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Easy Spells for Beginner Witches to Start Working Magic

Easy spells are simple rituals of Witchcraft that really anyone can practice if they wish to start exercising their spiritual life. You’ll only need a few ingredients which you can easily find at home or any grocery store. In ancient times, spells only required materials that could be found in a farm environment, so many of them are herbs, roots, rocks, feathers, and other elements found in Nature. 🌸

In its very essence, spellcasting and Witchcraft shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we have collected a set of easy spells that you can cast at home, even if you don’t have much experience as a Witch. Follow the link below if this is your first time trying spells.

Total Beginner’s Guide: How to Cast Spells When You’re New & Unsure

On this page, you will find:

8 Super Easy Spells for Beginners

Easy Witches Spells

Click or tap the images to see the full recipes. Many of these include video guides explained on the virtual altar.

1. ‘Sun Sigil’ Spell to Pass an Exam

Spell to Pass an Exam
▶️ Spell to Pass an Exam

2. Spell to Stop Procrastinating

Spell to Stop Procrastination
Spell to Stop Procrastination

3. Wish Spell Burning a Bay Leaf

4. ‘Peace of Mind’ Spell with Candles and Music

Spell for Peace and Harmony
Spell for Peace and Harmony

5. ‘Eternal Beauty’ Spell with a Mirror

Easy Beauty Spell (Wiccan)
Easy Beauty Spell

6. ‘Cleanse and Protect’: A Pre-Spell Spiritual Bath

Cleanse and Protect Spiritual Spell Bath
▶️ Cleanse and Protect Spiritual Spell Bath

7. ‘Fire Flowers’: A Wiccan Spell to Open Roads to Love

Fire Flowers Wiccan Love Spell with Candle
▶️ Fire Flowers Wiccan Love Spell with Candle

8. ‘Banishing Grace’: Easy Spell to Ward Off Evil & Negativity

Banishing Spell to Remove Negative Energy
▶️ Banishing Spell to Remove Negative Energy

Beginner Tips for Casting Spells

I. Harm No One

Before attempting any ritual of Magic, whether it’s an easy spell or a more complex one, you should be aware that there are consequences when casting spells. Be aware of the Law of Three, which means that everything you send to the Universe, you will receive back threefold. If your intentions are good and your spells are positive, they will bring good things your way. But negative spells and ill intentions will result in negative things coming to your life.

Pagan/Wiccan Law of Three
Pagan/Wiccan Law of Three

Learn more about it here: 8 Safety Rules Every Witch Should Know

II. Force No One

Love spells are usually safe to cast when you are trying to attract love into your life. But, unless you know exactly what you are doing, don’t try to use your Magic to force anyone into loving you. This violates that person’s free will and can have negative consequences.

A good way to make sure your spell won’t have any negative effects is to say “For the greater good of everyone involved” at the very end of the incantation. Another variation is: “And harm no one!”

Also, if you are casting a spell for someone else, be it a family member or a friend, let them know what you will be doing and get their permission first!

III. Be Realistic

Another important thing to remember is that Magic can only help you achieve realistic goals. You will not be able to fly, become invisible or raise the dead through the use of Magic. But you can always improve your life by attract love, money, happiness and getting rid of negative influences. Read this lesson to learn How to Cast More Powerful Spells.

Easy Spells for Witches (8 More!)

Easy Spells for Witches

9. ‘Bad Luck Go Away’: Candle Spell to Remove a Curse

Bad Luck Go Away Candle Spell for Curse Removal
▶️ Bad Luck Go Away: Candle Spell for Curse Removal

10. ‘I Release You’: A Spell for Letting Go Once And For All

Spell To Forget Someone
▶️ ‘I Release You’ A Spell To Forget Someone

11. ‘Fresh Funds’: A Spell to Attract Money with Basil Leaves

Spell with Basil to Attract Money
Fresh Funds: Spell with Basil to Attract Money

12. Amber Love Magnet: A Love Spell Mojo Bag Recipe

Love Spell Charm And Crystal
Love Spell Charm with Amber Crystal

13. Renewal Bath for Self-Love & Acceptance

Renewal Bath Spell: Self-Love & Spiritual Acceptance
Renewal Bath Spell: Self-Love & Spiritual Acceptance

14. ‘Moondrop Blessing’: A Spell to Keep & Protect Your Job

Spell to Keep and Protect your Job with Moon Water
Spell to Keep and Protect your Job with Moon Water

15. Enabler Chant: Good Luck & Prosperity Cinnamon Spell

Good Luck Cinnamon Wiccan Chant Spell
Good Luck Cinnamon Wiccan Chant Spell

16. ‘Mother Moonlight’: A Full Moon Wiccan Love Spell

Full Moon Wiccan Love Spell
Mother Moonlight: Full Moon Wiccan Love Spell


Frequently asked questions easy spells

Do I have to cast a circle before every spell?

No, it’s not necessary that you cast a circle before every ritual. However, many Witches cast a circle to have a sacred space. In Wicca, the sacred circle acts as a temple where to practice Magic, spells and meditation. It’s also a way to aid in concentration during any ritual, and it can offer protection, but it’s not required that you do it unless you want to.

How to Cast a Circle

Learn how to cast a simple circle with an athame or wand, and call the Quarters to purify the circle, inviting protection into your ritual.

What spell should I choose?

The most basic recommendation is that you choose that spell that you liked at first sight. Use your intuition! For example, if you like burning candles and there is spell that uses them, choose that one. Human beings show certain affinities with certain elements, so before casting a certain spell, maybe you want to take a look at the materials needed and decide if you like it.

When you choose a spell, don’t overthink and just go for the one that instantly appeals to you the most or that seems to be the most convenient for you right now.

Learn how to work with the Current Moon Phase. Learn more about Moon Phases and Magic here:

Moon Magic Lesson

There are 8 lunar phases, which we can divide into 4 main stages: New, Waxing, Full, and Waning. Learn how to work with the energy of the Moon.

Do these easy spells really work?

These easy spells are important because they will help you feel comfortable with the practice of spellcasting in the beginning of your path as a Witch. If they don’t work right away, this is completely normal. As you gain experience you will be more and more confident on your own Powers, and your spells will be more successful.

If this is your first approach to Magic and Witchcraft, it is okay to not see any results. It will take time and experience. Start with easy spells that don’t require lots of materials or steps to follow, so you can get used to the process in every ritual.

My spell didn’t work, what do I do?

If a spell has not worked for you, wait some time (about 14 days) and try it again. Focus on what you can improve to make it more effective.

Read this post: How to Be a Powerful Spellcaster: Witchcraft Tips & Tricks, where we discuss the best course of action to take when your spells aren’t working.

Have more questions? Read our FAQs to learn more about spellcasting.

Extra tips casting spells

Extra tips

Develop your intuition

If you felt good while casting a certain spell, that’s a sign of progress. You should work towards feeling 100% confident, without any trace of doubts. If you don’t feel okay while doing any kind of spellwork, it is better to stop and continue with your day. Try again later.

Never let yourself be carried away by jealousy or envy, as they are bad advisors.

Use the power of visualization

The power of your mind is the greatest power you have, and it’s free! To improve this skill, it’s important to have a clear mind and to understand with precision what your intentions and wishes are at all times.

How to Visualize

🎧 Follow this guided audio meditation to learn how to create crystal clear meditations. This skill is essential for beginner Witches.

Beginner Witches: Get better at casting spells. Click to read: How to Cast Spells When You’re New and Unsure

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8 Easy Spells for Beginner Witches - Spells8

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