Sugar Love Spell Jar Specific Person

Sugar Jar Love Spell

This is an effective piece of kitchen magic using the traditional sweetening powers of sugar and your own combination of herbs, spices and essential oils to create your perfect love. Keep this jar by your bed to attract New Love, a Specific Person (within reason!), to strengthen Existing Love or for beautiful dreams and Self-Love.

Why this Spell Works

  • Sugar is a key ingredient in Kitchen Folk Magic, it serves as a sweetener of moods and energies. This Magic spell recipe will help you attract the love you want in a safe and powerful way.
  • The Herbs and Spices listed here each have their own magical properties which, combined with your intention, will aid in attracting what you wish for.
  • Pink candles are used for romantic love and self-love. Red candles are used for more passionate love and attraction.
  • Including your Written intentions, a Powerful chant and the loving energies of Rose Quartz will only strengthen the power of this spell.

Sugar Jar Love Spell

Recipe by Limeberry

Attract your perfect love with sugar, a blend of herbs and a powerful chant over a candle.



  • Light your candle.
  • What you write on your paper will depend on your intentions:
    - If you are looking to strengthen love or to attract a specific person, write your partner’s name and date of birth. Draw a circle around it.
    - If you are looking for new love write a few characteristics/qualities you would like your future love to have.
    - If you are working on self-love write your own name and some qualities you need to take more pride in, or anything you are wishing for for yourself - in the present-tense.
  • Roll your paper into a scroll and seal it with a few drops of wax from your candle (you could also wrap the scroll with red or pink ribbon/ thread if you’d prefer). Add the scroll to the jar.
  • Combine and add your ingredients (along with the rose quartz) to fill the jar and cover the scroll.
  • Take a tiny pinch of the sugar mixture and sprinkle it around your candle. Seal your jar and hold it while you watch the flame and recite:

    "Flickering fire, burning bright
    I share with you sweet dreams tonight.
    Beneath this moon, shining, glowing,
    Love for me is quickly growing,
    A heart is sweetened, change is near,
    The Universe smiles, Love is here!
    By the powers of the Earth, Wind, Fire and Sea,
    This is My Will and So It Shall Be!"

  • Allow the candle to go out on it’s own (or extinguish it if planning to re-use). Keep the jar by your bed when you sleep.
  • Light a candle and repeat the spell once a week with a tiny pinch of your sugar mixture.


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Sugar Jar Love Spell

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