Real Love Spell Chants

Love Spell Chants You Should Be Doing (Easy with Just Words)

❤️ Love spell chants are a repeated rhythmic phrase, said or sung many times acting like a meditation or prayer. Chanting a spell for love can produce wonderful results in your life.

The difference between a prayer and a chant is that the chant could be a simple phrase (like a mantra) that can be repeated internally all day long. The intent behind mantras is usually to quiet the conscious mind to help during meditation. A love spell chant does not need to be religious or involve prayer, but you can combine both according to your own beliefs. 🙏

Love Spell Chants that Really Work

A love spell chant can be powerful but this will vary from person to person. Here is a collection of love spell chants without ingredients so you can choose the one that will work best for you. They are easy and in plain English.

Simple Love Spell Chant (Wiccan) 🔮

“Lady and Lord, from the Ecstasy of Your Love.
Let those who I love love me in return,
Let love enter my heart and my home.
I am Light, I am Love. So mote it be”

Love Spell without Ingredients 🧙‍♀️

“Sacred water flow from me
To draw him ever near.
As endless rivers run to sea
His path to me is clear”

Love Chants (Video Prayers) ▶️

Chant to Venus for Love

Click to watch the video devotional to the Roman Goddess of Love.
“O Venus, beauty of the skies, To whom a thousand temples rise…”

Isis Healing Prayer

Isis is the Great Mother goddess in Egyptian mythology. Chant along this video prayer to invoke her spiritual healing.

Aphrodite’s Love Devotional

She is the Greek Goddess of love, sex and beauty.
“With your maddening love-charms you yoke mortals, And the many races of beasts to unbridled passion.”

Chant to Eros

He was the god responsible for lust, love, and sex, and was also revered as a fertility god. His name is the root of words such as eroticism and his Roman equivalent was Cupid.

Prayer to Diana for a True Love

Chant this prayer to invoke Diana’s love, clear away any fears and toxic emotions, or use it as part of a love spell chant and bring true love into your life.

Prayer for Universal Love 🌎

“I pray for peace. I pray for love. I pray for stability. I pray so that Love can overcome Fear. And I send energy of Love and Peace to all the people on Earth. I believe it, I accept it, and I recieve it. This is my will. So mote it be.”

Simple Love Spell Chant 💕

By the power below and above,
I am asking you bring me love.
By this spell that I have cast,
I want a love that will always last.

Love Spell Recipes

If you have a clear intention love chants will work fast helping you attract the love you desire. Use these Wiccan love spells in your favor. *Some of them are actually candle love spells but you can simply chant the spells without any tools. 🕯️

Tea Magic: Love Potion

Listen to this guided meditation as you drink a cup of Hibiscus tea. Traditionally, Hibiscus has been used to make love potions and aphrodisiac charms.

Sweetening Love Spell

This is a candle love spell with a chant. Red candles are perfect for this types of Magic. If you have honey, you can prepare this sweetening charm.

Full Moon Love Spell Chant

This is a Wiccan love spell with a simple chant and without ingredients. Click here to find more Full Moon spells 🌕

“Fire Flowers” Wiccan Love Spell

Step-by-step guided video spell with 1 pink candle and 3 white flowers. You will also need incense and essential oil.

3-Card Love Reading

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, this simple Tarot ritual will give you insight into your romantic life. ❤️

More LOVE Spells

Visit this page to find a curated collection of love spells that work.

New to Spellcasting? How to Cast Spells when You’re New and Unsure

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Daily Love Affirmations

Use these affirmations as mantras or chants to attract love. Daily affirmations are simple, positive statements declaring specific goals in their completed states. Choose one of the following and repeat it 3-5 times several times a day, really focusing on the meaning of each word.

“My inner beauty naturally radiates outwards.”

“I draw love and romance into my life with ease.

“My relationships are always safe and fulfilling.

“I love the feeling of being in love.

“I am filled with the vibration of love.

I desire love and receive it in abundance.

“I am beautiful and worthy of love.”

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Easy Love Spell Chants
Easy Love Spell Chants

Tips for Love Spell Chants that Work Fast 💡

1. Vibrate in the frequency of Love

According to the Law of Attraction (LoA), like attracts like. This means that if you want to attract true love, you will have to vibrate on that frequency. To do this, first it’s necessary that you remove from yourself all negative thoughts and feelings.

Banish away any resentment, anger, negative thoughts about yourself (such as “I don’t deserve…”), fear, shame, toxic parental messages, or guilt.

Use forgiveness in your benefit: Forgive and ask for forgiveness. No matter what others have done to you, forgiveness is the first step to free yourself from the past, from what does not allow you to vibrate in the frequency of love.

2. Work on your self-esteem

Wiccan Love Spell Chant
Wiccan Love Spell Chant

The perception you have of yourself is fundamental because you won’t find perfect love if you don’t hold yourself in high esteem. Love yourself first! 🤗

I strengthen my own self-esteem and my character to be able to refuse what I don’t want and avoid being manipulated.

3. You deserve the Best

You deserve the best of this world, you deserve True Love, the ideal partner. You deserve to be happy and, even if you don’t believe it, you have a Universe inside you that just hopes to manifest itself in its full potential.

Say: “I am worthy of all the good and wonderful things that life has for me, I humbly accept the heavenly gifts of the Universe and I am open to receive and give my best every day.

4. Start your day in a Positive note

When you consciously decide to start the day with a positive attitude, you create a positive vibration around you, which attracts good things for you. Give thanks to everything you have, even the tiniest thing, and you will be open to receive many more great things.

Powerful love spell chant
Powerful love spell chant

Learn to love yourself and start with making a conscious decision, the intention of being happy and leading a fulfilling life. When you love yourself you come back to life.

5. Visualize

Enter your inner world and use the power of your imagination. See yourself accompanied by your ideal partner, living the moments you want to experience, doing it with joy, with gratitude and emitting vibrations of love.

Cast a Spell of Gratitude. Exercise positive affirmations to attract love with faith, conviction, joy, gratitude and awareness. Now that you became aware of all that, you are ready to build the image of the ideal couple and receive the perfect love, your ideal partner.


  1. Hello there…thank you so much for all you do! Would you be able to cast a love spell for me or what would be the very best to have a lover return now and forever, happily and faithfully? Again I do so appreciate you!!! Sincerely, Chrissy

    • Francisco Huanaco

      I understand your situation. I tend not to share love spells for a specific person because, as explained here, casting spells on others can affect their own free will and is not always ethical (i.e. manipulative).

      While targeted spells sometimes work, they can also have disastrous consequences. If the person is trying to move on, your relationship will not be very stable and won’t work out in the end.

      Having said that, a gentler approach is a honey jar spell. Find examples here and here.

      The best you can do right now is cast spells for love to grow in your life, to become more attractive, magnetic, interesting and loving. Then opening yourself up to make it happen. Good luck and blessings!

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