Magic Charm Bracelet Love Spell (and Rose Bath)

Use this powerful Wiccan love spell to transfer the power of your intentions to a specific object 📿 (in this case a bracelet that you have previously chosen) with the help of the Goddess.

Why this Spell Works

  • The Red Candles are used to attract love and passion.
  • The Rose and Salt bath is ideal to cleanse away negative energies and focus your intentions in preparation for the spell.

Magic Charm Bracelet Love Spell (and Rose Bath)

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

Use this powerful Wiccan love spell to transfer the power of your intentions into a charm bracelet with the help of the Goddess.



  • Take a quick shower and start preparing a warm bath.
  • As the bath fills take a tablespoon of Sea Salt and pour 3 drops of Rose Essential Oil onto it. Stir this into your cup of Moon Water. Add this Love Potion to the bath.
  • Light a white candle and play some soft music. Bathe and relax. As you soak feel the salt cleansing you of negativity and the rose oil filling your body with love and light.
  • When you feel charged with loving energy put on some comfortable clothes and place the four Red Candles on your altar, one at each cardinal point; North, East, South and West.
  • Place the four red roses in the center and rest your bracelet on top of them.
  • Light the candles, close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  • Repeat the following Spell 3 times:
    “Dear Goddess, Mother and Deity.
    Love is Faith, Trust, and Loyalty.
    My heart is restless like the sea.
    My love is coming. So mote it be”.
  • Take the bracelet and wear it on your preferred wrist (or ankle) as you keep breathing deeply. Sit in meditation as the candles keep burning. Take this moment to reflect on your amorous situation and try to focus on opening a path to bringing love into your life
  • Your bracelet is now consecrated, which means it’s charged with your intention and love desires. Wear it whenever you go out so it will remind you of your will and your new path towards attracting more love in your life. Snuff out the candles and leave everything on your altar for one night.
  • The following morning, bury all the remains, or you could just throw them in the trash saying:


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Love Bracelet Charm Spell

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