‘New Moon Rising’ Wiccan Chant

The energy of the New Moon is associated with introspection, self-analysis and reflection on ourselves. An opportunity for a fresh start and a New You.

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Chant this Prayer on the New Moon


Light a white candle during this new moon prayer.

Light a white candle during this new moon prayer.

New Moon nights 🌑 are perfect to watch the stars as there’s no other source of light in the sky. While the Moon is not visible it’s still there and it continues to influence us.

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Why does the New Moon happen?

In astronomy, the New Moon is the time when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun. From this position, the Moon can’t reflect the sun’s rays on us and therefore we can’t see it in the sky.

Why does the New Moon happen
Why does the New Moon happen?

Why does the new moon affect my emotions?

Current research suggests that the Moon cycles can influence our sleep patterns just like it influences animal behavior. Researchers suggest that we carry within us an internal biological rhythm that is linked to the moon’s cycle.

If you can feel the influence of the Moon in your body or emotions, you harness and use the energy of the New Moon in ways that benefit you. 💪

New Moon Journal Prompts

Journaling is a simple exercise that gets us in contact with our shadow self.

This journal prompt is for a Lunar Eclipse, a Dark Moon night or anytime when the Moon is obscured, showing us its shadow.

New Moon Rituals 🌑

What to do on the New Moon? Here are a few easy New Moon spells:

⛤ Light a Candle. The easiest ritual for the New Moon is lighting a white candle or any incense in a quiet place and relax. Click here to find suggestions that match today’s energies.

⛤ Set an Intention. Another idea is to write down a wish, a goal, what you want from life or what project you want to start during this new cycle that begins. It could be a career project, romantic endeavors, or spiritual development. Other witches may use this dark moon for shadow work.

⛤ Clear or Rearrange your Altar. This is a great time to clear and organize your altar. Wiccans and Neopagans may dedicate an altar to their deity, for example Hecate of the Darkness. Meditate, chant a Wiccan prayer, a pagan devotional, or drink tea by your altar.

⛤ Charge your items. Use the energy of a New Moon to bless your altar, consecrate tools, or channel this dark energy into your herbs or crystals.

⛤ Take a bath. A cleansing bath can help you eliminate any negative or residual energies from the previous lunar month. Find spiritual bath ideas here.

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Spiritual Meaning of the New Moon

The new phase of the moon is a great time for planning and planting your intentions. 🌱 Seedlings need a gestation period before breaking through the soil and reaching sunlight. The same applies to our ideas and visions. Clear the way for your objectives to surface and become a new reality.

Whether you’re a Green Witch or just have a few succulents in the back yard, this is an opportunity to sow, plant, and harvest old crops.

Instead of casting a spell in the New Moon, use this time to establish a mindset for the lunar cycle that begins today. Meditate and visualize what you want to achieve. Focus on fresh daily routines, start new activities and fun projects.

New Moon Magic Rituals

Need more ideas? Have a fresh start to the new lunar cycle. Learn more about spells and Magic in the New Moon here.

Wiccan New Moon prayer

Silver Flowing,
Moonless night;
Goddess showing
Her other side.

She is my Mother,
Her light my seed.
Nature’s the Temple
for all my needs.

New moon sweetly rises,
I see all constellations.
A time of new beginnings,
A time for restoration.

Hear my words,
Give me speed.
Clear my paths,
So mote it be.

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New Moon Ritual Chant / Prayer
New Moon Ritual Chant / Prayer