes with your goal to charge the water. Set your water out and gather it around sunrise.

New Moon Rituals for Good Luck

An old lunar superstitions says: “For good Luck: Bow to the Moon when she is new; your luck will then run fast and true.”

The new moon is a time to restore and heal, to invite a fresh start and start the new month with a mindful attitude. These rituals for attraction and manifestation can also be cast throughout the Waxing Moon. 

Find them all here: Good Luck Spells »

New Moon Prosperity Altar

Set up a prosperity altar or a prosperity jar on the new moon to receive the lunar month with green energies. This spell is for fertility, growth and healthy finances. 

Cast a New Moon Money Spell

Write in a Journal

Writing down your intentions made with the new moon is one of the most effective ways to reinforce them. Journaling is a wonderful method to reflect and create without fear of being judged by others. Between you, your pen, and your paper, there’s a small secret.

Book of Mirrors Witch's Development Journal
Book of Mirrors: The Witch’s Development Journal

Ask yourself a question. Encourage yourself. Let’s face it: no one can motivate you more effectively than yourself. This will assist you in staying on track with the goals or thoughts you send out into the cosmos. Journaling is an excellent method to reconnect with your heart and make sense of the thoughts that are racing through your mind.

In conclusion, the new moon is associated with rebirth and new beginnings. Each new moon gives us an energetic opening in which we can connect with our internal world and sow the spiritual seeds that we want to see manifested.

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What to do on a new moon?
What to do on a new moon?

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