Full Moon Wiccan Love Spell

‘Mother Moonlight’: A Love Spell Without Ingredients

The Full Moon is almost here! šŸŒ• “I need a Full Moon love spell!” you say. Let’s see… An easy ritual, one without any ingredients would be great. What about a love chant?

If you need a little Magic in your love life, find an outdoor area or a window facing the clear sky. Let’s pray to the Moon!

Even if it’s going to be cloudy outside ā˜, the moon’s energy is powerful enough and can reach to you. Try to find the place where the moon might be and visualize it through the clouds.

How this Spell Works

  • This is a spell you can cast without ingredients. Just your own willpower and concentration. Empty-handed spell! šŸ™Œ
  • The light of a full moon is a great source of inspiration that can bathe you with natural confidence and appeal. Learn more about the phases of the moon and its Magic here.

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‘Mother Moonlight’: A Love Spell Without Ingredients

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco
Difficulty: Easy

Chant this Wiccan incantation to attract love on a Full Moon night. This is a spell without ingredients and a great ritual to fulfill any love wishes or desires.


  • Full Moon night

  • A place outside or a window facing the Moon

How to cast the spell

  • Sit outside and look at the moon. Visualize her energy reaching to where you are and slowly bathing you.
  • Think about the person that you love for a minute.
  • Raise your arms and take a deep breath.
  • Release the air, slowly resting your hands on your lap. One hand on top of the other.
  • Say the following spell out loud:Full-Moon-Wiccan-Love-Spell
  • Keep breathing deeply as you think about him (or her). Relax and meditate absorbing the energies of the Moon. Feel her power and know that she will help you conquer your goal.
  • Once you feel empowered, go back inside.
  • Do this for a total of 3 consecutive nights.


  • šŸ–Øļø Scroll down to find a printable pdf version of this spell.

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Easy Full Moon Wiccan Love Spell

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  1. Will this work even though I’m not exactly an actual witch? I mean like I really do believe in this stuff but will it work if I’m not?

  2. Abbie Villa

    Hello, is it better to do this 3 days before the full moon or 3 days after full moon? thank you!

    • Francisco Huanaco

      Hi Abbie,

      Most lunar calendars show you the date of the Full Moon, but it usually lasts for about 3 days (one day before + one day after). For example, the next Full Moon will be on August 3rd, so I would start this spell on August 2nd when the moon will be mostly full, and do it again on the 3rd (Full Moon night) and the 4th.

      Good Luck and Many Blessings!

  3. Can you do this spell on a full moon and then the following days or do I have to wait 3 days after the full moon ?

    • Hello Jhey šŸ‘‹ As it’s written, the spell is meant to be started on the night of the Full Moon and then done again every night for three more nights. I hope that answers your question!

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