Lunar Witch Grimoire: Magic Spells in PDF Book

Lunar Witch Guide & Grimoire: Magic Spells and PDF Book

Lunar Magic can be very powerful. First of all, looking up every Witch will see the same lunar phase no matter where we they are on Earth! 🌎🌏 Unlike the seasons in the Wheel of the Year — which depend on what hemisphere you live in — Moon phases are the same everywhere.

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Secondly, being aware of the Moon cycles is a way to connect with the cycles of Nature. For example, Wiccans and other Witches can harness the energy of a Full Moon 🌕 to cast spells of abundance and plenitude, while the New Moon 🌑 is ideal for setting goals and introspection or shadow work.

There are 13 lunations (lunar cycles) in one calendar year, and they are spiritually connected to the natural rhythms of life: Birth, Growth, Wholeness, Decline, Death, and Rebirth. ⛤ The 13 Full Moons are great opportunities to come together in a celebration called Esbat, or to perform a solitary Full Moon ritual.

Now that you know the very basics of Lunar Magic, you can work on developing your own Lunar Craft. 🔮 These witchy resources for your Book of Shadows and journaling pages for a Book of Mirrors will guide you in the process of finding your Magic!

Moon Witchcraft & Magic Grimoire

🖨️ All these Printable Pages include learning concepts of Moon Magic and Lunar Witchcraft for beginners. These rituals are an essential part of the grimoire of a Lunar Witch, and are perfect for Moon-cycle-round Witchcraft

How to use these Lunar Magic PDFs?

  • If you’re a beginner Witch, get a printer and some printer-friendly parchment paper. Here are some section separators to organize them in your own 3-ring binder.
  • If you’re a more advanced Witch, feel free to adapt the contents of this grimoire to your own practice by copying them by hand to your own book of shadows.

Note: Many of the pages in this spellbook are free to download but others require a Spells8 membership. By joining you also get access to all witchcraft lessons and guides.

Witch Lunar Calendar

2-page Moon Phase & Magick Calendar

The Moon is Earth’s only natural satellite. It accompanies and influences us in many ways, even if we can’t always perceive it. 

Keep track of the Moon phases and attune your Magic spells to Nature’s cycles.

Moon Phases and Witchcraft: What are the best spells to cast on each Moon?

Lunar Transits ☿

Lunar Witchcraft: Moon Transits

Knowing the current lunar transit is a great way to enhance any Lunar Magic. The moon moves around the zodiac completing an entire cycle in 28 days. Each transit is represented by a sign which lasts about 2-3 days. ♈♉♊

Moon Magic Meditations

As the Moon travels through each sign, we associate its energy to each sign’s strengths and qualities. Use tonight’s spell generator to find out what the current lunar transit is. Then, follow its guided meditation:

Aries Witchy Ritual
Aries Lunar Witchcraft

Taurus Witch Spell
Taurus Lunar Witchcraft

Gemini Moon phases witchcraft book of shadows
Gemini Lunar Witchcraft

Cancer moon phases witchcraft book of shadows
Cancer Lunar Witchcraft

Leo Moon magic spells
Leo Lunar Witchcraft

Virgo lunar witchcraft for beginners
Virgo Lunar Witchcraft

Libra lunar witch spells
Moon in Libra Spell

Scorpio lunar witch spells
Moon in Scorpio Spell

Sagittarius lunar witchcraft
Moon in Sagittarius Spell

Capricorn lunar witchcraft
Moon in Capricorn Spell

Aquarius lunar witchcraft
Moon in Aquarius Spell

Moon in pisces lunar witchcraft
Moon in Pisces Spell

Full Moon Spells for Beginners

Esbats are celebrations held on Full Moon nights (although not necessarily). An Esbat is an excellent opportunity to perform rituals, cast Full Moon spells, connect with Nature and with other Witches. Find Moon journaling worksheets with each of these solitary rituals:

Full Strawberry Moon Spell

The Strawberry Moon of June anticipates festivals of Midsummer which can affect our power to receive love in profound ways.

Here’s an easy love spell for the Strawberry Moon. 🍓

Full Buck Moon Worksheet

July’s full moon is most frequently known as the Buck Moon. 🦌

Follow this Full Moon Journaling page and add it to your Book of Shadows. Follow this ritual on the Buck Moon.

Full Sturgeon Moon Magic

Sturgeon Moon is the name of August’s Full Moon. The effect of this Full Moon can make things easier in terms of making an important decision or choice. Cast this spell to remove bad habits taking advantage of the significance of the Sturgeon Moon.

Full Corn Moon Journaling Page 🌽

The Full Moon of September is known as the Corn Moon, unless it occurs closer to the fall equinox (September 21st), then it’s considered to be a Harvest Moon. Make an abundance jar with the Goddess’ blessing.

Find more solitary witchcraft rituals and Moon Journaling Pages here.

Full Moon Money Chant

“Thank you, Dear Moon, because you always listen”

This Wiccan money spell with a green candle is perfect for a Super Moon. Attract money and wealth manifesting your Magic Powers with a simple ritual and chant.

Full Moon Protection Ritual

Invite Good Luck and protection on the coming Full Moon with a chant and a candle-burning ritual. Cloves are used for protection and mental clarity. Sage also protects and purifies, warding off diseases and accidents.

Moonstone Ritual

Activate your Selenite or Moonstone, from selēnē (Moon) and related to Selene, the Moon Goddess. The ancient Greeks had a belief that certain transparent crystals waxed and waned with the moon.

Watch the video spell here.

🌕 Find more Full Moon Spells here: What to do during the Full Moon?

New Moon Magic Book of Shadows

Instead of casting a wish spell, in the New Moon we set an intention for the cycle that begins: Cleanse yourself and your sacred space, meditate, and renew your commitment to any resolutions you have made in the past.🌑

New Moon Gratitude Spell for Good Luck

Cast this spell on the New Moon to welcome the lunar cycle that begins with the best intentions.

For seven days, repeat this same ritual, using the same ingredients and candle. On the last day, let it go out on its own.

New Moon Chant

Light a white candle during this Wiccan New Moon prayer. If you can feel the influence of the Moon in your body or emotions, you can harness and use the energy of the New Moon in ways that benefit you.

Shadow Work Witchcraft Journal

This is a practice that enables us to work with the darker, hidden aspects of ourselves, which could be negative or positive. This worksheet is ideal for a Lunar eclipse ritual, but can be used during a “Dark Moon” also, which is another name for the New Moon.

Moon Water Recipe

You can make it on any lunar phase (not just the Full Moon!). Each has its own Magical properties.

New Moon Water can be used as a booster for spells of new beginnings, such as planting seeds for example.

Moon Mother Oil

You can use this oil to anoint yourself: forehead, temples, wrists, and heart. Do this before you perform rituals to honor the beautiful light of the Full Moon.

Road Opener Spell

This Road Opener spell chant was inspired by a Mexican abrecaminos ritual. It’s been modified to invoke the Four Quarters and Elementals to help unlock blockages and find solutions.

Have faith. Everything that is done with great faith is ultimately achieved!

Discover more Witchy Things to do on a New Moon

Journaling Pages

While every new witch is told about keeping a Book of Shadows, very few are told about a Book of Mirrors.

Recipes, lore, and wisdom are great for sharing with others, but the Book of Mirrors is unique to each practitioner of the Craft, and it can become a major component in your spiritual growth!

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More Lunar Witchcraft Spells

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