Monday Magic Spells & Rituals

Monday Magic Spells: Moon Energy Rituals

What spells are best done on a Monday? This is the best time for any works of Lunar Magic and everything related to the Moon: deep emotions, intuition, mystery, and the element Water.

Monday spells

The name of Monday is derived from Middle English Monenday, originally a translation of Latin dies lunae, “day of the Moon”. Being ruled by the Moon, this is a complex day. Although it’s a time of beginnings and great vitality, it can also bring a certain level of confusion. The lunar cycles affect our emotions but the Moon is an energy powerhouse which offers guidance and protection.

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Monday Magickal Correspondences

What spells to cast on a Monday? Spiritually, Mondays are good for beginnings and planning, and also for home-related spellwork, energy clearing, decorating, and yard work. Monday is a day to open paths, clear obstacles, achieve spiritual fluency, and get in touch with the spiritual world.

Scroll down to find a collection of witches’ spells for a Monday. Here are some ideas to inspire a Monday morning ritual.

Monday Candle 🕯️

White candles are perfect for a Monday ritual. The silver candle corresponds to the Goddess on the Wiccan Altar. For a daily ritual, check the Daily Devotional page here.

Deities 🙏

Mondays are ruled by Selene, Arianrhod, Thoth, Artemis, DianaLuna, Mani, among others.

Tea for Monday ☕

Drink a cup of Chamomile Tea, a caffeine-free alternative to start the week on a healthy note. Chamomile is considered by many ancient traditions as a purifying and protective herb so it will help prepare your mind and body for magical workings. Furthermore, it boosts immune health and relieves anxiety and depression ¹

The Element Water is especially exalted on this day, accompany this ritual with a Water invocation.

Monday Herbs 🌿

Wintergreen, Peppermint, Catnip, Comfrey, Sage, and Chamomile.

Crystals for Mondays 💎

Clear Quartz, Selenite, Aquamarine, Fluorite, Geodes, Moonstone, Mother-of-Pearl, Pearl.

Monday Morning Rituals & Spells 🔮

The color correspondence for a Monday is white or silver. A simple spell is: Meditate with a white candle and cast a circle. Tonight, consecrate or charge an amulet under the Moon.

Love rituals are also encouraged but especially fertility rituals where the family has a prominent place. Monday is a day of mystery and change, like the tides and the flowing water.

Cleansing Meditation

This color is also associated with pure light, clear energies, and fertility Magic. White candles act as neutral candles and can replace other candles when you don’t have them. The frequency of white is one that brings together the entire light spectrum – all colors.

Prayer to Selene

As a Moon Goddess revered since the time of the ancient Greeks, the Goddess Selene is a wonderful moon deity to work with when casting Moon Magic of any kind.

Use the following chant to summon courage and be blessed by Selene’s light ✨

Elemental Pentagram Tarot Spread

Light a white candle and follow this guided video ritual. This Tarot spread uses the symbolism of the Pentagram or five-pointed star to align each card to one of each of the Five Elements.

Elemental Road Opener

This Road Opener spell was inspired by a Mexican abrecaminos ritual. It’s been modified to invoke the Four Quarters and Elementals to help unlock blockages and find solutions.

Good Luck Spell Chant

The key is the symbol of Janus. He held the key to the metaphorical doors or gateways between what was and what is to come. Like Hecate, Janus rules and protects doors, gates, and thresholds. Open metaphysical doors with this spell.

Love Magic Spell

After casting this spell with a red candle, you may want to reinforce it by burning your candle every Monday night as you meditate and focus on your love life.

Prepare Moon Water!

You can prepare Moon Water any night, even on a New Moon (it’s dark but it’s still there!). Learn how to work with the energy of each lunar phase.

Lunar Spells, Every Night

Visit Tonight’s Lunar Spell Generator and awaken your Magic instantly with a very simple step-by-step ritual.

Monday Crystals

Selenite Activation

Selenite is a rare crystal that does not need to be cleansed but you can charge it with an intention to assist you in your Craft. This guided meditation will help you do just that:

How to use Selenite

  • Carrying a selenite stone can help clear your mind of negative thoughts, as it balances and stabilizes emotions.
  • Wear a selenite gemstone necklace or earrings to keep the healing, balancing vibrations near you during the day.
  • Place a chunk of selenite mineral rock or a selenite wand on your nightstand or desk where you spend most of your time.

Clear Quartz Activation

Known as the Master Healer, it provides mental clarity in times of anxiety. This type of quartz can help you enter a state of meditation, calm, and spiritual healing. Monday is a day to invoke clarity and guidance.

Monday Pagan Prayers 🕯️

Honor your patron deity today. Light a candle on your altar and chant a prayer. You can include offerings on this day. You’ll find offering suggestion on each deity’s page and in the Goddess’ Temple Course.

Artemis Gratitude Prayer

As a lunar goddess, she has been an influential archetype for many Witches and worshipers of the contemporary Goddess religion. Artemis is equivalent to the Roman moon-goddess Diana and is identified with Luna, Hecate, and Selene.

Thoth’s Wisdom Prayer

Thoth is an Egyptian God of the Moon, who measures time through the different phases to help mortals. Invoke Thoth to call for his guidance and wisdom. Use this prayer for him to show you the best course of action.

Invocation of Spirit

The Fifth Element: In ancient India it was known as akasha. To the ancient Greeks, it was Aether. It existed in the celestial sphere where the goddesses and gods lived on Mount Olympus. We still call this quintessence Aether, Akasha, or simply Spirit.

Explore Spells8 for more Wiccan Prayers & Pagan Chants

Full Moon Monday Ideas 🌕

If there’s a Full Moon tonight, watch this video to get inspiration for a Full Moon Witches’ Ritual.

Full Moon Wiccan Spell

If Monday brings a Full Moon try this Wiccan Spell for Success that is easy to do and will promote abundance and protection. Invoke Good Luck with a chant and a candle burning ritual.

Full Moon Anointing Oil

Here is something you could do during the next Full Moon! You don’t always have to make moon water – although that certainly is the simplest thing to do

Silver Moon Money Spell

A Money Spell to cast during the Full Moon using only water and a coin. This Wiccan ritual includes a chant to make your wish on a Full Moon night.

Esbats: Rituals for a Full Moon Wiccan Celebration

You may know about the 8 Sabbats on the Pagan Wheel of the Year– but did you know about the 13 Esbats? Each of the 13 Full Moons is a celebration called an “Esbat”- learn more about special spellwork for each of the moons of the year. 

Divination Methods

Here’s a quick list of traditional and non-traditional divination methods. Do you know any others? We’ll add it to this entry of the Spells8 blog, curated by Annesha.

Monday Planetary Magic Associations

The square of the Moon is a planetary symbol that can also be used to raise your energy before a divination or spell. Hold the square in your hands, and let your gaze fall upon the numbers one by one starting at 1 and ending at 64. When you reach 64, start your spell or divination ritual.

Monday Planetary Magic
Monday Planetary Magic
  • Day: Monday
  • Angel: Gabriel
  • Archangel: Gabriel
  • Chakra: Sacral
  • Deities: Artemis, Selene, Ixchel, Máni, Sin, Khonsu, Ganesha, Diana, Hecate, Luna, Hathor, Isis.
  • Polarity: Yin
  • Number: 9
  • Element: Water
  • Colors: New: White; Full: Red, Green; Waning: Black.
  • Metal: Silver
  • Stones: Quartz, Moonstone, Pearl
  • Plants: Opium, Lotus, Mushroom, Seaweed, Watercress.
  • Incense: Jasmine, Poppy, Myrtle.
  • Animals: Cat, Hare.

Learn more about planetary magic here

Printable Pages 🖨️

These PDF pages come with a transparent background so you can print on any kind of paper you want and add them to your own Book of Shadows. Find more printable grimoire pages.

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Witchy Rituals for Mondays
Witchy Rituals for Mondays

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