Cord Cutting Spell Ritual

▶️Cord-Cutting Spell: Wiccan Spiritual Healing Meditation

Here’s an easy way to perform a cord-cutting exercise with a white candle and a simple meditation. If you are not sure how to cast spells at home, Start Here.

Video: Wiccan Cord-Cutting Spell

Spell to cut and clear all energetic bonds. Find more guided rituals here: #CastAlong Videos

How this Spell Works

The bonds that we establish with others have a power that goes beyond the physical plane. Energetic bonds are like invisible threads or cords that are created between two people, transmitting information, emotions and other energies.

These energetic cords are especially strong when we share an intimate bond with another person. 🔗 Because they link our auras in a chakra-to-chakra connection, they can enter through different parts of the body. This ceremony is a powerful way to cut cords and remove all energetic bonds.

▶️Cord-Cutting Spell: Wiccan Spiritual Healing Meditation

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco
Difficulty: Easy

A Simple Wiccan Cord Cutting Ritual to remove the energetic bonds that tie us to people or situations. Using a white candle and an athame (optional) you can cut spiritual cords and other psychic energies.


  • 1 white candle

  • Your Athame or Wand

  • Lighter or matches

How to cast the spell

  • Light the white candle in front of you.
  • Sit in a comfortable and upright position and focus your attention on your breath. Close your eyes and let your mind relax.
  • Let the connection points come to your mind, let the cords appear. Visualize them, just like laces tying you to that person. Are they head to head? Heart to heart? Do not make any judgment, they may be in the most unexpected parts of your body and each cord may be different. Perhaps they are taking energy from you or maybe they’re feeding you with different kinds of sensations. Visualize them for a minute.
  • Open your eyes and gently stand up. If you have a wand or athame, hold it in your dominant hand. If you don’t have one, use your index finger. Stretch out your arm while pointing in front of you. Slowly turn your body to the right and keep turning until you’ve cast a full circle.
  • Repeat these affirmations aloud or in silence:
  • Turn once more and as you do this, visualize how you completely cut each cord. Each time you cut one, it melts away, disappears, and a protective circle of healing light surrounds you, healing your wound.

Recipe Video


  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find a printable spell recipe.

The cords are now disconnected, you are released. 🙌

You are protected by the energy of your circle. Remember that you deserve this space and you can always re-claim it by casting this cord-cutting spell. If you need to, write down these affirmations and carry them with you.

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Print this Spell 📄

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Printable Spell: Wiccan Cord Cutting ritual
Printable Spell: Wiccan Cord Cutting ritual

What are Energetic or Etheric Cords?

An etheric cord is a connection that carries energy back and forth to a person or object. We often create these ties with those with whom we are close or intimate. This cord acts as a communication channel, which can be quite pleasant as long as the relationship is healthy.

However, when the relationship becomes unstable, the cord remains and continues to send energy between both people, but the reception of this psychic energy is no longer pleasant. These cords can be detrimental to new relationships and often create emotional baggage which inhibits the ability to move on, and increase the chances of you getting stuck in the past.

Healing and breaking energetic cords

Symptoms of a Negative Energetic Cord

  • Inability to stop thinking or obsessing with a person
  • Frequent conversations in your mind with that person
  • Memories of things they said in the past, feeling their judgment or criticism long after it happened
  • Temptation to return to a relationship that no longer serves you
  • Stalking or other harmful behaviors (online or offline)
  • Insomnia, extreme overthinking
  • Deep feelings of sadness, anger and depression
  • Desire for revenge, or feeling powerless for an unfair treatment
  • Crying, emotional state of shock
  • Closing off to new people, rejecting invitations, feeling uninterested.

If you’re going through this, cut all contact, accept the fact that the relationship is over, and don’t rush into a new one. Instead, try meditating frequently, and do this cord-cutting ritual as often as you need.

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Cord-Cutting Wiccan Spell

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