Hestia’s Home Blessing Prayer

Hestia is the Goddess of home and family, who presides over the fire of homes (the hearth).

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Light a purple candle during this devotional.

Incense for Hestia:

Rosemary, Juniper, Lavender.

Offerings to Hestia:

Bread, Sweet wine, Cinnamon, A small portion of the next meal.


She never interfered in the disputes of gods and men, that’s why she rarely appears in the mythological stories despite being one of the main goddesses of the Greek religion and later in Rome, where she was known as Vesta.

Hestia was the first one to whom the offerings were made at banquets – even before Zeus – for without Hestia’s presence, a house was not a home.

In modern paganism, the help of Hestia is invoked when in need of her blessing to cleanse the home and banish negative energies or beings who seek to disrupt the peace. Invoke her to bring protection to your home and family.

Devotional text

Zeus the Father gave you a high honour instead of marriage,

and you have your place in the midst of the house.

In all the temples of the Gods you have a share of honour,

and among all mortals, you are chief of the Goddesses.

Hestia, in the high dwellings of all,

both deathless gods and men who walk on earth,

you have gained an everlasting abode and highest honour:

glorious is your portion and your right.

For without you mortals hold no banquet,

where one does not duly pour sweet wine

in offering to Hestia both first and last.

Come now into this house, come.

Having one mind with Zeus the all-wise

draw near, and withal bestow grace upon my song.

In this prayer I open the doors of my home

for you to dwell in it and fill it with blessings.

I ask you to enter and banish all anguish and sadness.

May the darkness be replaced by your warm light,

so that only health, prosperity and happiness reign.

Make this your humble abode, your protected place.

Guide us to good fortune every time we leave our home.

Protect us and let us come back with the satisfaction of having fulfilled our duty.

Bless this house, so that it may be the home of love and peace.

Bless the doors that welcome goodness and mercy.

Bless the windows that let the sun in every morning and where the stars can be seen.

Bless the walls that protect us from the wind, from the cold and heat.

Bless our table, our altar and all our work spaces.

Bless the roof that shelters us from all cares,

and that keeps the sacred memory of those who have left.

Bless our hours of peace and silence, so that we strengthen our spirit together.

Daughter of Kronos, venerable dame,

the seat containing of unwearied flame;

In sacred rites these ministers are thine,

Mystics much-blessed, holy and divine

In thee, the Gods have fixed place,

strong, stable, basis of the mortal race:

Eternal, much-formed ever-florid queen,

laughing and blessed, and of lovely mien;

Accept these rites, accord each just desire,

and gentle health, and needful good inspire.

Short Prayer for Home Protection

Chant this prayer while you mix salt and water:

“O Great Vesta in your name we purify,
Our home with water and with salt.
Fill it with your Love,
Make it safe and warm.
Shelter us from harm,
Make this house our home”

Then apply the mixture of salt and water to the front and back doors of your home, or put salt in the corners of your house. It can also be used as a Pagan blessing for a new home.

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