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Amber Love Magnet: A Love Spell Mojo Bag Recipe

This is a Romani (Romanian Gypsy) mojo bag recipe for love that is meant to manifest true love. It’s a super easy love spell that you can cast on any Moon phase. I recommend starting on a Sunday night to enhance the magnetic power of the amber stone. ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’•

Why this Spell Works

  • Amber’s power of attraction is well known since antiquity. The early Greek philosopher Thales of Miletos recognized amberโ€™s magnetism and he even attributed a soul or life to it. This gemstone inspired many myths and legends, such as that it can attract a soulmate to its bearer.

Amber Love Magnet: A Love Spell Mojo Bag Recipe

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco
Difficulty: Easy

Attract love into your life with a gemstone Mojo bag. This manifesting love spell uses a crystal to bring love energies with the natural magnetic powers of stones.


  • 1 amber stone

  • 1 red silk bag or red sachet

How to cast the spell

  • Find an amber stone and wash it with plenty of water under the tap (or use warm soapy water).
  • Write on a piece of paper a list of the qualities that you are looking for in your soulmate. This paper can be part of your Book of Shadows or Book of Mirrors.
  • Place the amber stone under your pillow and go to sleep.
  • The next morning, take the amber with your left hand and bring it close to your heart. As you do this, watch your emotions.
  • Try to create a deep feeling of love inside of you. Imagine what it feels like finding your soulmate and savor this moment. If you can visualize it, picture it as clearly as you can. It doesn’t have to be a specific person, but rather the feelings of joy and happiness that come with finding your true love.
  • Put the amber inside a red silk bag or sachet and keep it inside a jacket pocket, close to your heart, or just carry it with you in your bag or purse.
  • For the next six days, repeat this morning visualization, and keep the red bag with the amber stone under your pillow at night. Keep carrying it close to your heart until your loved one manifests.


  • ๐Ÿ–จ๏ธ Scroll down to find a printable pdf spell recipe.

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