White Candle Cleansing Meditation

White Candle: Crown Chakra + Lunar Energies

White candles are associated with the crown chakra, providing higher vibrations and opening up to the sacred realms of the universe. We can connect to the powerful and bright energy of the Moon by lighting a white candle, and communicate with our divinity.

Spiritual Meaning of White Candles

When do you burn a White Candle? Learn our Wiccan/Witchy uses of White Candles in the Craft. For more videos, subscribe to the Spells8 Youtube channel!

White Candle Meditation


Light a white candle during this meditation.

Essential oils: Lavender, Frankincense, Vetiver.

Crystals: Clear Quartz, Selenite or Labradorite

Chakra: Crown Chakra

Audio-Only Meditation

White Candle Magick to Invoke Higher Vibrations

Besides being a great source of lighting and a great decorative element, white candles have a special power and they can be used in all sorts of rituals. This color is also associated with pure light, clear energies, and fertility Magick.

White candles act as neutral candles and can replace other candles when you don’t have them. The frequency of white is one that brings together the entire light spectrum – all colors.

🖨️ White Candle Protection Ritual

Click the image to print a page with the spiritual meaning and uses of white candles.

These grimoire pages are designed on a transparent background so you can print them on printer-friendly parchment paper (Amazon) before adding them to your Book of Shadows.

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Spells with White Candles

Click on the image to see a collection of diverse spells that use white candles:

Meditations with White Candles

These candles can be used to meditate as well as to connect with higher beings and deities, especially those related to the energy of the Moon. Here are some guided meditations to go along the flame of a white candle:

Cleanses with White Candles

Pre-Spell Tea Ritual

Another great way to purify and restore your energies before spellwork or any Magick ritual is drinking a cup of this cleansing potion.

Spiritual Cleansing Bath

A step-by-step video will guide you through this spiritual cleanse. Ideal for unblocking or clearing energies before entering any Magickal state.

Spiritual Meaning of the White Candle

Fertility is one of the key meanings of the white candle, so it is necessary to remember that this candle has direct effects on issues such as motherhood, family and protection. While white candles don’t represent love, they invoke purity, clarity, and reinforce all family relationships.

White candle meaning spells

White candles are related to concentration and harmony. On the spiritual plane the white candle enhances devotion and humility.

When to light a white candle?

White candles are perfect for Mondays, promoting a fresh start to the first day of the week, and attracting strength and clarity for routine work and responsibilities. The best time to perform a ritual with white candles is in the morning or in the afternoon.

A Candle for Each Day of the Week

This candle color chart will serve as a starting point when you need inspiration to craft a ritual at home.

Based on the intention of your spell or on the day of the week, choose a candle color and burn it as you meditate.

🖨️ Printable Witch Cheat Sheets »

Candle Guided Meditations »

A white candle also encourages creativity. Many artists often burn a white candle before and during the creative processes to get inspiration, and for more original ideas to reach their minds.

White Candles: In Summary

Lighting a white candle will not only protect your environment from any negativity that you intend to dissolve, but it will also clear your mind from any negative influence that might be close to you.


  1. Suzanne Denise Benton

    How long do you let candes burn

    • It depends on what spell you’re doing. Most times, you can let the candle burn all the way down. If the candle is larger, you can blow it out or snuff it if you need to.

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