Pet Protection Spell

▶️ Spell to Protect your Pets or Find a Lost Pet

We all love our pets very much. As members of our family, they give us company and joy without asking for much. Having an animal at home is also a great way to improve the energy around us as they lighten the mood at all times. 🐶🐱

This is a protection spell for pets, including cats, dogs, birds, turtles or any other household animal. It will protect a pet from theft or so that they don’t get lost or sick. In ancient times, healers used pet protection spells to keep farm animals such as chickens and horses safe. Today, we can cast a spell to protect our pets, giving them a long life, positive energy and joy.

How this Pet Protection Spell Works

  • Brown candles are used in rituals related to Earth magic as they invoke grounding, stability, and nurturing. They are related to animal magic, home magic, friendships and agriculture.
  • This spell is traditionally Catholic so we will use the image of Saint Francis of Assisi. ✝️ He is the patron saint of the environment and animals because he loved all creatures and allegedly preached to even the birds. If you don’t feel comfortable invoking Saints, you can replace his image with a Tarot card, in this case the Strength card.
  • The Strength card 🦁 is the Tarot archetype of transmitting love and compassion, gently influencing Nature, courage, and strength itself.
  • Water 💧 will also be part of our ritual as a sacred element of purification and healing, which can contain and transfer our energy.

'Protect My Pet' Spell for Protection of Animals

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

Easy protection spell for pets with a candle, water and a prayer to find a pet or invoke protection for a cat, dog, or any animal.


  • 1 brown candle

  • Photo of the pet (or write their name on a piece of paper)

  • A glass of Water

  • Saint Francis prayer card (optional)

  • Strength Tarot card (optional)

How to cast the spell

  • Light the brown candle on your altar, a few inches apart from the glass of water.
  • Place the photo of your pet on your altar between the candle and water. If you don't have a photo of the animal, write down its name on a piece of paper instead.
  • Hold your prayer card or Tarot card and chant the following spell:chant protect pet spell
  • Sprinkle a few drops of water on the photo or paper.
  • Let the candle burn for a few minutes and then blow it out.
  • Cut out the burned tip of the candle and bury it along with the photo somewhere in your property or in a flowerpot at home.
  • Throw the water away. Give thanks to your prayer card or Tarot card and put it back in its place.

Recipe Video


  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find a printable pet protection spell.
  • When casting spells, always practice Candle Safety.

Tips for this Spell Protection Charm 💡

If you have more than one pet and want to include them all in this ritual, simply place all their names/photos on your altar and burn one candle for each pet. (For example, if you have a dog and a cat, light two brown candles).

You can include a few protective herbs 🌿 before you bury the remains, or create a pet protection spell pouch with a sachet or toilet paper roll as explained here.

Customize the Spell

“Our cat, Savage, hadn’t come home for 2 nights and a day so I was starting to get a little worried…”

Janelle’s successful spell experience »

The best lunar phase to cast protection spells is the Waning Moon 🌖 Click here to find Waning Moon Spells.

The best day of the week for Protection Magic is Saturday. Click here to find Saturday Magic Correspondences

If you don’t identify with Catholic saints or don’t have a Tarot deck, draw a cat image as a sigil of Bast, the protectress of homes and cats.

🖨️ Watch & print Prayer to Bast

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Print this Spell Recipe 📄

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Pet Protection Spell
Pet Protection Spell

More Pet Protection Magic

  • Adding a bell to your cat or dog’s collar helps finding them and is said to banish negativity every time it rings. 🔔 A seashell collar is said to protect pets from the evil eye. Remember that your pet should wear a collar and ID tags at all times.
  • Place a Selenite stone under their bed or the space where they rest so that they will have good dreams and be protected.
  • Find more Protection Spell Recipes Here

Cats, dogs, and other animals can perceive negativity in the house and it is important to have a pet in the home. They feel the moods of their owners and, although they can’t talk, they understand everything.

Click here for general tips to find a lost pet.

Sometimes there are problems, arguments in the house, and the animals receive all that energy. It’s important to keep our pets protected, even if it’s with a spell, because the purest love comes from our animals. 💫

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Easy Pet Protection spell
Easy Pet Protection spell

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