Seven Magickal Days of the Week

7 Magickal Days of the Week: Best Magic Spells for the Day

Enhance your spellwork by drawing on the specific magickal energies of the day. While most witches know that casting along with moon phases can add certain qualities to spellwork, did you know that your magick can also be influenced by which day of the week you cast it?

When casting magick, many witches believe that your intention is the most powerful force. And while it is true that most spells can be cast at any time, certain days of the week (just like planetary times) have attributes that can enhance and add to your casting- opening up new possibilities and taking your magick to even greater heights.

Learning about the unique attributes and traditional correspondences for each day of the week can help to guide your magick, enhance your spellwork, and help you to manifest your intent in spectacular ways.

📅 Magick for Each Day of the Week

When selecting your spellwork for the day or week ahead, it is a great idea to start by setting an intention. Then decide which tools, deities, and herbs best correspond to that day. Each day of the week has its own special correspondences to consider!

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🌙 Monday

Monday, or “Moon-day”, is a day for all things Lunar Magick. Explore spellwork that aligns with the phase of the moon– and if you’re not sure what’s in the sky above, a visit to the Daily Lunar Ritual will tell you both the current phase for your location and a recommended moon spell just for you.

The first day of the workweek is the perfect time to focus on magick for new beginnings and a fresh start. Light your white or silver candles and appeal to deities of the moon for the best effect.

To explore more correspondences and recommended spells to do on a Monday, check out the Monday Magic Spells Collection.

Monday Magic Spells & Rituals
Monday Magic Spells & Rituals

⚔️ Tuesday

Tuesday is ruled by the Gods of War- it is a high-energy time that increases the power of your spells. This day is an ideal time for spellwork that combats conflict and summons strength. Spellwork that deals with taking action and increasing physical abilities are also well-suited to this day of the week.

Light your red candles and beseech the traditional Gods of War today. Know that offerings of ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, and other energizing herbs are likely to be well-received.

Explore spells and rituals that bring out the best of Tuesday’s energy by visiting the Tuesday Magick Spells Collection.

Tuesday Witchcraft Spells
Tuesday Witchcraft Spells

🩹 Wednesday

Wednesday offers a break in the week for a moment of healing and reflection. Gods from various pantheons are tied to Wednesday, making it a prime time to do devotional work and consult your deities. If you have yet to connect with a Higher Being, the door to reach out and Find Your Patron Deity is open widest for you today.

Set your altar and light a purple, yellow, or orange candle for ritual work. Relaxing drinks and tea meditations are ideal to bask in the recuperative mindset of the day.

Are you ready to cast some magick this Wednesday? Find the most potent spells and rituals in the Wednesday Magick Spells Collection.

Wednesday Magick
Wednesday Candle Magick

⚡ Thursday

Thursday, or “Thor’s Day”, is a day dedicated to the mighty Norse god of thunder. As the day tied to one of the strongest of deities, this time of the week is believed to give magick of all types a thundering extra boost of power! Spellwork that calls on abundance, prosperity, and golden wealth are all particularly potent on this day.

Reach for your blue, purple, and green candles today. Consider practicing grounding work and increasing your focus as the weekend slowly comes rumbling closer.

The best spells and rituals to cast on Thursday are all gathered and ready for you- find the perfect one for your day in the Thursday Magick Spells Collection.

Thursday Morning Ritual
Thursday Morning Ritual

🌹 Friday

Expect emotions to hold extra power today- Friday is a day of feelings! Set your intentions around important relationships in your life and know that both platonic and romantic love should go on your spellwork schedule for the day.

Deities to honor today are the many gods and goddesses of love- such as the beautiful Aphrodite or Love Goddess Freyja. And if the mood is right, consider delving into the sensual world of Sex Magick to savor the best of Friday’s energy.

Celebrate the end of the workweek by drawing on the unique attributes of Friday! There is an assortment of spells for this day waiting for you in the Friday Magick Spells Collection.

Friday Magick Spells
What Spells to Cast on Friday

✂️ Saturday

The weekend is here and it is high time to banish any lingering negative energies collected during the week- Saturday is all about cleansing and banishment!

The color of the day is black- a color magically associated with protection. Take time today to light your black candles and consider renewing or putting on an extra layer of protection spells to last you until next Saturday.

An ideal weekend of magick begins with the right spell- you can find an assortment of spellwork and rituals perfect for Saturday in the Saturday Magick Spells Collection.

Saturday Magic Spells
Saturday Magic Spells

☀️ Sunday

Sunday, or “Sun Day”, is the glowing finale to the previous week and the opportunity to set yourself up right for the new week ahead. Today is the perfect time for magick that invokes inspiration and calls upon success.

As the day before the traditional workweek begins, it is also a great time to focus on wealth and rituals that seek fame and fortune. You may consider casting some money spells to help you increase your finances this week.

If you find yourself unable to wait for the week to start, Sunday is a wonderful perch upon which you can peer into the coming days. A great magickal activity to do today is the 7-Card Week Ahead Tarot Spread.

To view other spells, rituals, and correspondences that use Sunday’s unique energies, visit the Sunday Magick Spells Collection.

Sunday Magic Spells
Sunday Magic Spells

Spell du jour ✨ Spell of the Day

Searched the spell collections for the day and still aren’t sure what to cast? If you’re on the hunt for that perfect spell, consider checking out recommended spellwork specifically curated to suit the energies in the air.

For recommendations that consider not only the day of the week, but the month, current holidays, seasonal influences, and more- visit the Spells8 Daily Devotional. And if Moon Magick calls to you, you’ll find a recommended ritual attuned to the current moon phase in the Daily Lunar Ritual.

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