9 Day Candle Love Spell: To Fix Any Relationship

This is a simple but effective spell to improve any love situation. Use candles and sweetening agents 🍯 to encourage powerful, loving energies between you and your partner.💞

Why this Spell Works

  • Sugar and Honey are sweetening agents which can be used in rituals of Kitchen Magic to soften or ease someone’s mood or feelings, drawing them closer to you.
  • To attract a specific person, use the power of the red candle.
  • Pink candles are used for spells relating to a more romantic love, compared to the red candle‘s fiery passion.

9 Day Candle Love Spell: To Fix Any Relationship

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

Improve your relationship with this simple but effective sweetening spell. Start on a Friday and continue with the ritual for 9 days.


  • 2 Pink Candles

  • 2 Red Candles

  • Honey

  • Sugar

  • Clean sealable container e.g. glass jar

  • Small candle carving tool e.g. Bolline/Knife/Pencil/Toothpick


  • Start on a Friday. Light one Pink and one Red candle on your altar
  • Make a circle of sugar around the candles, sprinkling clockwise
  • Allow the candles to burn for a few minutes as you focus on your goal
  • Snuff the flames out with a candle snuffer or teaspoon and leave them on your altar
  • Do this for a total of 9 consecutive days.
  • On the ninth day leave the candles burning.
  • As they burn take your second set of candles: Carve your full name into the Pink candle and your Partner’s full name into the Red candle.
  • Pour some honey on your fingers and dress the candles.
  • Place these candles on your altar near the other two and light them.
  • Focus on your goal, visualizing exactly what you want. Say:
    “May the goddess and god of light and love grant me my wish and quiet my heart.
    I place my desire in your hands, for you to do as you will and as I deserve.
    So mote it be.”
  • Let all four candles burn completely that night.
  • Place all the candle remains in a glass jar and seal it. Store it in a secret place such as under your bed or in a closet. Keep it for one month and wait to see results.
  • After one month, release the energy contained by burying the contents or just throw them away in the trash. Wash the glass jar and keep it for another spell.


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9 day Candle Love Spell

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  1. Sal Gutierrez

    I tried your Returned To Sender spell on a toxic, evil, problem causing, neighbor, and HE WENT AWAY. I wanted to find a message box such as this to let you know that your spell worked and to let other readers know it also.

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