Spiritual Bath Ingredients

How to Cleanse Your Energy with a Spiritual Bath: Ingredients & Ritual

If you are especially sensitive to subtle vibrations, you may be prone to picking up unwanted energies from others. It’s easy to unconsciously take these on as our own and it’s a good practice to perform a spiritual cleansing often.

If you’ve been wondering how to cleanse your energy, it’s probably time for you to take a spiritual bath and remove negative and stagnant energies once and for all.

Spiritual Bath Salts

A spiritual bath, sometimes known as a soul cleansing or ritual bath, is a way to refresh and replenish your vital energy. Let’s explore what a spiritual bath is, the ingredients it includes as well as their properties, and provide a step-by-step ritual so that you can craft your very own spiritual cleansing bath.

The Spiritual Power of Water

Water is the entity that carries us through life. We begin in its embrace in the womb. We walk with it; a vital component of our cellular makeup. It is in the air we breathe and the plants we eat. Water is life.

Spiritual ritual bath
Bathing in the Ganges River, India

This is why people of all traditions have been practicing spiritual bathing for thousands of years. Water baptisms are a powerful practice that is utilized globally, whether it be in the hot springs of Japan, Ganges river in India, or Dead Sea in the Middle East. The Element of Water represents the eternal spring that flows through us all.

What is a Spiritual Bath?

The difference between a regular bath and a spiritual cleansing bath is in your intention. While a regular shower or bath is recommended for physical hygiene, a spiritual bath washes our energy, i.e. part of our spiritual hygiene.

A cleansing bath is a ritual that involves setting aside time that is devoted to the dispersion and release of subtle energies, while inviting specific intentions and using specific ingredients.

Soul Cleansing Bath

Spiritual Bath Ingredients

The ingredients that you choose to use in a spiritual bath ritual depend on your goals and how involved you want to be.

The most important ingredient is time. Set aside 30-60 minutes to partake in this ceremony. Other basics to include are bath salts, herbs, flowers, essential oils, crystals, music, candles, incense, and optionally a beverage to imbibe. We’ll go through all of these individually below.

Spiritual Bath ingredients
Spiritual bath ingredients

🧂 Salt is a necessary protective agent. As in the ocean, sweat perspired, and tears cried, we know that salt water clears and heals. Sea salt is a good option, though Epsom salt contains minerals known to reduce soreness and inflammation. Most salts work fine, but table salt is to be avoided as it undergoes rigorous refining processes that remove beneficial properties. See also: Spells with Salt to Attract Money, Protection & More!

🌿 Herbs or flowers evoke the Element Earth and there are so many options to choose from! If you’re aiming for a bath that brings cleansing, go for rosemary, sage, or parsley. If you want to focus more on relaxation, choose lavender, rose, or lemon balm. To promote invigoration pick eucalyptus, peppermint, or grated ginger. To heal, use calendula, chamomile, red clover, dandelion flower, or stinging nettle.

If you have these ingredients fresh, use them! Otherwise they can be found dried on their own, or you can steep tea bags in the bath. Another way to add herbal and floral elements is by using essential oils. See also: The Green Witch Course

🌸 Essential oils are an effective way to carry properties if you don’t have access to fresh herbs. Mix and match using the advice above to achieve your perfect blend.

Print it: Spiritual Bath Grimoire Page

Click the image to print a page with this guide on spiritual baths and ingredients.

These grimoire pages are designed on a transparent background so you can print them on printer-friendly parchment paper (Amazon) before adding them to your Book of Shadows.

Find more Grimoire PDF printable pages here!

💎Crystals are, of course, a lovely addition to the sacred space. As with herbs and flowers, you want to choose crystals that go along with your intention. Some crystals are happy to go directly in the bath with you, but others want to avoid water! Make sure to clarify before getting some special stones wet.

🎵 Music is an important part of ambience, so curate the sounds you’d like to hear. Unless you’re listening to a particular mantra or playlist, try to pick something that doesn’t have lyrics. Binaural beats, singing bowls, or other meditative, ambient music will help you stay focused on your magick. See also: Good Witches Music.

It is perfectly fine to do a spiritual bath in silence, especially if you’re going to be chanting or singing yourself. Listen to what feels right for you.

🕯️ Candles or incense– or both! It’s also pleasant to have a purifying herb on hand. Candles and incense invoke the Fire and Air Element by bringing dancing flame or smoke to our bath. Choose scents and colors associated with your purpose. Light with care. Read also: Witch Plants.

🍵 A beverage is symbolic of the internal cleansing taking place. Once again, pick something that flows with your intention. This may be a heart-opening mug of blessed cacao, a cleansing cup of detox tea, or a tiny glass of dark wine to represent the rich blood coursing through our veins.

Wait to drink until the bath is at least half done, when you feel you’ve put your spells into action. Visualize your intention swirling around the container and then take mindful sips, feeling the liquid mix with the water already inside you. Observe its effects in the body.

How To Make A Spiritual Bath

Besides these ingredients, you will need a bathtub. If you don’t have one, find ideas and inspiration in the Forum: Spiritual Shower Ideas:

Water Spiritual

Step 1: Clean your space!

This part of the process is very important, as it is the beginning of your ritual. This is your opportunity to do some conscious cleaning! Use natural cleaners or prepare your own warding wash. Scrub your tub and put away unnecessary items. The clearer the space, the more comfortable you’ll be performing your ritual. Open a window, light some incense, and set your intentions.

An optional bonus is to take a quick, preliminary shower when you do the final rinse of your tub. This allows you to get into the bath clean and ready to soak in the benefits.

Step 2: Fill bath and gather items

If you haven’t taken a bath in a while, you may be surprised how long it takes for the bath to fill up. Now is a good time to turn on the tap and then gather your ingredients. Light the candles, make any final adjustments to the space, and set your stage.

Step 3: Stir in ingredients

Once the tub is full and you have everything prepared, it’s time to mix your brew.

Mindfully add each ingredient one at a time. In your head or spoken out loud, acknowledge the purpose of every addition, stating what you will accomplish together. This will activate each item as it joins the others, awaiting you, the creator of this sacred space.

Step 4: Enter the bath

Once all ingredients are mixed in, it is time to say a mantra or prayer. It can be your words or another’s. Scroll down to find spells and conjures you can say ↓. Or simply follow your intuition, and speak or sing what you are guided to based on your intention for this spiritual bath.

When the potion is ready, and you are too, slowly get into the water.

Step 5: Let go

Let effort dissolve as you are enveloped in your magick. You have sown the seeds. This is the moment to reap the rewards.

Cup your hands and pour water over your head. Visualize negativity or bad energy sliding off your back, dissolving in the water or evaporating into thin air. You can also visualize all those rotten energies leaving the tub when you finally pull the plug.

Soak for 20-30 minutes, and exit as consciously as you entered. Move slowly, and quietly. Hug yourself for taking the time to honor your spirit.

Spiritual Cleansing Bath Recipes

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