Rose+Lavender Bath for Finding a New Love: Cleansing Ritual

Rose+Lavender Bath for Finding a New Love

Trying to bring true love into your life? ❤️ Have you tried a spiritual cleansing bath? This love ritual is incredibly easy and will help you attract love faster than you imagine.

Why this Spell Works

  • We will use a pinch of sugar to sweeten your auric field, some lavender oil for spiritual healing, and a white rose to symbolize the start of a new chapter in your life. 💮
  • Lavender is a sacred herb that brings about calmness and discourages negative influences from entering our space. Watch a video on the Uses of Lavender in Witchcraft.

Rose+Lavender Bath for Finding a New Love

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco
Difficulty: Easy

Light a candle to find True Love! This spell includes a relaxing spiritual bath to cleanse your aura and start attracting real love with sugar and Positive Witchcraft!


  • 1 white rose

  • 1 glass of water

  • Lavender essential oil

  • Sugar

  • 3 white tealight candles

How to cast the spell

  • Place a glass of regular drinking water on your altar.
  • Add a white rose to the water.
  • Add a teaspoon of sugar to the water and 3 drops of lavender essential oil.
  • Let the glass sit for one hour.
  • Prepare a warm bath and light 3 white tealight candles in your bathroom.
  • Add the petals and water from the glass to your bath. Immerse yourself in the tub.
  • Relax and visualize your body absorbing the energies of a New Love.
  • Rub your skin as you imagine how your heart starts to open up, receiving feelings of happiness. Picture how you will use those feelings to make another person happy.
  • After a while, drain the water and let the air dry your skin. You are now spiritually clean and ready to attract a perfect partner.


  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find a printable spell recipe!

🛀 Repeat this bath once a month as you work on bringing true love to your life. The most important thing is that you believe in yourself and that you are worthy of unconditional love. Work on creating feelings of abundance and manifesting love every day.

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Rose+Lavender Bath for Finding a New Love: Cleansing Ritual

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Bath Spiritual Cleanse for Love
Print: Rose+Lavender Bath Spiritual Cleanse for Love

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