Spell to Banish Someone

‘Far & Away’: Jar Spell to Banish a Rival or Negative Person

Wiccan spells to get rid of someone seek to send them away without causing harm. The intention is to make them disappear, move out – not to hurt them. Whether it’s a roommate, a coworker, an ex-boyfriend or lover, sometimes we really need to banish a negative person from our life. Learn how to cast a spell to get rid of someone without the bad Karma. 💜

Why this Spell Works

  • Using a glass jar, we will create a Witch Bottle. This is one of the most ancient types of spells. Traditionally, they were buried under the threshold or hidden up in a chimney to keep negative people and spirits away from the home.
  • A base of coarse salt will protect the target person from suffering any ill effects. A positive spell always works better than a negative one 💡. The purifying power of element Earth will help. Learn more about what type of salt works best.
  • Vinegar will add the sourness to keep them away. This easy-to-find ingredient also protects against evil and disease. It is famously used in the Four Thieves formula which helped people stay safe during the plague.

'Far & Away' Jar Spell to Banish a Rival

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

Make a Witch Bottle and protect your enemies while sending them far away from you. This spell will banish a person and get rid of their negativity forever.


  • 1 glass jar of any size (with a lid)

  • Coarse salt (sea salt or other)

  • Vinegar (any kind: brown, white wine, red or cider)

  • Pen

  • Paper

How to cast the spell

  • Cut a small piece of paper and write the full name of the person you want to get rid of.
  • Fold the paper twice while visualizing the person going away forever.
  • Put the paper inside the jar.
  • Add enough salt to cover the paper. A few tablespoons should be enough.
  • Add 9 drops of vinegar and keep visualizing how the person is removed from your life.
  • Before closing the jar you can say:How to get rid of someone spell
  • Seal the jar tightly and take it to a place far away from your home. You can bury it or simply throw it in a trash container.

Recipe Video


  • 🖨️ Find a printable version of this spell recipe below.

Tips to Cast A Spell To Get Rid Of Someone

Make sure the glass jar is clean before you use it to avoid any interferences. It doesn’t have to be brand new, any type of kitchen jar with a lid will work. You can also use a bottle with a cork instead and make a more traditional Witch Bottle.

Some people choose to light a candle on top of the lid to completely seal their Witch Bottle with wax. You can do this with a black candle for extra protection.

Be sure about your intentions before casting this spell. If you think you might regret it in the future, then don’t do it. ⚠ Reversing this type of spell can be complicated.

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