Reconciliation Spell with Pink Candle and Photo

‘Now & Forever’: Reconciliation Spell with Candle and Photo

An easy reconciliation ritual with pink candles and a photo that can be used when a lover or partner has gone away, maybe due to relationship problems, money issues, infidelities or something else.

It doesn’t matter where the fault lies, it could even come from external sources. If you are in this situation, try this candle spell to prevent your partner from thinking about a definitive separation. If you really love him, you can get him to come back by using and developing your Magic Powers.

How this Spell Works

  • The two pink candles will represent you and your boyfriend/husband/partner, and his perfume will provide the energy which is missing right now, and will help bring the two of you back together. If you don’t have your partner’s perfume, try it using a similar men’s cologne or an essence that reminds you of him.

You can cast this spell by yourself, preferrably at night, or during the day in a quiet place will work as well. It can also be done on a woman or same-sex couples.

‘Now & Forever’: Reconciliation Spell with Candle and Photo

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco Difficulty: Medium

This reconciliation spell can be used to bring back a lover or to break a separation spell by using pink candles and photos. Stop a divorce or make him come back with a ritual of Magic.


  • 2 pink candles

  • 1 photo of the couple

  • 1 picture frame

  • Your partner’s perfume

How to cast the spell

  • Fix the two pink candles on a dish or on candle holders next to each other and light them.
  • Gently spray the photo with the perfume of your partner and put it inside the picture frame.
  • Place the frame facing the candles, so that the couple is facing them and receiving their light.
  • Breath deeply and clear your head of all worries and fears. Focus on your goal. Visualize everything you want for your relationship.
  • Say the following spell:Pink-candle-spell-love
  • Repeat the prayer several times and then end with “So mote it be!”
  • Keep focusing and visualizing a healthy relationship. Meditate for a few minutes and finally snuff out the candles.
  • Repeat this ritual every other day, or at least once a week re-using the same candles. It will help strengthen the bond between the two of you.


  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find a printable pdf version of this spell recipe.

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Reconciliation Spell with Pink Candle and Photo

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Reconciliation Spell with Pink Candles and Photo
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  1. For reconciliation…what if there is no cologne he uses?

  2. Do you have to spray the perfume on the picture everytime

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