Real Magic Spells in the Full Moon

Spells and Things To Do on a Full Moon

The Moon has a great influence in our lives. Right now, it is gravitating with such a magnetism that it is stirring the energies of the planet, altering tides, moods and bodies. Every Full Moon for hundreds of years and up to this day, Witches have tried to harness this influence by organizing celebrations – called Esbatswhich are especially common in Wicca. The Full Moon is a great time to connect with our spiritual mind, with our Higher Self, and to enter into a reflective state in a place where no one will obstruct our wishes. 🙌

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Don’t let the energy of this Full Moon pass you by!

Visit Tonight’s Moon Phase Spell Generator

If you are new to Paganism, I suggest you take the first step and click here to Learn How Real Magic Works. Otherwise, skip it and cast this super easy spell for the Full Moon:

Essential Candle Spell for Every Full Moon

The Full Moon phase is perfect for channeling your energy to any projects, ideas or goals. Before starting, stop and think about what you’re missing in your life and wish to manifest, or what you already have in your life but want to attract more.

Full Moon Wish Spell for Tonight

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco
Difficulty: Easy

No ingredients besides a candle are needed to cast this Full Moon ritual tonight. Chant a Wiccan spell to the Moon stating any wish, spell, or intention (success, healing, career, money, etc). Meditate on it!


How to Cast the Full Moon Spell

  • Light the white candle and place it on a dish.
  • Watch the flame and think about the Element Fire. Think of its life-giving, primal, passionate, and purifying powers.
  • Take 3 deep breaths.
  • Say: Full Moon Spell
  • Take a piece of paper and write your petition using a pen. Let yourself go and write your wish in great detail, being as specific as you can.
  • Place the paper under the dish and leave it there until the candle goes out. Practice candle safety, don’t leave the room if the candle is still burning.
  • Once the candle has extinguished itself (should you blow it out instead?) Take the piece of paper and save it in your diary, witchy journal, Book of Shadows, or hide it in a secret place.
  • Dispose of the remains by burying or throwing them in the compost or trash.


  • 🖨️Scroll down to find a printable version of this spell

Print this Spell Recipe 📄

This PDF version comes with a transparent background so you can print it on any kind of paper you want and add it to your own Book of Shadows.

Easy Full Moon Ritual by Spells8
Printable: Easy Full Moon Ritual by Spells8

Devotional Song for a Full Moon Night

The Effect of the Full Moon in Spells and Rituals 🌕

During the Full Moon, the Triple Goddess becomes the Mother of all beings. It’s a great time to work on intuition, spells of love, and prosperity. The Power of all Magic is truly at its peak, this lunar phase is key to either accept or reject projects, transformations, and manifestations that we initiated during the New Moon.

Casting spells in this cycle, if done correctly, can have great results. All sorts of rituals, Magic practices and spells are enhanced by the Full Moon. ✨ From love spells, wealth attraction spells, protection rituals, good luck cleansing, to spiritual baths, it’s the most powerful time of the month and a wonderful opportunity for parties, night dates, public events, inaugurations and celebrations of all kinds.

Click Here to Learn More about Magic and the Moon

Lunar Calendar 2023
Lunar Calendar 2023

Best Full Moon Spells

How to make Moon Water

Moon Water is a very versatile Magical ingredient and one of the easiest to prepare. You will find that many recipes of Wiccan spells use it.

Full Moon Oil Recipe

This Full Moon Oil is a creative alternative to Moon Water. Use it to anoint candles, tools, amulets, your home or yourself! You can even add a splash to your bath to fill it with powerful Full Moon energy!

Lunar Protection Wiccan Spell

Chant this Full Moon Prayer for protection, which you can accompany by a super easy ritual of kitchen Magic. This is a simple candle spell that you can cast on the next full moon.

Mother Moonlight: Full Moon Wiccan Love Spell

Chant this Wiccan incantation to attract love on a Full Moon night. This is a spell without ingredients and a great ritual to fulfill any love wishes or desires.

Fire Flowers: Wiccan Love Spell

Here’s a recipe for a love spell with a pink candle and a few white flowers. If you are not sure how to cast spells at home, Start Here.

Rekindle Me: Red Candle Passion Spell

This is a simple spell that you can cast to bring back the desire and lust in your relationship. Reignite the passion with red candles and some honey and sugar.

Silver Moon: Money Manifestation Ritual

A Wiccan spell for money and prosperity that is enhanced by the glowing influence of the full moon. Use this ritual and chant to attract good luck to your life and improve your finances.

Moondrop Blessing: Spell to Keep and Protect your Job

This is a very simple ritual that transfers the energies of the Full Moon to your clothes or home with a simple chant. Chanting is a great way to transmit positive intentions.

Moon Boon: Full Moon Money Chant

Money manifestations can be enhanced by the powers of the full moon, so take advantage of this mighty lunar phase with a Wiccan money spell chant.

Full Moon Rituals for 2022

2022 has 12 full moons, each with its own name and meaning. They are associated with harvests, festivals, animals and weather. Take part in the Spells8 Esbats each month with these beautiful rituals.

This page is included with the lunar calendar above 🠕
Learn more about the Wiccan Holidays of 2022

Pagan Holidays 2022
Pagan Holidays 2022

January – Wolf Moon

Celebrate the Full Wolf Moon with an empowering Witchcraft ritual and a guided meditation. This Wolf Moon spell includes a journaling worksheet to become one with the spirit of the wolf.

February – Snow Moon

This is a powerful Moon for manifestations. Set your intention, cast a spell, follow a guided meditation and then write on your journal.

March – Worm Moon

The power of this Full Moon can enhance your efforts as you begin pursuing your goals for the coming months. Take advantage of it by really focusing on setting goals and drawing up plans!

April – Pink Moon

A time of playfulness and youth, the Pink Moon is a great opportunity to cast a love spell, even if it’s just to attract friendly, familial or self-love energies.

May – Flower Moon

Love spells and positive intentions are encouraged in this season. Here’s a Flower Moon ritual for a simple manifestation ritual in the Full Moon.

June – Strawberry Moon

June is the month of strawberries! The days are long and the upcoming Midsummer celebration of Litha fills this time with heat and passion.

July – Buck Moon

In this Full Buck Moon ritual we will store feelings of bright and vibrant summer time so that they can bring us strength and perseverance for the winter months ahead.

August – Sturgeon Moon

The time of the Sturgeon Moon is an ideal time for getting rid of “old dinosaurs” that continue to weigh you down. This powerful moon occurs towards the end of the Summer, signaling that all seasons must come to an end.

September – Harvest Moon

Healing meditation and ritual for the Harvest Moon that you can do alone or with others. Wiccan-friendly spell of positive Witchcraft honoring the abundance of the harvest season’s Full Moon.

October – Hunter’s Moon

The Hunter’s Moon is the time when the animals have been fattened for hunting and people must begin to prepare for winter. Traditionally, activities during this time included slaughtering and preserving meats for the cold time ahead, which is how it got its name..

November – Beaver Moon

This is a simple ritual for the Beaver Moon that you can do as a Solitary Witch to honor this Esbat (Full Moon celebration).

December – Cold Moon

Cold Moon is the name traditionally given to the Full Moon closest to the time when the Winter Solstice, an invitation to devotion, joy and peace.

Blue Moon Spell

When a Full Moon happens twice in a calendar month, the second one is called a Blue Moon. The older definition is “the third full moon in a season that has four full moons”. Also known as seasonal Blue Moon, this occurs about every 2.5 years

More Full Moon Ideas

Whatever is done at this time can be sacred and powerful. Here’s a plan for a Full Moon solitary ritual:

1. Write down your wishes

Short-term impulses, long-term goals, and life-long questions are easier to channel during the Full Moon. Decide what’s your heart’s True Will and make a plan to manifest it. If you’re a Beginner Witch, we suggest you read: 5 Steps to Becoming a Real-Life Witch.

But right now, take a pen and a piece of paper. Relax, empty your mind, open your heart and try to visualize the dreams that your future is preparing for you. Start writing. Brainstorm if you need to, simply write down any words that come to your mind without thinking twice, nobody is going to read it. Let the pen freely draw and decorate the paper with the images that you were seeing in your mind. Once finished, fold the paper and place it next to a candle on your altar. No need to burn it, just let it assimilate the energies of the candle. If you don’t have a candle, just keep the paper in a safe place and forget about it.

🌕 Add energy to your ritual by invoking the energy of the Moon:

Drawing Down the Moon

A central ritual in many contemporary Wiccan traditions, this ceremony can re-unite us with the protective Mother Goddess.

Full Moon Release Spell

SilverBear shares an easy homemade release ritual in the Forum. Sign up today to participate in our online Coven! 🔮

2. Charge your Crystals

Gemstones and crystals are naturally able to absorb and retain all kinds of energies that will then be transmitted to those who carry them. Take advantage of the Full Moon and place your crystals outside in the moonlight, or simply next to a candle that will attract and trasmit its energy to them. The next morning, they will be charged and ready to pass on the healing energies of the Moon to you.

Crystal Attunements

▶️ These guided video meditations will help you attune to the natural energy of your crystals and gemstones.

3. Absorb Lunar Energies

Just like you can charge your crystals, you can simply charge yourself by taking a walk or sitting for a while under the moonlight. Go outside and try to find the Moon in the sky. Contemplate and meditate. If you can’t see it because it’s cloudy, don’t worry, its radiance can still reach you through the clouds. Say a prayer or ask for the Moon to fill you with Wisdom, Love, Strength, or anything else.

4. Prepare Moon Water

Moon Water can be used for blessing, to enhance rituals, as bath water to relax, or to make tea and attract clarity, abundance, and spiritual awareness. You can even prepare Moon water for your pets or plants!

The benefits and uses of Moon Water can vary greatly depending on your intention and how you make it. Click here to Learn How to Prepare and Use Moon Water.

5. Take a Spiritual Cleansing Bath

Take some time off tonight to let go what’s not useful anymore or things that might be blocking you.

A spiritual cleansing bath will allow you to eliminate negative burdens and prepare you to receive positive vibrations instead. There are baths for protection, good luck, attraction, and more! Use the time to meditate and empty your mind.

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The Best Full Moon Spells for Magical Manifestations
Full Moon Spells

More Lunar Spells

Just like we’ve learned the spiritual meaning of the Waxing Moon, read about the other lunar phases with spells and ritual ideas.


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